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    I believe you don't need to worry about IP layers. If you want to add an AP to your rack, and you are planning to setup:
    Head/Rack-->AP --> Remote and AP--wifi-->Table, you'll need an additional PoE switch o use and AP with PoE ports.

    You will need to use the Remote cable and any other Cat5E Ethernet cable to connect the Remote and KP head to a PoE switch like this:

    TP-Link TL-SG1005P V2 or later | 5 Port Gigabit PoE Switch | 4 PoE+ Ports @65W

    The PoE switch needs to be connected (wired) to your local wifi router (AP).

    This was covered in this thread:

    August 29, 2022 at 2:42 AM

    hope that helps.

    I totally agree. It isn’t a replacement although I is a decent backup for an emergency. But I think ypu are right that it is really a product for a totally new market that is huge but Kemper haven’t had an offering for so far

    I agree, the product it is aimed to a new type of customer standing in the pedal market, not in the FX processor market, necessarely.

    Maybe it is "late" for existing Kemper users, who even provided mockups of this idea, while ago, but it is just in time for the new trend of amp stomp boxes we see in the market. The product price is in the zone of HX (now US$649), with Player offering less FX, no screen, but studio-grade unlimited amp sounds and more convenient I/Os. KP Player is positioned twice the price of the Boss IR-200 (US$350), it does not have the screen but, again, it offers unlimited amps and more FX than that box, although it is not positioned as an FX processor unit.

    If we want to speculate what KP was thinking, let's look the product from that customer's point of view.
    It looks like the KP Player buying persona is the premium pro/semi-pro pedalboard guy, who is used to pedals with no screen. The same pedal player that never liked FX processor units effects and is willing to pay above $349 for dedicated single FX Strymon pedals or $399 for a Universal Audio '68 Super Lead "authentic" amp pedal. Now, with the Player, for US$300 more that customer gets, not only tons of authentic '68 SLs, but unlimited authentic amps sounds, additionally it offers a true amp backup or a second amp in the floor. No brainer.

    At some point the product may lower its price in the future, but we can be sure that Kemper dedicated a lot of brain power (marketing, pricing, product, R&D, finance, etc.) and time, certainly more than we do, in order to decide where to dedicate important amount of resources and how to roll out the product. We can be sure that they did the math to get the right amount of sales to continue growing the business.

    From a Kemper's user perspective, it does not offer a full backup, but I have some questions:

    1. If we use the Player in the Kemper's FX loop, pre/post stack, we get the second amp in the path and additional pre/post FX slots that some were asking for, right?

    2. The Player has a BIG "PROFILER" name on it for a reason?. Does it have profiling capabilities?. Maybe the hardware supports it and KP did not want to overkill the competition in this segment, yet, and there's is a pretty attractive updates coming...

    Now let's request the Kemper Studio rig plugin player for studio DAWs, FX included, no LCD screen needed!!! :)

    So you are saying these profiles dont matter? No need to use them? If you are bad, these profiles will not help you? You should just sell your Kemper and move on?

    Not sure what you are trying to say, but I think it is pro Kemper? ^^

    :) Most of the Factory content is based in samples of pro level commercial profilers. Regardless of free or paid stuff, each profiler has his own profiling style and signature sound, that you may or may not like.

    In my case some profiles that Thomas used, didn’t get a WOW effect from me in the past, to my personal taste, but after checking what he did with them in the Tribute packs I smiled an immediately WOW,

    I’ve tried some of the rigs. Super Cool!!

    Most of our Requests have been included in this pack and more. Thank you Thomas and Kemper team!!

    These rigs use free factory profiles. This is a proof that it is the archer not the arrow. It is the player not the profile.

    The video...

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    What's your take on the quality of Kemper Drive compared to the OD pedals they are modeled after? I'm going to play with the Kemper Drive vs. my Tubescreamer and Wampler Tumnus but interested to see if I hear a big difference. Interested in other people's takes though if they've already been down that road. Much thanks!

    You can read many comments about Kemper Drive in this thread:

    [Public Beta] PROFILER OS

    I am setting up my home recording DAW (Studio One). I am looking for plugins that make much easier composing and arranging songs.

    What plugins VST would you recommend, either paid or free?

    Looking for a virtual bass player and drummer, composer and chords tools, etc.

    Some plugins that called my attention: EZDrummer, EzBass, Rapid Composer, Riffer, Scaler, Melody Sauce, Captain Chords.

    Any advice is welcome

    Hi, I would like to buy Studio One DAW for guitar home recording. Please help me choose the right version.
    I don’t have music theory background, so, I am looking for a tool that makes creating music much easier: composing, arranging, producing, and recording.

    I’ve checked that StudioOne Professional or Sphere have way more stuff than I need, but it has some interesting features like Chord tracker, Score editor, melodyne, lyrics support and guitar tablature , not available in Artist version. However, honestly, does those features worth the extra money? Would Artist version and some third party plugins, would be enough for what I need?