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    Head and Rack support 2 channels in plus 2 channels out, while Stage support 4 channels in plus 4 channels out.

    I suggest to read the few pages related to OS 9.0 and USB audio in the Addendum 9.0.

    The Main Manuals in English, Japanese and German are also at 9.0 state.

    I wish, wish, wish(!) that they'd upgrade the hardware on the toaster to incorporate cool stuff like this. It'd be up to the discretion of existing users to buy a newer unit if they want these features...which I don't think is too much of an ask.

    Likewise, it'd be a template change and a change of component to include a sturdier network connection like the one on the remote. And WIFI. I really don't see why they won't make these subtle changes to the hardware to make them staples for years to come, it's not as if these small things can't just sneak under the radar like the clock rate change did a couple of years back, for newer units only. I think I heard that the Stage boots up faster, too! Real shame.

    Yes, I could buy a Stage, but I dislike the form factor for studio use (my primary use).

    Big difference. Well known names with well trained intonated ears after many years in the studio. You an anonymous guy on a forum claim something you don't can or have to back up. There are many anonymous guys claiming many things on the net.

    There is no difference at all. We’re all human with different abilities and as goldensheaf quite rightly says, some have better hearing than others due to many factors. It’s not unimaginable to think that someone like Joe Perry (random) has deteriorated hearing after all these years of loud gigging (he may not) but that doesn’t mean his tone can’t still be great…but it also doesn’t make him the sole source of truth on tone either. The sooner we can start to appreciate others opinions, the better. Just crack on with life and enjoy!

    To put this in perspective, there are occasions when I prefer my tone to someone I’ve heard on a record. That doesn’t mean my tone is better or that theirs is worse, it just means that I have my preferences, and that’s the point being made that you’re arguing against. Which is just an opinion.

    Just because Mark Knopfler played a Kemper once or twice or in a tour, does NOT mean it’s perfect and can’t be further improved upon. Nor does it mean that Knopfler himself didn’t face challenges with the unit. It’s naive to think otherwise.

    Thank you for confirming.

    Openly and blatantly validating, quite clearly.

    All the earlier points graciously outlined, throughout the previous posts.

    Thanks for playing😊

    No, I'm simply reiterating how robotic you're sounding. You mention politicians etc, and it's all very pretentious, which is fine if that's what you're going for, but like a politician, you're refusing to acknowledge the ONE, single, point that I'm continuing to make. So why on earth would I further validate that behaviour by further indulging you and delving deeper into other parts of your debate - when I know that anything I say will be ignored in favour of further pretentious floundering around the subject. I think it's time we both signed off, for now, because it seems that you've made it your duty for the day to belittle me and I seem to have lowered myself to that, unwittingly, to you, too. For which, I apologise.

    Crispy Panther Fractal's price increase had nothing to do with me answering your question about “What other manufacturer has given so many upgrades, completely freely to its customers?”. I gave you an answer, a perfectly good one, whether you like Fractal or not, or whether you chose to buy their products over Kemper's or not. What I stated is factual. One only has to look at Fractal's change log and frequency to realise that what I said is true. They release far more frequently than Kemper. If you don't want to hear answers to your questions, don't ask them.

    I'm not trying to troll here, but your ignorance to this is part of the reason that I don't want to argue/debate about anything else you've spoken about in your lengthy responses (which talk about your close friends who I don't know and don't really have time to read about) as it's not enlightening to me and nor are your wise words enriching my life. Many thanks.

    There are zealots in both camps. Certainly.

    But - I don’t recall anyone here talking sh!t about other products and belittling them as ‘inferior technologies’.

    Not in those exact words, no, but in this very thread there have been other ways in which people have tried to fool themselves and others into thinking that the competition is inferior. Life is way too short to be defending one technology over another, it’s quite sad.

    I've never been compelled to check out his stuff. Just never interested me.

    Then I went to the Fractal forums to see what that's like. Mention a competing product and you'll get some real hate. Rex Rox on the thread you posted in, for example. Small minded.

    With this guy Cliff being their 'leader' makes sense.

    I’m not after a fight here, but let us not pretend that this forum is any different. There seems to be individuals on this very forum who, too, are quite delusional and confrontational with their passion for the Kemper.

    It’s quite off putting for people new to either device or forum and it’s quite sad that we can’t just accept the pro’s and con’s of each unit.

    I’m not arguing with this and with due respect given, life is too short to read through all that, so I haven’t. In answer to one of things I feel you haven’t got a clue about, regarding “What other manufacturer has given so many upgrades, completely freely to its customers?”, Fractal. Regular updates for its products (for free) and way more regularly than Kemper does.

    Keep on typing in the free world!

    A premium product designed for working professionals at the top of their game, the most versatile device on the market. One that has proven itself and its worth, like all the greatest amplifiers over an extended period of time.

    …that will augment and extend their top of the tree device.

    They seem to already be in an entire class of their own, long may it be so!

    Honestly, this is ridiculous. I’m a huge Kemper fan but it’s not the most versatile device and doesn’t come close to being the most versatile device either. Neither is it at the top of the tree and they’re not in a class of their own, either.

    That’s a hell of a long post to be spouting some fairly ignorant and narrow minded views.

    Like I said, I love Kemper, their ethos and the way they look after the staff and fiercely protect their products and keep them running far beyond other products end of life, but they and the product are not the all shining, all dancing example you’re painting out, either.

    I don't know what "FA" is but I have owned plenty of JCM 800s in my life. Although the amps can be set to an amazing rock sound, the EQ stack is probably the strangest to understand of all the amps I have ever owned. Most people that own them don't actually know where the Bass,mid,treble and presence centers are and are usually surprised (and often don't believe) when I tell them . (It's listed in a hard to find Marshall manual I have somewhere.) At first it appears that the knobs barely do anything, but the interaction between them is what you have to learn. Different combos have different "feels". I don't like the way it works but one just puts up with it because it is what it is. I wouldn't miss it if I couldn't reproduce the way it worked. I have some excellent JCM800 profiles that sound exactly like my amp, barely ever a need to touch the EQ and if I felt the need, the "stock" tonestack did exactly what I wanted it to do.

    FA is “absolutely nothing” using swears that my mother wouldn’t want me saying in public.

    I too had a JCM800 and would be incredibly interested in sampling some of your delectable JCM800 profiles if you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction to purchase or if they are yours and wouldn’t mind sharing?

    I’m yet to find a profile that sounded as good as mine did, and unfortunately I never owned the amp and the Kemper at the same time, in order to profile it.

    Same here.

    Custom tonestacks that work like the device might seem coo,l but for me, don't really matter. I wouldn't want a tonestack to work like the one in my JCM800 for example. The "generic" one in the Kemper I look at as an eq with frequencies set to augment guitar sound snapshots. For me, having them be just like the amp would be more of a novelty.

    100% would want a JCM based EQ, does sweet FA!

    this. or the boogie interacting tonestack. most tube amp tonestacks are very strange and not very useful.

    looking forward to try the new (?) liquid gain.

    100% again!

    Seems there is confusion of what a tonestack is and what it does. This might be beneficial for those that want to learn more. May also help to understand what CK is targeting.

    TSC (

    Are the above not tone stacks? Or just weirdly designed EQ's, or both?

    USB audio is my favourite announcement! I'm excited to do away with the extra cables and SPDIF to optical converter boxes!

    My one question is will we be able to revert to regular Kemper controls and turn OFF liquid profiling should we so wish. Some of us like the existing behaviour. I know you can't please everyone, I'm excited to try LP, but I would also still like to keep the status quo when needed, too.