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    What profiles do you use for lead work? Any other setting changes when using your lead channel like added delay, adding a boost or distortion pedal etc...

    RIght now I am using to lead profiles for cleaner leads I am using the Amp Factory's Deluxe BP+ with some volume boost and slight gain boost, sometimes I'll kick on a Kemper Drive, for a little gainier lead I am using M Britt's 3P Plexi Klon 2.1- ( 3rd Power Dream Weaver) with increased gain, volume and some delay added. - I really want to experiment with the new fuzz stomps but haven't had time yet.

    Before the input works fine. I chose to use the loop for a couple reasons. One is that I don't want my compressor after my drives. If that were the only reason, I'd probably invest in a Wampler mini-Ego and be done.

    The loop allows me to put my drives where ever I want, as well as put whatever I want in front of them. I frequently put a pure booster in front of the loop to hit the drives a little harder. Turn the loop off....and the pure booster now hits the amp harder. Putting a chorus (or delay, flanger....whatever) before the drives is something I do quite a bit as well. It's a sound I've come to prefer recently. I'm sure I'll change back at some point.

    Another reason is that I want as little as possible on the floor in front of me. I've done the big pedalboard thing and got over it pretty quickly. It's the Remote and an expression pedal. The lack of clutter also means I make a maximum of two trips loading in and out.

    Excellent description, thank you! I have a gig this Saturday and I am going to put a couple of my favorite pedals on a board with the Kemper and expression pedals, not much time to mess with it before hand but if I have it setup correctly I can experiment on the fly. - Your method makes sense so I am going with it! I'll try to report back after the weekend.

    Yes, agreed! Currently running the following in an FX loop block right before the amp stage:

    * Tapestry Audio Fab Suisse (Blues Breaker type)

    * Emerson Custom Paramount MK2 (transparent transistor type)

    I think the v8 drives have been a nice addition, and I'm really eager to check out the fuzzes. But so far, real ODs in the loop is the sound I'm most vibing with these days. Clip attached.

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    I am looking for suggestions, I have a few O.D. Pedals I want to put on my board to try - I'm just curious if you tried putting your overdrive pedals between the guitar and the input on the Kemper and if so what what made you decide to put them in the loop?

    Man I am happy for you!! I'm glad you think it is worth it, I will probably make the plunge as soon as it is available in the US. - I can probably find it but what was your previous setup?

    Hey all. I create my performances on a per song basis. When I run out of my 125 performance limit, I move ones I don't need to the local rig manager. This is really easy and super intuitive. But moving them back is a total pain.

    First there's no drag and drop from local library to Kemper performances. Why???

    Second, if I copy multiple performances in the library and then try to paste them into the Kemper, it only pastes one performance instead of the group of performances I copied. Instead I have to copy/paste each one individually, to get performances I need back into the Kemper.

    It's a real pain in the butt so any help y'all have would be really appreciated!

    I have all my songs set up per performance as well and was getting close to going over the limit because I play in a second band sometimes. I can't wait to try paults idea. I did a spreadsheet with all of the rigs that I use in each performance and found that I basically use the same 7 profiles with some change in each (chorus, flange, wah etc. I would switch from song to song via Bluetooth using an iPad and the Bandhelper app which works great. After I figured out I am only using 7 profiles I basically made 2 performances that covers everything - I find my sound and volumes to be more level and I really prefer this simpler method basically treating each of the 2 performances like 5 channel amps. I can get what I want on the fly pretty easy. That being said it is pretty cool to have my setlist on the Ipad and just press the song name and it switches the KPA to the desired setting. - I might go back and change the midi codes to match my 2 new profiles to do that - that being said it sounds like paults has the solution you are looking for.

    I am currently working on a pedalboard. I started out wanting to have my Kemper and 2 expression pedals to be mounted on the same board so everything is hooked up, then I made the mistake of buying the 43" unit! I put put a few extra overdrive pedals along with my Polyphonic Tuner. - This is what I ended up with, I haven't even tried any of the overdrive pedals with the Kemper yet but figured if I need to play on a backup amp for some reason they would already be with me.

    Excellent description, thank you!!

    With my current band our singer also plays guitar on most of our songs but if my rig went down I would probably jump to his rig, I also have other combo amps I can take along (although I usually don't) but I am thinking about a simple solution that is lighter and smaller than lugging a heavy tube combo around and I a getting some good ideas from this post. Has anyone ever tried just using overdrive pedals into FOH or a monitor speaker?

    As far as I know there is no way to delete an entire performance but you can save over the top of one by hitting the store button and then change the destination by turning the destination knob to the performance number you desire (it will also tell you the name of the performance you are saving and the name of the one you are overwriting.) - Hit store again, change name if desired and then hit store a 3rd time.

    You can also move a performance by hitting the arrange button and moving the current performance up or down using the soft buttons.

    I'm also trying to figure out how to morph the rig volume. I followed the steps in Reply #5 above, but the new morphed volume doesn't save. It's louder while I'm testing it out, but when I got back to it later, the volume increase is gone. Is there something I need to do to save the rig-volume morph? Thanks

    Don't forget to save after adjusting, - I also changed the rise and fall to 0 so it is an instant volume change.