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    Right it is making at least some noise even with just the Camplifier connected to it when the Kemper is switched off and even unplugged.

    It also makes a similar noise when plugged into my Orange 2x12 so I suspect the Camplifier, my power or a cable now.

    I’ve not heard it as loud as it was before but there’s a noticeable presence of something when it’s just left on.

    Or would it be normal for the speakers to make some sort of noise when the Camplifier is on and plugged into them?

    I saw a store in Germany is expecting some on May 23 but I will have to be patient!

    I was planning on selling my Rockerverb and 2x12 Cab last week but have been playing it again this week and I can’t believe that I was going to do that. It’s so good.

    I won’t be replacing the speakers with Kones but my camplifier studio is due to arrive in the next 30 mins so hopefully playing that through the 2x12 will keep me occupied while I await a restock!

    My Camplifier SHP arrived yesterday afternoon, just a week after ordering.

    Given the current global situation including a 2 day bank holiday in between, from Germany to the UK I'd say that's excellent service from Tilman at Ritter.

    I just wish my Kabinet was here so I can try it out.

    Nice. I have ordered an S2 this week. I have an Orange 2x12 that I will try it with whenever it arrives but definitely keen on getting a Kabinet too. Have you preordered one? If so where is a good place to PO from in order to get it as soon as possible?

    I recently impulse bought the HD600s but I didn’t realise I would also need an amp! On other forums I see people are recommending an amp to go with it and I accept that they will sound better with one but I’m interested to know if they are still worthwhile using with the Kemper without an additional headphone amp. Is the Kemper a good amp for them itself?


    Bought the 57 Tweed Band and Princeton 62 last night.

    That Tweed Band is something special. I will be playing that all Easter weekend.

    The Princeton is really nice as well. I play a PRRI so wanted to see what I'm missing out on as it isn't easy to get things like that in the UK and I didn't want to spend more than the PRRI.

    I have been really impressed with Tone Junkie's output over the last year and it is so good of them to make so much available for free.

    Love HW's enthusiasm so definitely recommend shooting them some money for the work they put in.


    I don't recall seeing anywhere that the editor does stuff that you can't do already and I can't believe that it will increase the number of effects slots.

    And we've been able to put delay anywhere but the reverb slot for quite a while.

    I don't know what I'm talking about :(:D

    I haven't been using my Kemper much over the last year but I'm really pleased to see these updates and will definitely try and get back into it again.

    I think HW alluded to being able to do things to the effects chain with the editor that the physical box doesn't allow. Has there been any info on the following?

    - will the editor allow you to reorder the effects chain beyond what you are able to do currently?

    - will it allow you to put more effects on than currently allowed?

    - if yes to the above, will that mean that you can't really tweak on the kemper because it doesn't have the same layout?

    It looks to me like some of the screen grabs have delays at the front and potentially more effects slots etc but I'm not really sure what is going on.

    Sorry for long story, I know it doesn't directly map to your situation (of going direct to the forte interface) - just sharing what has worked well for me as I have tried the direct to interface method like you for a while, and just found if too cumbersome to get the manage the levels for everyday playing/practice/recording.

    Hey thanks so much for this advice!

    I have only just come back to this thread and my Kemper after a busy couple of months.

    I got a new desk in that time and my Kemper now sounds amazing through the monitors. I can't believe the difference.

    I also ordered the remote in November and finally used it for the first time this week. It seems really nice too but I have barely even worked out how to use my Kemper nevermind the remote.

    I have a Boomerang Looper already anyway so didn't buy it for looping but I was very unimpressed with that feature until I realised I could lower the loop play back :D

    So everything is now in place for me to enjoy the purchase (and I am relieved no new hardware was announced at NAMM!). So far, I haven't worked out even basics like saving effects to rigs or using perform mode because I spend all my time cycling between the hundreds of incredible rigs.

    It is a blessing and a curse! I need to establish some rules for limiting the number of rigs I have at any one time. There are so many slightly different rigs in a pack like CSP 1,2,3 etc. I like them all - how am I supposed to choose one or two to stick with and customise?!

    At the moment I am using the headphones directly from the Kemper. Interesting - I will try the space effect on the monitors.

    What would you recommend setting the High cut to?

    Where is the mid boost on the hs5?

    I am really confused about all of the different db settings in the chain. The kemper allows me to set the db for the main out, the forte allows me to set the db and my monitors have a db setting! Is there a best practice for where the db should be applied and what it should be set to at each point (e.g. set forte and hs5 to 0db and use kemper as Master)