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    Not sure if this has been covered or not.. I tried a google search and didn't see anything. There I was a few nights ago, thinking about my current way I bring my kemper to and from gigs. One hand gun bag with the toaster and accessories, one Sennheiser mic case for the remote and mission pedal. Then I thought, I should just buy the kemper bag and be done with it, so I went on line to buy it and when looking for a good price this baby popped up on my screen. Holds the remote, toaster and a pedal, but seems wider than the kemper case. The remote is stored behind it.

    It's on back order everywhere..... EXCEPT just today, in stock at Sweetwater!!!! Hope this helps some of you out, I'm glad I found it before I pulled the trigger. Everywhere else was back ordered til November 11th and then today went to January 2020. They make a point in the pics to point out the metal hook where the strap meets ( a common complaint of the kemper bag)