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    Many artists demanding tube amps and pedals use IEM with more latency than a Kemper has. Not only that but I would challenge you to notice the latency in the Kemper compared to the tube amp profiled. Standing 5' from your tube amp has more latency.

    of course the Kemper on its own is negligible. But it simply adds up with every A/D/A conversion (desk, wireless (if its not analog), speaker management…) I always wondered why a digital standard interface was never established. Would save latency and costs for good converters.

    Well, for your problems during rehersal, I would suggest to buy a cheap digital console, we use a cheap Beringer XR18. It has 6 busses, so everyone can dial in his/her monitor sound to their liking. Of course these have many possibilities to tweak (or „mistweak“), but if you run pretty basic, it should work - a good singer won‘t sound bad, even with a flat eq.
    But this would require to reherse with headphone, as we do it.

    While this is likely to be true, it is not always the case. Patents are overturned quite frequently and are not always bullet proof. Sometimes the threat of a law suit which can come with large legal fees along many other related expenses, subpeona of documentation, proof of prior art, threats of triple damges, etc... can influence the outcome. It is not always what you might think and not always fair.

    yes, my statement was a bit theoretical. Of course this can still go to court and lead to some kind of negation. Also depends on which court/Country 🤷…

    Hi Markus,

    ja, wir fahren auch durch Rheinland, Eifel und Westerwald. Eher Kölner Süden… In Düsseldorf selber spielen wir eher selten. Eigentlich fast nur auf der Brauhaussitzung im Schumacher. Aber klar, Alt-Schuss sagt mir was. Wir sind nur ne kleine Cover Truppe (50-60 Gigs in der Session).


    Jo, siehst du ja quasi überall. Einzige Ausnahme, die mir gerade einfällt, ist Flo Peil von Kasalla. Bisher hatte ich gar keine Probleme. Hatte vorher ein pod500 (ich weiß, andere Liga), bei dem mir regelmäßig die Fußschalter verreckt. Mit dem Kemper bisher alles ok, in mittlerweile sechs Jahren (ok, mit kleiner Corona Pause ). Wo spielst du denn, wenn man fragen darf?

    Hi Markus,

    nein, musst du nicht. Ich bin auch im Fastelovend unterwegs und mache das regelmäßig mit meinem Toaster. Hab ne usv dran, damit er beim rein fahren schon mal booten kann. Da es beim Toaster kein Problem ist, schätze ich dass der Stage dir das auch verzeiht.



    It does need some horse power, yes. But you wouldn't do the calculations on the stage. The same way you wouldn't make a profile on stage.

    I looked a bit at it, and it does seem very interesting. No desire to switch out my kemper (which is collecting dust for no fault of its own), but I find this impressive. Even moreso as it is not a company making this (an open source, no less).

    I haven‘t yet, time is a bit limited right now. But of course it is impressive to develop sth like this on an open source base.

    Nervertheless, also applying neural nets requires quite a bit of power, not just the training. On the other side, it is remarkable how good the kpa sounds with its limited capabilities (compared to e.g. a GPU).