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    As said, the PoE injector is likely the key. I’ve used one almost from the start and have 3 different Cat5 cables of different lengths (longest is about 30 feet) and have no issues.

    Which POE injector do you use? I'm thinking about getting a longer cord than my current 15 foot one. The website for the cord (British Audio) says that a POE may be needed for cables longer than 20', so I was curios what others may be using.

    Just saw this from NAMM 24. Some of these sound more square-ish to me.

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    I've been using Moog EP-3 for years. There is a pot at the bottom that likes to change positions while packed up (gremlins probably) so I mark that pot and switch positions with a silver paint pen. Other than that, the only issue I had was the cable going bad after several years, but I carry backups.

    Yesss, the release of my Bert Meulendijk JuMP S-Lead plexi ’68 rigpack. I've tried to recreate the sound of a 1968 Marshall JMP Superlead® plexi. OS10 required!!

    I think the Marshall® plexi amps are probably the most imaginative amps ever made.

    Here are some soundsamples:


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    How do the liquid profiles work for an amp with only one volume control and no gain controls? Does the gain knob just simulate cranking the volume up? I didn't think to test this on your JuMP-50 Plex pack as I was just using the profiles as you made them.

    Just loaded and the performance-skipping-bug using the up/down-buttons on the front-panel is still present.

    Thanks for the confirmation. Have you tried slowly going through each slot in the performance before going up and down? That seemed to affect it in the previous version I had. Hadn't done it enough in the current version to know if it's making a difference. Just curious to see if that is working for others and how it may be related to the bug causing the issue.

    For those who have not tried the profiles from jsadites I would encourage you to give them a shot. I've found that 1) Jason Sadites has a very good ear for dialing in his profiles 2) many of the packs have liquid profiles (for those amps that have the liquid model channels) and other packs are "Liquid ready" with settings in the PDF for at least one of the profiles that could be made liquid if/when Kemper puts out a corresponding model channel for that amp and 3) he does not overcharge for his profiles. I currently have all of his profile packs except the latest Marshall JCM900, but I'll get around to picking that up soon enough.

    Really cool he included the pdf with the settings.

    This Browser Mode issue turned out to be a misunderstanding in your other thread.

    The Up/Down Buttons of the Rig Navigation Cross initiate bigger jumps depending on the selected sorting criteria. If for example "By Author" is selected, Up jump to the next author skipping all other Rigs of the current Rig's author.

    And Up and Down Buttons of the Remote jump complete banks. So Up jump five Rigs forward.

    This is usual and intended functionality since day 1.

    Thanks. I appreciate you getting the browse mode problem resolved for me, which was caused by my misunderstanding of how things worked. The manual is clear on that.

    The performance mode issue, however, is still an issue.

    Hard to believe I have had this thing for around five years and I didn't know that's how the buttons work. I guess when I'm messing around with new profiles, at home, I am always using Rig Manager to select profiles when I am in Browse Mode. I wanted to demo some new liquid profiles in browse mode and that's where I noticed the issue. I did not realize that's how the buttons worked or that the remote let you choose between scrolling in banks of five or single profiles. Also, just because rig manager is sorted one way, does not mean the toaster is sorted the same way (ascending vs descending).

    I really appreciate the help Burkhard !

    In Browse mode, my Kemper is skipping some of my newly added profiles when moving up or down. I have the latest release software on it. It looks like the same profiles are skipped when moving down every time. The same profiles are skipped when moving up every time. The profiles skipped moving down are not the same ones skipped moving up though. If I load the profiles in Rig Manager, they all load and work fine.

    I have the rigs sorted by Date and All Rigs displaying. If I switch to "Current author", the same rigs get skipped and when all profiles display.

    Anyone else seen this on the latest release level OS? Opening a support ticket now.

    Did a quick run through many of the Tone Junkie Liquid packs with my effects slot locked and was able to get a lot of good sounds without a whole lot of tweaking on many of them. Some of them I just turned the gain down a little and they sounded nice to my ears with my guitar. Others I had to do a little more tweaking. A few I just didn't like, because I probably just don't like that amp. I've still only had about an hour with these ones, but I think I am going to be happy with them once I get them saved with an effects block I like.

    At least for the AC30X and the Deluxe Reverb I was able to quickly get a good tone out of these by setting the effects block locked to something I liked, with my normal low cut and high cut, less reverb, and no delay. After that a quick turn of the dials had these ones sounded good to my ears. I was just looking at the Quick Start ones, so I'm sure there are more I'll like deeper in, but I think if you set the effects block to something you like when auditioning these, it will help you out.

    Everyone's gear and ears are different though, so you may still end up not liking them, but one my 2nd run through them, with a little tweaking, I'm pretty happy with at least the AC30X and the Deluxe Reverb. I don't really use Twin or Vibrolux profiles, so I'm not sure what I'd expect them to sound like.

    This basically :)

    "So 'Liquid' Profiles are great!

    'Classic' Profiles are great too"

    I buy profiles because I want a set of sounds that are a dialled in version of an amp. However I have always been very aware that tweaking the Kemper EQ wasn't authentic so I didn't really use it. So profiles worked for me or they didn't.

    I will still want a set of dialled in liquid profiles in any future packs I purchase. But I will also feel a little more comfortable that adding some mids, lowering the gainetc. won't drift too far from the original amps behaviour.

    This is exactly how I feel.

    What is still missing for me are my personal wishes concerning different sounds which I hope you can fulfill in the near future: Vox AC 30, MB Dual Rectifier and the 5150 - the tone stacks are already there and waiting ;)

    I am hoping Bert releases an AC30 pack as well. I have one, so from, from a profiler I use but would like to get Bert's take on it. I really like how you are doing the raw profiles, the Bert's choice/tweaked profiles, and the performances. I haven't had a whole lot of time with the current liquid profiles, since I just did the update yesterday, but so far I really like what I am hearing out of Bert's new ones.