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    OK, updated to the release version of 3.0 RM, and also updated the Kemper OS (never updated from 6, nor used the beta version of RM with editor). Doesn't seem like RM sees my Kemper at all. Didn't change any cables, or connections. I no longer have a "My Profiler" in the hierarchy on the left pane, and double-clicking any profile in RM on my PC doesn't load it. I strictly play in my office at home, not live or anything like that, so I've always just selected the profile I wanted to play in RM and sat here and played. Basically just preview... I've never even navigated the profiles on the actual Kemper using the buttons to change rigs (until now, out of necessity). I've rebooted, restarted RM, and the Kemper multiple times, and still have no connection from RM to the amp. Right-clicking on a profile in RM the "Load into Editor and preview" is grayed out... Any help please?

    Just thought I'd share an issue I had in case anyone else gets affected, Kemper support knows about this and I believe it's being addressed but; the "Quad Chromatic" reverb setting that I have (which I got with Liam Thompsons awesome rigs of RE) now make my Kemper squeal it's head off after the update. I have had to disengage it from a few rigs or avoid them altogether. Even with guitar volume off the profiles start to softly squeal and then the volume goes up. I must stress Kemper has acknowledged it, but just in case someone else experiences it hopefully will be resolved in a update fix. Has anyone else actually experienced this?

    Yes, I had that issue too... I think it was also on some of Liam Thompson profiles from RE... I believe the JMP 2203 ones (which are excellent by the way... It may have been back in the beta before the original release... I don't recall exactly, but I had to go in and change the reverb type and parameters.

    Noticed that they had it covered with an album cover and then I guess maybe he changed a setting and forgot to put the cover back over it… Why is it flashing like that? =O

    The lights flicker like that due to the frame rate (frames per second) of the video camera, compared to the wave cycles of the lights... Lights are always flickering to some extent (not sure on LED hz, etc), you just don't see it with a naked eye. You see it most often in video, but even in still photography... like shooting HS sports on a field where the lights are all being run from the same power (pro stadiums have the lights mixed on separate power supplies), the lights actually go through like a sine wave of let's say 60hz, so shooting at 10 FPS (like my camera shoots), one shot will be much brighter, with a greenish tint, and the next a fraction of second later will be darker, and a reddish tint (or color temperature). Pain in the butt to edit. lol

    It all depends on if you have the $$ for it (and not break the bank). If you're going to have to eat Ramen Noodles for a year to afford it, then there are probably other cheaper options that will be "good". If $ isn't an issue, then the Kemper is terrific! I was in the same boat (townhouse, and wife that goes to bed early), not to mention being a hobbyist crap off/on again guitar player for 30+ years. Anyway, I got the Kemper, and play it at room volume or lower 90% of the time, in my home office/man cave, through JBL LS305 monitors. I seriously have more fun playing than I ever have, and it sounds great to me. Have a bunch of go-to rigs I love for playing certain songs/bands/genres, just noodling, or practicing scales, etc.

    While I still generally suck, I'm improving fast(er), simply because I can just plug and play and have good tones at my fingertips, and I'm playing as often as I can. I still spend too much time trying out profiles/tweaking, and just goofing off with it, but more in a "wow, cool!" way vs. "damn, I can't get this to sound good" way I used to fiddle with my amp sims.

    I even started learning how to record with it through Reaper, and now can send stuff to my guitar teacher. Was learning solos for comfortably numb (yeah, I know, but this was from a guy who never learned scales or solos before), and sent the recordings (recorded with backing track) to teacher. he pointed out some playing mistakes, etc. but was kind of impressed with the sound and the Gilmour tone I had. :)

    I've had mine for about 5 months, and don't regret it at all!

    Well, I'm not a guru on this stuff and signal chains at all... I had the 2i2. When I got the Kemper, sounded great direct to my JBLs at like a 1 or 2 Kemper volume level. then I hooked it up to my 2i2, and it was nearly inaudible. Had the Kemper volume maxed and the Scarlett volume near max, just to get normal room volume. I don't like getting frustrated like that, so I just went out to buy a 6i6... ("if stumped, throw $$ at it" kind of problem solver! LOL). They didn't have the 6i6 stock, so I got the 18i8 (way overkill, but local music store gave it to me cheaper than online prices). Took just a little tweaking after that, but you don't get the Focusrite software (or SPDIF) until you're at a 6i6 level of unit or above.

    BUT from what I've heard, it should still be fine with the 2i4. Honestly, I suck, so I haven't tried recording anything with the Kemper yet, but will get around to trying that, when I have some time to kill, and want to feel depressed about my abilities. :)

    Yes I wouldn't max the volume for the JBLs. I'm in the same boat... I get to play late at night, and wife works in surgery and is in bed by 9pm (townhouse, so I have neighbors, but not as bad or paper thin as an apartment). I have the LS305's, running through a Scarlett 18i8 interface. Generally I have my Kemper Master volume somewhere between 2.5 and 3, the JBLs set around middle or I believe slightly past ("6" or 1 o'clock). The focusrite Scarlett volume is on average about 9 or 10 o'clock (not loud at all). That's kind of the "late night" setting, and I find it's in a similar volume level range with itunes, backing tracks, to play along with (and those you can adjust/tweak the volume as well). When I can play louder, I just use the Scarlett volume to crank it up. :)

    Just 1/4" guitar cables with my JBL's, and works great. Are you setting it up standalone (no PC?) going directly from the Kemper to the monitors, or via interface. Tried it directly to the monitors only on the day my Kemper arrived, but now the 1/4" cables from the Kemper go to Scarlett 18i8 inputs, and then 1/4" cables from the Scarlett to the JBLs. Sounds fine to me.

    Yeah, I thought more people would post stuff like "great <insert name> tone", or "this rig works great for <insert song>". Much more prevalent in the modeller/sim communities. If you google and look around on youtube, you can find some links to things you're looking for... Someone doing a cover song using a Kemper, there will be a lot of questions (sometimes answers) asking what profile they used. But remember the profile/rig is (most of the time) just the "amp/cab", and most/many don't add a lot of effects. So, if you have a good idea of what the artist/band used in the first place (google this too), you can find the same or similar amp, and add a few effects if needed, adjust the EQ, and get "close"

    wow thanks MonkeyMan... Hmmmm. yeah, the drag and drop still doesn't work, even following what you said... but I was able to highlight the local folder and then do import. Could have sworn Import was grayed out before, but maybe I just had a non-local folder selected when I tried doing it by the menu.

    OK, all sorted now... hopefully done with dumb questions, and I can get back to playing! haha

    Thanks everyone for the help. Got it working that way Ksawery, although the volume was REALLY quiet compared to just the monitors plugged into the Kemper direct. That way had the master export volume set at .7 (really low, and it was loud). Had it all the way cranked cranked through the 2i2, and it was still quiet. Went to the local music store, and was going to get a 6i6. Didn't have it, but they gave me a deal on an 18i8 for less than online, so I just took that (nice having focusrite software since the 2i2 didn't have it. Got it running with just two 1/4" cables into inputs 1 and 2 on the 18i8, and it works and sounds great, volume is normal system volume (for when I'm playing along to the song, or backing tracks, etc.

    Only problem I have now is within Rig Manager... downloaded a bunch of free packs (top jimi, mbritt, sinmix), and extracted them, but can't get them into the local folder of rig manager (I don't want to USB stick them direct on the Kemper... don't have one lying around anyway). Just want to put them in my local folder, preview them through rig manager, and then store the ones I like. Everything I saw online says extract the downloaded files (which I have done), and then just drag and drop them into the "Local Library" folder in Rig Mgr. As soon as I drag over the Rig manager window or any of the folders, my cursor shows a circle with a line through it, and doesn't let me copy them over. Hmmm I have latest version, etc.

    Hey All! Got my Kemper today!! :) NKD, is that a thing? lol

    I just plugged my JBL LS305s directly into the back main outputs with 1/4" cables to try it out with just going through most the base installed rigs. Love the sound! Hell, I don't really have much experience playing tube amps, but most profiles seem to me to sound/feel much more like real amps for practice playing than any of my sims. Especially the clean tones, and the dirty or crunch kind of blues/rock sounds. Only tweaked a few with EQ, gain, etc., and can already tell it's going to be pretty easy to get a wide variety of tones. Guessing you folks already know most of that, right? LOL

    BTW, Ksawery, I put my JBLs on the Iso Acoustic stands first and played through Bias FX for a bit, since that's the sound I know... To my ears, it sounded noticeably better... I don't know if it's just because it's more at ear level (used the shorter ones, but angled up) or if it's dampening, and not sitting directly on my desk. I'm getting a new 8' long wood industrial looking desk next week rather than this crappy small glass top computer desk I have now.

    So, I'll get to my connection questions...

    OK, I'm really a complete neophyte when it comes to cabling, connections, etc (never had a need to know all this before). I can't get it working through my audio interface however. I have a Scarlett 2i2, but will probably be getting the 6i6 for S/PDIF connection (didn't want to invest in improvements to my setup until I knew I liked the Kemper in the first place). With all of my amp sims, I just plugged into input 1 of the 2i2, set to INST (rather than "Line"), and then my JBLs just into the two outputs on the back of the 2i2. For now, I'd like to have the output of the Kemper go to the 2i2, and keep the monitors plugged into the interface, as the JBLS are my computer speakers as well. Itunes, Youtube and Netflix just aren't the same without sound. :P Besides, most of my playing is along with the song mp3s, backing tracks, tutorial videos, and want to record in Reaper.

    Can someone please tell me how to get this working with plain ol 1/4 cables and the 2i2? I can get XLR tomorrow, but don't have any on hand now. Do I need TWO 1/4" cables going from the main Kemper L/R outputs into both inputs 1 and 2 on the Scarlett, or I thought you could do "mono" going from the Left Main 1/4" output to Input 1 of the Scarlett? I was trying the latter method, with just the one cable from the Kemper Main output (left) to Input 1 of the Scarlett. The green clipping indicator on the 2i2 would light up when I played, and the input and output lights in the upper corners of the Kemper would light up as well... Just no sound at all... tried Master Volume on the Kemper, as well as the "monitor" volume on the 2i2. Tried both Inst and Line toggle on the 2i2. Like I said, I know it's not the best way to do this with A/D, D/A, and A/D again, but I just want it to work for now, and will do what's "best" later on down the road.

    Thanks everyone! Love the first impression, just need to get it set up through the interface. :)

    Thanks David!

    FYI I ordered the Kemper through my sales guy at Sweetwater last night! They were getting another batch in today, so should be going out in the next day or so! Very excited! Also got some Iso Acoustic monitor stands to put on my desk (just in the middle of redoing my whole office man cave, so want to have a nice clean roomy setup).

    Yes, already asked my teacher "If I get a Kemper, can I come over one day and we can profile all of your amps?" LOL He was very enthusiastic about it, and said he'd like to be able to check it out, do A/B checks, etc. He does recording for bands, reamping of DIs sent to him, in his basement studio, etc. He said "well, I *THINK* I'm pretty good at mic'ing an amp and getting good sounds out of it", and it seems that's the key to making a good profile, so it should be fun to try and do. :)

    Here's the studio page on his site...

    He has a lot of cool stuff, variety of amps, and shelves of pedals (many boutique types), lots of mics... Orange, Hiwatt, Vox, Fender, several Marshalls... JCM800, Splawn, etc. Says he has a lot of friends with cool amps too that he borrows to record at times.

    Thanks everyone for the help and wisdom... really been enjoying this forum for months, just learning, and can't wait to get started learning this thing. lol

    Thanks Ksawery! Really appreciate your input and insight (and everyone else's). It's nice to see someone with a similar setup give their experiences. I'm not looking for a "magic" solution right out of the box (attempting to curtail my expectations), and I know I'll have a learning curve, tweak for my guitar/room, etc. I'm planning on ordering it this week when it's back in stock at Sweetwater. :)

    Thanks again, looking forward to officially joining the club... been reading this and other forums for months, learning, researching, etc.


    Thanks for the information Dimi! Also, thanks for the confirmation on the monitors as well. I've been very happy with them, and bought them on the recommendation of the guy at the local music store (who usually gives good advice... said to go with the JBL or the Yamaha HS-5). I normally research everything thoroughly ahead of time, but didn't on this. I was pleasantly surprised by reading the reviews and specs on them after purchasing.

    Thanks everyone for all of your input! :) You've pretty much confirmed everything I had in my head, just wanted to make sure (even if not "night and day" difference) that it would sound better and be a noticeable improvement than just the amp sims, etc. The amp sims can sound good for some things, but cleans especially sound thin, and tinny, not rich... like the Fender'ish blues tones, or cranked but not super distorted lead tones for like Gary Moore, et al Finally bought myself a new 2017 Gibson Les Paul about 4 months ago which I love (have wanted one since I was 13, but parents couldn't afford it, so got me an 1977 Ibanez Les Paul copy... which I still have and plays well). Just want to play it through something that sounds better to me than what I'm using.

    I probably won't be playing live (at least for the foreseeable future, until I get decent then I might get to sit in for a couple songs with a buddy's band! LOL). This is purely for my own enjoyment, satisfaction, and getting a good sound is part of the fun for me, and my "suspension of disbelief".

    Thanks again, and I'll let you all know when I get it. :) And then I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions after that. haha