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    any one know if I could use the new Kemper stage as a controller for my toaster that I currently have, it would be nice to sell my controller so I can use the stage at home with my current Kemper set up with out bending over too much , and using the stage live? any one know if this is a thing ? if not would be kinda nice to use the new stage as a separate controller as well.8)8)8)

    I don’t want to turn them on all at one time . my specific job makes me use different effects on the fly , but I also use 4 different delays . So on the kemper control I want to have the 4 different delays preset and on an external footswitch of some sort be able to control on/off for sections (a,b,c,d) for tremolo phaser chorus etc.

    (I want to use the kemper effects as if I have individual pedals like an old school pedal board)

    I currently have the kemper toaster and the controller , I'm thinking about getting the 2 of the kemper 2 way switch or maybe some kind of 4 way switch to control the stomp section on the kemper, so that i can use the controller to control the FX section of the kemper ie.( how do i control 8 fx at once? ) has any one tried this or is there a way to do so ? Preferably i would like to plug the foot switches into the kemper control. Thanks ?????(?(?(

    I am trying to do some solo work using the keepers lopper system and my iPad for a drum machine. From what i under stand i can use the kemper as a tempo controller to control the tempo of external devices. What i want to do is use the kemper controller tap tempo function to control the patterning app so that the app syncs up with what i have already recorded and looped. Does anyone know how to set this up?

    rig is


    kemper midi out( mididusb cable ) -- focusrite itrack dock

    iTrack dock- speaker. ;(

    MONITOR OUTPUT with “Monitor Cab Off”. Of course the “Git…” settings remain unaffected by “Monitor Cab Off”. Read more about the monitor features in the chapter Monitor Output.  The MAIN OUTPUT at source setting “Delay/Reverb wet” will deliver the wet stereo effect signal of the delay and reverb only. If you set the DIRECT OUTPUT to “Stack” or “Mod”, which is the complementary dry signal, then you can send your amp signal through three cables to the front mixing desk. Your front mixer now has the ability to mix the effect signal to the dry signal according to the actual room ambience of the venue. This method is called the wet/dry/wet setup. Your mixer will love you for that! And still you can use the MONITOR OUTPUT separately from all that for your individual stage sound! 8)

    i tried this and it still seemed like the amp and eg is still on in the stack section, i was trying to get only effects to the bogner, but still be able to use regular patches through my di out,
    the way i have it set up with the controller is 5 different presets that match the bogners 5 presets that i can switch, with the bogner foot switch and the kemper controll, so when i change patches on the controller i want the same fx from each patch to work as well in the bogner

    theres still a sleight difference with the bogner and the profiles i made, and that makes it nice for stereo mix, what I'm basically tying to do is use the effects in the kemper along with the real bogner so i don't have to use 2 pedal boards, because i use different patches and effects depending on the song .

    Im trying to run a real amp (bogner ecstasy ) and kemper both at the same time live on stage, I have profiled the bogner and would like to run both of them stereo just for the sleight differences they have. But i don't really wanna carry a second pedal board for the bogglers FX. i wanna know how i can still use the kempers fx through the bogner so i can use the kemper control for different FX i use, or if there is a way to turn the stack off of one output section but leave it on for a different output section. thanks :P:P:P