Posts by grappagreen KPA and powered Kabinet have finally killed my desire to plug into anything else..

    I struggled with a Toaster a long while ago, gave up and sold it. Lots of gigs later (and getting tired of lugging stuff around) I bought a Stage and powered Kabinet to try again. Took a different strategy this time and just worked through some Britt profiles from the CSR pack to build a 'base' performance that sounded nice at volume - no messing with a million profiles and disappearing into the vortex! After a fair bit of tweaking over lots of gigs I can honestly say that it's as good as any sound I've ever had and way more consistent/convenient. The Kabinet works brill on stage. I played last night and you know when you get that 'I just can't believe how good that sounds' feeling? Wonderfully dynamic, big, etc etc..

    Add to that all of the capabilities of this thing...

    I may not have posted here much over the years but have learned loads; thanks to all who folks whose posts got me to where I am now!


    That is a different matter. In a rig, you can decide which imprint to use under the CAB section. When using that rig, you will get the cab sent through the main outs, and the imprint sent through the monitor outs.

    If you'd like to get the original profiled cab, you put the Kone in FRFR mode. You will then get AMP + Cab sent through the main out, and AMP + special FRFR signal sent through the monitor out.

    So on a per rig basis, you can decide whether to keep the global Kone choice (imprints or FRFR) or to override (imprints or FRFR). This will only affect monitor out. You main out will still get amp + cab.

    brill - many thanks for the clarification.

    That is incorrect. With Monitor cab off and Kone on, you get Amp + Imprint through monitor out and through main out you get Amp + Cab.

    The imprints are useless without a Kabinet so it makes no sense to send them to anything but the Kone via monitor out.

    But the cab in rig manager shows the imprint... and you can select a different imprint but not the cab that was profiled..

    I have the powered rack so I'm not 100% sure but my understanding is monitor out has the imprint and main out does not...which is correct as you do not want the PA to have the imprint - you need to be sending the imprint to the Kabinet.

    I don't think this is the case based on my research. May be wrong. This is how I thought it worked (based on early YT vids). If you turn monitor cab off in order to use an imprint and then take a look at the cab in Rig Manager you will see that the cab is now set as the imprint which goes out via both the monitor out and the main outs.

    Yes, when you are using imprints ("monitor cab off" enabled) you are not using the cab part included in the profile.
    If that were the case, you would have double filtering and it would sound probably muffled.

    If you want to use the included cab in the profile, you have to use the Kabinet in FRFR mode, disabling "monitor cab off".
    That's the same thing if you are using a true guitar cab with your profiler.

    Perfect - appreciate the clarification.

    Hi All,

    I've recently been messing with my new powered Kabinet and plan on using it with my Stage for monitoring. I always pipe a mono feed from the main out L into our PA when we play live.

    One thing that has me confused is that when watching some vids when it was released they seem to imply that the imprint is applied to the monitor out only? Messing last night I see that the imprint selected on the monitor out seems to be overriding the profiled cabinet if I look at the rig parameters in Rig Manager. Am I understanding this correctly? I appreciate that I can override this global imprint selection in the rig but only to apply another imprint rather than use the cab that the profile was created using? So basically it's all or nothing with imprints..

    Hope this makes sense.


    I configure all my sounds/fx in mono and feed this to the desk. This is then panned in the stereo field towards me.

    I 'discussed' this with our keyboard player but eventually got him to concede and do the same...

    Would I like to run stereo FX? Yes, but it isn't practical for our band and the type of gigs we do.


    Looks like my gigging days are over so looking to move this on.

    If you're looking you know how good this is. Best/most versatile live rig I've ever used and I'll be sad to see it go but hey ho..

    Would rather sell this as a complete package but would be prepared to split the XiTone cab out if there are no takers after a period of time. I'm not prepared to sell the Remote without the KPA before anyone asks! Have owned for just over 2 years and be assured I really look after my gear!

    • KPA Toaster (unpowered) with latest beta FW and stacks of purchased profiles and padded case
    • Kemper Remote c/w 2 off RJ45 cables and padded case
    • Mission Engineering SP-25m pro expression pedal gold/carbon
    • XiTone MBritt Active FR/FR cab
    • All cables to connect everything up and rock/jazz/blues out or whatever takes your fancy [Blocked Image:]

    Basically everything you need to turn up at a gig, set up fully in 10 minutes, get the best FOH sound you've ever had (subject to engineer!) and pack up and go home before everyone else! On top of that you get to sound better than all the other guitarist's rigs (subject to your ability!)..

    Total cost new was about £2.6k and looking for £2000

    Cash and bank transfer accepted and this is collect only from Hertfordshire.



    Some interesting stuff in there Frank.

    I think that some of us have defo found the value in finding some solid cabs; I've found that often a mediocre sounding profile can suddenly spring to life when paired with a decent cab/mic. Just like real amps! Once I found my XiTone FRFR I've never looked back either.

    I'd be interested in understanding some of the other Gamechangers you mention - not the guitar one as I completely get that!

    BTW I can't keep up with the update releases in this pack! What a fantastic problem to have.


    Yep gotta agree.

    I'm only half way through and its full of gems.. I've thrown the Strat, Tele and LP at them and found some magic with all of them. I'm actually impressed with the cleans as well - lovely..

    Now I gotta go on holiday for two weeks arghh.. not sure I'm gonna be able to sneak the KPA and axe into the luggage :)

    Seriously good stuff and I'm gonna rebuild my main performance out of these when I get back.


    Agreed totally.

    I got rid of mine however with the big delays update on the KPA and haven't missed it!