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    Just got my KPA, couldn't be happier, but I have a couple of questions if you don't mind:

    1) When I export a backup using rig manager does it backup absolutely everything, including all the profiles that are actually loaded into the profiler?

    2) I'm playing with active pickups, when picking hard the input light turns slightly orange (I assume this means the signal is too hot) is this a problem? Do I need to do anything about it?

    3) When buying commercial profiles, what would you say sets them apart from the free profiles - are they generally worth it?

    Thanks in advance for helping a noob out.

    3. I will be almost exclusively using headphones. I have been reading up a lot about this and was about to get ready to buy a good set. But I have a pair of Beats and I plugged this into the Kemper headphones straight out of the box, and I have to say I am really happy with the sound. It is brilliant. Would a set of Audio Technica 50 or Beyerdynamics 770/880 or Sennheiser 650s really sound that much better? Is there potentially some kind of headphone snobbery that could cloud people's judgements here, as I know everyone loves to bash Beats. But hey, i already have them so if I can avoid spending another $400, it would be good.

    I can't help you on the Kemper stuff as I've only had mine 3 days, but in regards to the headphones the ATH M50 are a small upgrade to Beats. I had some for years, they're great headphones but if you already have Beats they're just not much of an upgrade and have a similar sound profile. Now I'm using AKG K712 and have been really happy with the difference they made compared to the M50s. I'm also doing the same as you, selling off all the old equipment I spent more time trying to get a good, problem free tone from - I really wish I'd bought a KPA when they came out, it hurts when I look back at all the time spent tweaking and problem solving when I could have just switched on a KPA for instantly awesome tones.

    Something tells me if you're confined to using headphones all the time, you'll probably be disappointed by just about any solution you invest in.

    Just the other day I was recording with my band while waiting for my Mission Gemini to arrive, so I went direct with the Kemper. The audio interface and monitors my singer uses aren't great and I was a bit underwhelmed by everything through said monitors and the headphones. When I got my speaker, plugged in, and turned up the volume on the same profile that underwhelmed me... HOLY SHIT. Body, life, and all the air you would want to push. It was bliss.

    Point being, if you are solely at home playing on headphones, just download Positive Grid's Bias software ($150). You'll be underwhelmed by anything else.

    For high gain tones, I really like the Lasse Lammert pack that comes standard on the Kemper and the new Choptones free rig pack has some fantastic high gain amp models.

    I came from Bias, and 90% of the time I'm just playing through headphones (AKG K712), I've only had my Kemper 3 days and I really don't regret my decision to refund Bias and put it towards a KPA. Can you tell me which headphones/monitors you and your friend used?

    Just got my Kemper. Can anyone give me a list of commercial 5150 profiles to check out? Preferably in the order they consider best to worst? Free profiles are welcome too if you think they beat paid. I play a lot of high gain/djenty stuff and I'm interested more in recording than live use.