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    I have the Main 1/4" balanced L/R going into the inputs of my Presonus Central Station Monitor Controller, that feeds my studio monitors. It has input LED VU level meters which hit 65-70% max, should normally hit around 95%.

    I also have an XLR cable coming from the L main out feeding my Freidman ASM-12 powered monitor.

    What you read above, is what I had sent to Kemper support, on a sidenote, they're amazingly fast at responding!

    While I was in the middle of this, I got another reply from them, and what they told me was the XLR output on the Kemper actually has a six db volume increase over the 1/4" balanced outs. That has to be my issue, I need to reverse the way I have them connected. I'm actually sending too hot of a signal to my Friedman, and too low of a signal to my Presonus.

    On a sidenote, do we always have to type in the verification code every single time we reply or post?

    So I've connected my Kemper to my Freidman AX-8 and it works great!

    When I connect to my Presonus Central Station Monitor Controller, the signal coming from the Kemper is low compared to all the other typical studio gear I have connected to it. Even with the main volume and the rig volume maxed, it's still too low.

    What am I doing wrong?