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    I use program change for the first selection of the performance. Then the CC's to switch rigs within the performance. Works well for me.

    Okay thanks!

    This would already load a certain rig in the new performance though wouldn't it? Or is there any way to just preload the performance with program change instead of control change? Because I'd rather keep the last used rig from the previous performance until the very first hit in the new performance

    Hi everyone,

    I have a number of performances (one for each song in the set) with a few rigs each in my profiler that are being switched via MIDI.

    I send a CC47 with the respective value to preload the performance around two bars before the song starts which is followed by a CC 50-54 with the value 1 for whatever rig I need first in that performance.
    The CC 50-54 however I send right on the beat when I need the rig to change to make sure that the guitar can fully ring out from the previous song if I want to transition seamlessly between two songs. Therefore performance load mode is set to "pending" as defaulted.

    All the switches in the songs are happening almost instantly except for the very first one after preloading a new performance. This one has a pretty noticeable delay.

    Has anyone made a similar experience or a solution for this?