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    Not in front of my Rig Manager but, there's the obvious Rig Packs of course...

    For Rock/Metal i would say some of Webb's Cameron profiles.

    For edge of breakup, Jim Lill's Dr Z profiles (though you may have to register on his site or something, but was worth it for me back when i did it)

    I can't think of too many RE profiles i go to that aren't freebies from the commercial profilers, Tim Owens were pretty good and some of the other prolific free profilers.

    If you don't want to spend money there are surely enough to find from the commercial profilers free packs, the official Rig Packs and the ones i mentioned above. I'll probably update the list with a few when i'm in front of my system. When i first got my Kemper i was always looking for the more profiles the better, but now it's overwhelming, even when i buy packs, if there are too many profiles i get fatigued just trying to go listen to them and remember the best ones.

    Are you aware, how distorted amps sound without a guitar cabinet? Direct Profiles are meant to be played through a neutral power amp and a physical guitar cabinet. You seem to own an unpowered Profiler. How are you monitoring the sound of the Direct Profile?

    Yes i'm quite aware of the sound. If i'm playing DI profiles i run them through either a Carver Solid State poweramp or my Fryette PS2...normally into a 1x12 bogner cabinet. I also have a few 4x12's but not upstairs where my kemper is currently. When i get a chance i will try another DI profile and make a clip with an IR or cab from another rig.

    I suggest, you solve that issue then. Creating Direct Profiles is a proven concept. All Merged Rigs are based on those and highly respected.

    Have you consulted the Profiling Guide? You must use a cabinet to create a Direct Profile, no load box. And the DI box needs to meet criteria like sound-neutral, no cab simulation, capable to be plugged between power amp and cabinet.

    Yes followed the profiling guide. I tried first with the Load box and no cab and read that was not recommended so i also tried with a DI box and a cab attached and i got a profile, but terrible ones. Actually clean ones were ok, but distorted ones sound terrible. It's a similar sound to a lot of bad sounding profiles on the RE, so i must be doing a similar thing wrong as many. Currently i have a relatively cheap DI I got for testing at guitar center, i've thought about getting the actual Kemper one or the Countryman DI at some point but it hasn't been a top priority right now.

    As a side note ... why don't you simply get a DI box like the Kemper DI box, create a Direct Amp Profile of your tube amp and avoid that complexity of looping in that tube amp? Reproducing the sound of your tube amp authentically is the proven core competency of the Profiler. I see only advantages.

    I agree many are very close, maybe not exact, but the ones i've tried to make with a DI box are terrible, haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet. I've tried with/without a cab (reactive load) and they all sound like a wah pedal is on cocked wide open.

    So i just got to try this and it worked as expected from my preamp's direct output, but from Power Stations' reactive load it was like some sort of strange gate behavior where it would be silent and all of the sudden the sound would come on and while playing it would fade in and out. The only cable i can find right now is an XLR to 1/4" trs, which seemed to work out from the preamp, so i'm not sure that would be the issue.

    I did a pretty extensive search and could not find anyone but me trying this on the internet. I regularly see people do this on youtube with the AxeFx.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate I couldn't find it searching...

    I notice many people do this with the Axe FX units, that is to run their tube amp through a reactive load box and use the unit for speaker sim and effects...Currently i've weighed options of selling the Kemper and just using my amps/preamps with my power station and getting a UAD Ox for the speaker sim portion(though i love having the kemper as well for playing/recording options). It would be great if the Kemper could do this job and eliminate the hassle of latency in the DAW when trying to load the IR's there (i normally have to shut down a lot of other plugins in my DAW and lower the buffers, etc which i don't have to do recording the Kemper).

    (If this is already possible even better, but i haven't figured out if you can shut all the amp/profile portion off and just use the cab/effects).

    I had those early UAD plugs, and sure the V2 sound better—or actually more “accurate” in subtle response-related ways—but they certainly don’t negate all the great recordings made using V1. And what sounds great about the Kemper now—not in a/b tests but in real world usage, in context on a recording or through the PA—those sounds won’t somehow be negated just because a new unit is introduced.

    Agree 100% i was just kidding a bit with someone has to market a V2 of something that was perfect in V1 :)

    Wishlish off the top of my head (wishes, not expectations or necessities):

    1. the obvious, an Editor
    2. Dual amps
    3. More overdrive models
    4. More/Better reverbs
    5. More realistic amps (my main kemper complaints are too many profiles with cocked wah sounds, something slightly unnatural with an increased sensitivity on higher gain models, and something lost in the low end on most profiles)..this one is quite subjective.
    6. Easier to profile my amps (i've tried creating my own direct profiles and indeed i too get very cocked wah tones, haven't had a chance to crank it up and mic it yet)
    7. Would say spdif rates but that seems to be coming soon(in beta at least) :)
    8. Larger/easier to read screen (nice to have)

    i'm sure there's more but thats off the top of my head, that being said, i think all but dual amps could probably be done without updating the hardware, unless they could somehow get more realistic amps sounds only by upping the dsp power. It can always get better, when UAD came out with their 1st DSP card people said the compressors etc sounded just like the real thing, now they have V2 that is so much better than the V1 that people say it's worthless to use the old one...someday believe it or not i'm sure many people will say the same about the Kemper despite how happy we might be now.

    Interesting...good luck!

    Would be nice if someone could figure a way to resell the used ones we bought that we don't like or don't need anymore...obviously a difficult thing since there is no security preventing people from not deleting the ones you resell, but at the same time for the consumer it stinks that the things you buy have no resale. Would love it if they could do the same with ios apps...i don't use any of the amplitube, bias, etc stuff i've bought on there.