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    I have a similar question, how do you profile a tube preamp direct? I have an ADA Mp1 as well as a Eganter M4 MTS system, can I profile the ouptut of the preamp directly and then run that to a poweramp later and get a similar sound as I get normally (assuming i'm using a solid state poweramp).

    I also have a Tube poweramp, for that I would need to use the direct box method to get the sound of the poweramp as well?


    If he listens to the clips wieth headphones (forgive me if thats not what he said) and likes it, then he should be able to get the same sound when playing his kemper through headphones (minus the guitar and fingers...).

    I do agree that i do not understand why commercial profile sellers are putting up finished/mixed, double or quad tracked parts as their only sample of the profile.

    Thanks. Would also like to know where you are located and could you give a little more info on the commerical profiles you have (i.e which packs/amps you might have from michael britt/top jimi/choptones)