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    Hey all. I posted recently about using the Kemper Stage with a tube amp and was advised to try the 4-cable method. I got it all set up and it's working as I'd expect, for the most part.

    The pre-amplifier stomps seem to be working fine, and any effect I place in the second effect slot (after the Loop Mono in the X slot) works as well. However, effects I place in either of the other two remaining slots don't seem to work. For example, I placed a delay in the second slot and that sounded good. But when I added a reverb to the third slot, I got nothing.

    I am assuming I am doing something wrong. I don't think it's the cabling, so perhaps it's a setting somewhere? If anyone has any thoughts, I am open to them. Thanks!


    1. Guitar -> Kemper Input
    2. Kemper Send -> Amp Input
    3. Amp FX Send -> Kemper Return
    4. Kemper Monitor Out L -> Amp FX Return

    Kemper Settings:

    • Turned off the amplifier and cabinet blocks
    • Monitor Out L is set to Master Mono
    • Loop Mono settings: Mix is 100%, Used Loop set to Upper (using Send and Return 1), and Position set to Post

    Hi all. Andrew (aka Mightypudge) here, again.

    I have a question for all you tone masters out there. I am doing a session for a friend, laying down some tracks for a few songs he's written, and he's keen on me using his Mesa amplifier for the primary amp tones. (Yes, I told him I have about a zillion amps at my disposal, and they're his songs, so I am respecting his wishes.)

    But I digress. While my friend has the amp, neither of us have any pedals to use with it. I do have the Kemper Stage though, so I thought it would be cool to use the Kemper for all the effects, both in front of the amp for overdrive and distortion, and in the effects loop for time-based and modulation effects.

    I'm wondering a) if this setup is possible, and b) may there be any degradation of tone due to my signal going through so many cables and round-trips through the Kemper?

    Thanks all!

    Bert, absolutely loving the 800 profiles. They are truly magical.

    In my old “tube amps or die” days, my favorite rig was an EL34 or 6V6 amp set up for an edge-of-breakup tone that I would either boost with a variety of pedals, or back off the guitar volume a bit for cleans. A good-sounding JCM800 or similar amp was always the cornerstone of that rig.

    Your 800 profiles are taking me right back to my glory days, Bert. I’ve been setting up new performances in preparation for rehearsal with the band next weekend. I grabbed a few of your cleaner 800 profiles, added a variety of boosts, overdrives, and distortions in front, and BAM. Tonal perfection. I am amazed at how well your profiles clean up, and equality stunned at how well they take pedals. The touch sensitivity and feel of these is off the charts, mate.

    Super well done. Thank you!


    Greetings and salutations to all you beautiful people in Kemper-land. It’s been a minute since I popped my head in to see how y’all are doing. I sure hope this message finds you all healthy and happy.

    After several years of self-imposed retirement from guitar and playing/performing music in general, I found myself presented with a unique musical opportunity that I simply could not pass up. A trio of like-minded chaps who are local to me asked me to join their group as a second guitar player. The plan is to cover some deep cuts from our favorite albums and write a few tunes that violate every known “rule” of songwriting. Should be fun.

    In my opinion, this is where the Kemper is really going to shine. The other guitarist has a traditional rig with a few pedals and gladly will handle the traditional duties of a guitar player. Meanwhile, I’d like to pull out some of the craziest, coolest, non-guitar-like rigs possible for our original tunes. Synth pads, buzzing sawtooth leads, weird sound effects; you get the idea. I will probably throw in some acoustic and 12-string emulations, maybe some whammy pedal nonsense too.

    I am pretty sure the Kemper has the goods to make this happen, I just need some inspiration from y’all to get started. Feel free to post your favorite wacky rigs or tips and tricks on using the Kemper effects. I haven’t dug too deep into the morphing thing, despite it being one of the coolest features to ever hit the Kemper, but I think it’s time.

    Thanks everyone! Be well.

    EDIT: I have a Baritone Tele which will 100% be tossed in for extra coolness. :)

    Hi, everyone. :) I've missed you all. So, it looks like Pudge is coming out of retirement for a one-time gig. And, I am in need of the Kemper Community's collective genius.

    A friend of mine is organizing a Neil Peart tribute show, with all funds going to charity for cancer research, and I've been asked to lend my guitar-slinging services for the evening. Though my declining health has forced me to turn down several requests to come out of retirement in the past, I cannot think of a more worthy cause to break that tradition than an evening to honor and pay tribute to one of my childhood heroes.

    Naturally, I want to do the music justice, so I would like to do my absolute best to capture some of Big Al's more elusive tones. Specifically, we'll be focusing on Rush-era 1978 to 1992, so his tones from Hemispheres through Presto are what I am after. Here's where I could use some assistance.

    :?: For Hemispheres through Moving Pictures, I am leaning towards Hi-Watt and early Marshall amps. Thoughts on effects to use?

    :?: I always struggle with getting Big Al's shimmery tones from Presto. I know he used GK solid state gear for a while, but those tones are so elusive. no matter what I try. Ideas?

    :?: Does anyone know of any good profiles that already exist?

    Any advice that any of you have would be helpful at this point. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks everyone, glad you dig the tunes.

    The only influence that's obvious to me is Vai in City Lights, correct?

    If that's true, I am amazed. Because I am definitely a thief in the nighttime. I steal from everyone! When I listen to myself play, I hear every guitar player that has ever influenced me, only played badly. :)

    Yeah, Vai was a big influence for me back in the day. I haven't listen to him in ages, but some things just stick with you.

    Also, on the YouTubes. Maybe this will be easier to access.

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    Hi everyone. My 3-song EP has hit the web. :)

    For those interested, this work is of significant personal meaning. The songs contained within represent three very different stages of my life. Each song was written during a time when I was struggling with some form of abuse, depression, anxiety, and at one point, homelessness. I never had a chance to record them until a few years ago. My son convinced me last week to publish them publicly.

    Every guitar and bass track was recorded with the Kemper, feat. profiles by Michael Britt, Bert Meulendijk, and more.…ngle/1434332226…_-_Mighty_Pudge

    Welcome back man, kemper is more awesome than ever , you'd just play for days just with the delays, they sound fantastic and you can play some great pads with them.

    The spring is another option , very cool. Don't forget the rig packs and some stellar profiles both commercial and free.

    There is also a third party editor that looks really nice and updated frequently.

    so ... you'll have tons of fun :)

    Third-party what now??? Link man, link me!!

    You foxy lurker-in-the-mud, you. :D

    Geez Shawn, what a noob, mate. Seems like just the other day he was still here. :D
    Hey 'Pudgie! Has it really been that long? How time flies here on the forum. S'pose the intermittent drama series, interspersed with awesome updates like the delays and spring 'verb beta help keep our minds occupied.

    Sorry to hear about your health, mate. Believe me, if anyone can relate to long-term-health "challenges", 'tis I, brother. Great to have you back in one pice, man, and... your avatar hasn't aged a bit! :D

    MONKEY MAN! Glad you're still here, mate.

    The good thing about my avatar - it never gets older. Me on the other hand, not so much. I frequently joke that there is a painting of me in an attic somewhere getting uglier by the second. :)

    So let's see: High blood pressure, depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and good old fashioned American obesity. Have I mentioned I turn 50 next year?

    But it's not all bad news. I started college in January. I'm pursuing my PhD in Mathematics. Maybe when I grow up I can be a teacher or something. :)