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    whats your clean / distorted sensitivity set at ?

    And your general input level ?

    I never need to take my gain past 3/4s. On any profile.

    I use noise gate and compression at about 5.5 mixed at 100 %

    What do you get if you knock off the amps gain and drive it from the front end more ?

    I agree.

    I dont want a shit ton of effects and stuff.

    I get it. Gigging people may do.

    I'd like a longer looper.

    And the pitch shift warbling pisses me off.

    I'd also like abit more control with panning effects.

    But other than that I'm good with the kemper.

    I've got from a rack guy to a minimalist because of the kemper and I think im a better player because of it.

    For the home studioist I would double track the guitar part If I wanted a dual amp guitar tone.

    I'm not being anti in anyway... I just think its getting to the point where people will want the kit to play the guitar for them in a minute via brain waves.

    And set itself up.

    Always remember the player with a shitty amp and setup that blows you away.

    Thats the magic.

    I agree with the comments ref blocks.

    But then again think how far the kempers come from the original blue print of what it set out to do.

    Don't get me wrong its the best piece of gear I've ever bought and I think ive had it 8 years now.

    Before I bought it, I was using all the rack gear and tons of effects, when I got it realised I just needed a splash of this and a splash of that and I was happy.

    I'd rather it loaded quicker and was simple to use offering fantastic tones.

    Maybe when the next generation units come out the tecky effects stuff could be a separate compatible unit or something to please both worlds

    well... ive had an hour fiddling over the weekend. Was quite pleased with the results but didn't try with headphones.

    It does seem to sound more natural around 5.0 but I'd have liked to have more looseness available also. Could just use a delay instead I guess though. Pinched harmonics sound great loosely doubled.

    I'm assuming 0.0 looseness = tight or effect off. Im think for morphing purposes ?

    well just to stir the pot....

    If the axe fx had finance agreements I'd have bought one. I reckon I've had my kemper maybe 8 years now.

    I know what people will say.... dump one on a credit card... but im not really prepared to do that.

    Axe fx 3 with floorboards and pedals is eye watering. Maybe a bit excessive for z bedroom player.

    Still love the kemper but I do feel like I need a change !

    Good thread.

    I've got a stand alone volume and stand alone wah on the right.

    Dunlop expression in the left.

    Would normally be a subtle wah or pitch.

    As its a wet weekend here in England I might do some tweaking later ?

    I generally use the button for morphing rather than a pedal. I havent got much kemper time in for the last 6 months and I have spotting some interesting delays and reverb that are prob worth experimenting with pedal morph.

    I've always felt that the kemper users and groups etc are 95% amp and cab orientated, which I guess should be expected.

    But is always interesting to find great rigs which are based around effects.

    Theres some really interesting stuff around

    tis annoying.

    I've even noticed my kemper unit start being slow to react to knob turning at times.

    The last update cured itself but ive noticed it happening again with the latest update.

    I was fluffing with the transpose feature this week and it started changing values on its own.

    I've had the kemper a good 5 + years and although I love it, the stability issues are testing my patience.

    If its not stable its not enjoyable anymore.

    hmmm.... Good point made.

    Maybe I've just got my rose tinted glasses on.

    I dont have much love for the kemper pitch shifting - tracking feels off and there's artifacts and warbling at times. It never seems to sound very clean. I dont know why but I dont like chorus either. Cant put my finger on why though. I almost feel ready for some new gear. Even if its an eventide h9 in the loop