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    Bought the crunchy pack. Some great new tones Mike.

    Has anyone had the chance to play any of the crunchy pack live and how did you go? I'm about to jump back on the horse having not gigged since 2019 and want to add these in to rest of my MBritt packs already in my live rigs.

    Are you aware, that the functions "Performance Up/Down" assigned to external switches first step and then start to scroll like the Up/Down buttons of the Remote do?

    If you want to step jest one Performance Up/Down just step on the switch shortly. And make sure your external switch is momentary. Otherwiese it's hard to avoid scrolling.

    Sorry if I'm missing something here Burkhard but I (and I think others) are talking about the up/down buttns on the unit itself. I don't have a remote and yes if I use my midi controller it works fine but I don't need to use the Midi Controller now that I am set up like other right next to my work station. Again sorry if I'm missing your point. Cheers

    Rick Beato's SL Plex is my secret weapon of choice. This pack has my very favourite profile of them all. And believe in me, there has been more than a few.…kemper-profiles


    Hi J, I love Rick's vids and his knowledge. Just asking for a friend :D what application do you use this pack for? Have you cranked or rehearsed/played live with it? I haven't seen too much feedback on Rick's profiles but the samples sound good (as do many, but I don't want another pack with buyers regret). I actually don't "need" anymore profiles, but I'm a sucker for modded plexi's/JMP's.

    Just my 2 bob. When talking about the different vendors would it be beneficial to people reading to say whether you use them live, recording, or just at home etc etc? FRFR or guitar cab, studio monitors? Type of music you play? These things make a difference to all of us. There are so many fans of some vendors, but when I buy their profiles they are not usable in my situation. I am a big fan of MBritt as a lot of us are, but I was a predominantly live player. I tried to use other vendors but they are too different. So many times I'd spend hours beefing up some profiles and thinking I've got them sounding good, then you go to a different profile and bust....still sounds thin or too compressed or just not usable for "my" situation or tastes. Anyway as always good info and the good people that have stuck around for a long time will continue to help. Cheers

    I've bought quite a few of Top Jimi's packs and feel the same, but to bring balance to this maybe it is how he runs his Kemper, and the volume used but I can't seem to get any of TJ profiles to be added as "go to" profiles. I have AC/DC pack, Caswell (which I had used to play GnR live, but stopped pretty quickly), Ozzy, SS100, BE100 (both packs) etc but I can't get the same result as his demo's which sound great. Sometimes when I start on one of his profiles it sounds ok, but If I go to an MBritt one after it there is a BIG difference. It's bit spoken about ad nauseum on the forum.

    JedMckenna Hey Jed, you started out a big advocate for MBritt and now Bert M seems to be more your preference (for live). Was it the BE pack that swayed you that way? I was using both of these legends for gigging (I have that illness where I use about 30 profiles live just coz you can with the Kemper :P), but the difference in tones from these 2 probably drive the sound guy mad as I switch from song to song. I have found with Bert's BE pack that there is a weird transient (thats the best way I can describe it) in some of the profiles. I also found they hide in the mix a bit, so I have to tweak a little to push them forward (not too much). Not putting them down BTW, I too use both these guys probably 54% Britt to 45% Bert 1% a Friedman SS100 from RE that I added a cab to (but I think that one will go soon).

    If I can throw my 2 cents in (and I'm not saying anything bad about any genre), I think most metal guys will not like many (if any) of Britts profiles. Having said that he has tried to expand and have profiles that can be used in that territory, Driftwood, and his Wizard and Mesa Boogie profiles that I believe Wolf H might've helped with? I'm into hard rock and metal, but I don't record and I don't play metal live. I find that a lot of the profiles that metal guys love around here, sound terrible to me on my rig. I will also say I am a 25 year old trapped in a 52 year old's body, and I like tuff sounding profiles. To me, Michael's have that full, beefy sound, and at gig volume they are glorious. I don't what to mention other profilers by name but I concur with people saying some are very thin, and fizzy. I know most of this stuff has been said before but if Michaels stuff sounds muddy/bassy even after tweaking the Definition parameter and bass/mid/treble/pres just move on, it's not for you. I have plenty of buyers regret with lots of commercial profilers (even some really highly credentialed ones), I'd say in the $1000's (i know, i know, I'm a glutton for punishment but a lot of people have that same affliction!). I get sucked in by profilers clips, then when I get them and use through my rig its a bust. I also concur with Monkey_Man his more recent packs, I think he is trying to cater for the crowd that thinks his older stuff is too bassy/muddy, but I also think that has made them in the wrong spectrum when cranked loud. In fact I wish he would re-do his BE 50 profiles to be more like his older stuff(sorry mike) with maybe a whole set with different speakers ala his Peavy 5150 pack (which speaking of might suit some the metal guys a bit?). Anyway my lunch break is over back to reality......Hope I haven't put any noses out of joint. As you were.

    tryhardhack , good job on this profile! I am not all too familiar with the Jose modded amps but, IMHO, your profile can hold its own character. :) Now I'm looking at your other profiles on RE. Cheers!

    Note: Tried it out through a tube power amp and a pair of V-Types.

    Thanks for the feedback, however I don't have any profiles on the RE. Just to clarify I mixed 2 profiles from the RE based on what was used in that video by Pete Thorn. I didn't want to put it on RE because it's really not my work, I just mix and matched 2 profiles. I have had some great results getting some of the modded Marshalls and putting various MBritt cabs on them but I will not be sharing those as they are paid profiles. Cheers