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    I'd kill to get the Brown 2 setting from the Yamaha THR10X. That was the amp I used for years before buying my Kemper two weeks ago.

    I understand this so much. For me it was a particular sound on the very first Vox ToneLab that I am still seeking. This sound made me change the way I play guitar, changed the way I hear guitar sounds, changed the sound idea I was after.

    After years of chasing that particular sound: Get the Yamaha THR10X.

    In particular the USB audio, bluetooth and an app option is a must have these days I think. My desk (my whole music room indeed) has become so clean over the years, less cables, less dust... yet way more powerful - this is the right way. Regarding old profiles, please make any new device downward compatible, but I think this is self-evident.

    Would like to add that from my perspective this is not the call for an all new KPA but for a smaller version - which is a different thing. The rest is up to the software and this a very good thing.

    But: I kinda feel that such a device is not the idea behind the Profiling Amplifier. Would love to see it nevertheless.

    Hi, hope this is a valid place to post this. Both are great and deserve more attention. Mr. Cordy is using a KPA from time to time, but this is not the point. Great Utubers out there but I feel these two are under the radar. Cheers.

    this is more about efficiency in general than about guitar playing but nevertheless worth being checked out.

    I can totally relate to that analogy but it isn’t really that different from real amps and pedals. Its just quicker and cheaper to try searching for that potentially better tone.

    Good point.

    If the thing limiting us from chasing this imaginary better tone was lack of access to the amps/cabs/pedals/mics etc required then all we need to do is place a similar limitation on ourselves in the digital domain. By simply saying “I won’t spend any more than 15 minutes selecting basic rigs to load onto my KPA” then limiting the actual loaded rigs to say 5 we are back in the same place as the analog analogy but with a lot less debt ?

    Tried this of course... I ended up recording 15 sounds that I liked for a certain song (actually my basic rock tone) and compared them.

    Problem: A sound seems right, I switch to another sound, seems wrong, play, suddenly seems right, go back to first sound, seems wrong ^^:saint:

    This is not the KPA's fault of cource, it's mine ;(

    Like you I only use 5 or 10 sounds and only a couple of effects but these effects nearly always need pedals and the hassle that goes with it ( power, patch leads etc). So glad I don't have to mess around with that stuff.

    So I see the KPA as WAY more convenient over a valve amp. No messing with mikes, consistent sound and total sound control to give me an Ac30 to instantly switch to a Dual Rectifer etc...and all with 3 leads....

    I sort of agree with option paralysis but it takes courage not to get dragged into it. what i like about the KPA is you can get a good sound almost instantly, but you can tweak endlessly if you want to...

    I would never go back to a Valve amp due to hassle, weight, limitations etc.

    Totally agree with that.

    The alternative (to me) ist not a tube head + pedalboard, but a small board (think Iridium + Collider + drive pedal.) straight into mixer or foh. No more thinking about settings. Still, I just consider this...

    strangely enough, I would look at it the opposite way round. If was going to be doing lots of live work and rehearsals I just might consider a real amp but for playing at home and recording the Kemper is the natural choice.

    Same tendency here, too. Though this does not seem to be the common perspective (according to youtube comments...) ?

    2 things hat seem to haved changed over the period of guitar digitisation:

    POD : "Great quantity in a small package, thanks guys, now please give us the quality."

    Iridium: "Thanks for the quality, now please take away the quantity."

    Back in the days: "For recording a modeler is good enough. Live I still use my tube amps, due to sound feel. "

    Nowadays: "For live a modeler is good enough. Straight to foh. I don't lug my tube amp around anymore, just use it for sunday coffee playing."



    I think what makes some of us rethink the latter (me at least) is option paralysis. In the end I personally need 3 sounds and only delay & reverb. Finding the right sound for a recording takes so long thanks to millions of options, that in the end I don't record. Maybe there is some better profile matching the song even better somewhere out there... let's go and find it. This is what turns me away from modeling gear these days. But selling the KPA for a more simple solution is a tough decision of course. It is a great innovative piece of gear.

    Hello, I created a site for exchanging user presets for the "Mikko Plugin" processors and who wish to share their most beautiful creations with this fabulous software, for that you must attach several photos to your file detailing the type of CAB used to your file as well as for the "Mix" Cab, and of course your best comments and recommendations are welcome, good achievement to all of you;)


    You might want to post this in the "other gear" section of the forum (top level so to speak) as it might not find many readers within a specific thread rergarding a different topic.


    Hi guys, thought it was time for a little follow up.

    The Sonicake Rockstage made me reconsider my gear, as I simply need a few basic sounds plus delay and reverb. So I got some stuff for testing purposes to see if any preamp- / fx-combination might challenge the KPA. Well, turned out, no.

    Here's what I got:

    Source Audio Collider (Delay & Reverb)

    This would be my perfect fx-pedal. Everything about this pedal is right for me but in the end no reasonable reason to keep it along with the KPA.

    AMT M1

    This is a two channel analog preamp by sibirian company AMT. I started with this one and compared it logically to the Sonicake. While the AMT turned out great, the Sonicstage still had something about it, that I prefered though the AMT is twice the price - comes without fx though. Nevertheless I can recommend it. It's a two channel preamp and works great in probably any pedal board scenario. Way better than many digital solutions.

    Tech 21 PSA 2.0

    I was a long time PSA 1.0 user and given IRs these days I wanted to give it another try. Well I don't know if my device was faulty but turning the onboard speaker sim off made the overall sound very thin and weak, so it didn't fit my needs. Form and built factor are perfect in my opinion.

    Strymon Iridium

    Soundwise the Fender and the Vox channel really stand up to the hype. For my taste the Marshall didn't even get close to those. What I found weird was the lack of dynamics. There was a huge jump between quiet and loud with not much in between. Maybe it just didn't work with my guitars (Pacificas) or it was just me. Other than that, for a clean sound – along with the collider – I liked it better than the KPA. That being said I'm still struggling to find a good Fender/Vox profile for the KPA.

    Neunaber Neuron

    I was very interested in this one since I used to own and love their Immerse reverb. While sounding great the noise from the Neuron with gain turned up a bit was over the top for me. I know that it can be tamed to a certain degree with the combination of other parameters like the inbuilt compressor and obviously the noise gate, but I didn't want to spend adjusting all of these as soon as I change my gain setting. KPA spoiled here.


    Sonicake into IR loader (Hotone Binary) into Collider sounded (and felt) the best for distorted sounds. Yet no combination of preamp / Collider could rival the Kemper.

    My second Setup – Conclusion

    Nevertheless the initial idea was a second setup that would work for rehearsals/praticing, clean /distorted, speaker / headphones.

    For headphones I've been using a Zoom G1on that has a looper, a drummer, surprisingly good cleans and really really great delays and reverbs. But the distortion lacks quality and is not much fun. I didn't find any information if it takes line level but finally decided to run the Sonicake into the G1on and there you go. It's like a poor man's Collider with many additional features.

    The G1on now is: Clean amp, any post effect like delay and reverb, a (great) headphone amp, stereo-maker, looper and a drum machine. And it allows to play along with your phone via aux in. The Sonicake now feels like a whole pedal board with pre effects, that sound great being combined with the Zooms effects. The Hotone binary delievers any speaker in the world.

    So the whole package becomes a full set up that lets me grab single pieces for different applications (Zoom = garden, Sonicake = rehearsals) and still a whole playground of possibilities when I want to get lost. I placed two drives that I had lying around in front of the Sonicake and even that works great.

    So I guess my search is over. I like the idea of the whole package being rather cheap. And to me it sounds and feels better than the HX Stomp.

    Maybe I will add some recordings next. Cheers.

    Ah ok, I guess I can't be of help here. Actually I must think about which music I like these days :/ ... no specific genre I guess.

    Soundwise I'm reducing gain the older (not wiser) I get. Currently I'm into players like Nick Johnston and Mateus Asato. Then there's a Youtuber called Jonathan Cordy that I enjoy very much listening to. So playingwise there's a lot to do ^^