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    Ok, I wanted to try and see if this thing would sound any good. I profiled the Korg 'Tone-Works' PX-3 Pandora pocket device. Much like the Tom Sholtz Rockman thing, but from Korg back in the 90's ( ?? )) I always found the little box good with earplugs, so why not give it a go.

    I just wanted to try and grab the different overdrives, but I didn't like the 'fuzz' one so it's minus that one. The pic shows the patch names in the rig exchange, but you can just grab the zip file here as well. The scream patch, I threw up an auto wah, and it's actually quite fun. I think 'Hi Gain' is the other one I like.



    Mate, I've been trying to find a decent recto sound for eons since I stupidly sold my Triple F Rev Recto years ago. I kick my own ass daily on a ritualistic basis lol

    Orange 1 natural nails the tone for me. I used to run the red channel in orange mode or was it orange in red?? with quite a lot of mids, so you'd play an open G on a Les Paul and you'd get that 'roar'.. nothing has come closer that your profile. If you ever feel so inclined.. a profile of the afore mentioned orange/red or red/orange?? that would be beyond awesome.

    Keep up the killer work and thank you!!!!

    Hey Dude, thanks for the kind words! And don’t kick yourself, we all sell gear from time to time.

    Now, I’m a bit new to the recto, so maybe you could school me on what you did to set up your tone. I had the amp channels set to the default normal, channel 1 orange, channel 2 red. I’ll admit I find the orange channel a really different sound now that I got to play with the amp a bit more, and it’s my favourite over the red at the moment.

    :thumbup:You can't imagine how tired I am of hearing high gain profiles made with guitars low tuned to B or A or even lower. :rolleyes: Good for those that like that though. I'm a too old fart for it. :D

    That said, I will have to try nailing a good recto tone for my 8 string !! ;)

    It’s harder said then done, the lower range pulls out a different aspect of the amps, which is why I think this particular vintage recto found a new lease on life as a result with the lo tuned community. I find it works especially well in an underscore context with orchestra.

    These sounds were made with a Les Paul in mind.

    ( I get confused by all those 8 strings, but I try to be ‘current’)

    Hi Folks,

    I know there are plenty of Mesa Dual Rec's on the Rig Exchange. I have had a particular fascination with this amp, and acquired one recently. I admit I don't know all it's secrets, but I picked up the courage to try and capture this one I have. So I'm not an expert in lower tuning sounds, and I made these profiles just with a regular 6 string. The patches are here and in the Exchange.



    Hi dgburns,

    I’ve been meaning to give this profile a go since I first read this thread a little while back. It’s one of those profiles that brings things out of your playing that you don’t expect. Some profiles have that special something that inspire you to play in a particularly creative and fluid way. This is one of those. It just sounds full and lively all at the same time, without being overtly gain rich or dynamically over-egged.
    It went straight to the favorites list.
    Thank you so much for sharing. I shall be playing this one for some time to come…



    I think you may have just made my year. And I also agree with you. It’s not perfect, I just updated my audio converter, and am still tweaking the eq, but it’s fun to play. Long live the Kemper.

    Hello Peoples from Kemperland,

    I profiled two amps. Wanted to see what would happen.

    1-Mesa Dual Rectifier Rev F ( bold / rectifier tube / red channel ) ( Ibanez STL Super Tube )

    2-Marshall 1959 JMP-100 ( has master volume installed )( Boss OD-1 )

    Used a bucking transformer set to 112 volts. One 4x12 cabinet each with four mic's per cabinet. It was big and messy, but I learned a fair few things. I was able to get both amps to work in phase with a good splitter pedal. I was going for those late 80's early 90's rock sounds - kinda. What I ended up doing was using different combinations of mics and mic levels feeding into a console so I could try a bunch of different combinations on the fly into the profiler.

    I put the patches here as a zip file as well as a screenshot of the patch names. They should be uploaded into the exchange by now as well.

    Well, it was an experiment, so not sure how they may go over, but having two amps, each boosted into their own cab sure is fun to play.



    Thanks for the profiles!

    What does "captor" in the tags mean? Two Notes Torpedo captor maybe?

    I really like the cab section of the profiles, so it would be nice to know how you did them?

    Sounds really big despite the small Jensen speaker in the tag.

    Hey Ibot39 , Yes this was captured without a cabinet in fact. I ended up going straight into the Two Notes Torpedoes Captor 8 right into the Kemper, but I did use their speaker simulator set to 'gtr'.

    The other interesting thing about this profile is I used a 'bucking transformer' I got one of those Vintage Workbench 'Tone Preserver' boxes. What it does is it allows you to reduce the line voltage to the amp. In this case I ran it at about 109 volts, based on the led meter. This is important because older tube amps weren't really meant to run at full 120 volts ( like we have in North America ). The tubes and circuit run closer to their intended spec. It ended up sounding a little sweeter as a result. What I noticed is, you run the amp at full 120 v, it gets more bold, but it gets a bit harsher sounding too. The plan was to get a sweet overdrive sound.

    So this is a Deluxe re-issue run at 109 volts with a Captor load box right into Kemper with no speaker. ( I didn't really want to admit that in case some people might get put off by not having mic's in front before trying it out ) ;)



    C'mon David, 'fess up, mate - what the heck is it? 8)

    I like to label things properly in my RM library... :/

    I ‘think’ it’s from 1966 - 1968. I met Jim Marshall, in 1992, and he signed it. He said it was likely in between those dates. It might be a JTM 45, and it has a rectifier tube along with the two power tubes and three preamp tubes. It’s a small box, not a 100 watter, but it is all original other than one cap tht looks like it got changed somewhere along the way. It runs hot, so the plate voltage is higher than any other Marshall I have. It seems to be voiced like a Superbass and not a Superlead.

    I’m going to call it a JTM45. It sounds boring and clean until it is dimed, and in between 6 and 10 is where the magic happens. but like I said, the bass got pulled back, so did the mid. I went straight into the channel 2. Channel 1 does nothing for me.

    For some reason, I keep coming back to this profile.

    Hello Fellow Axe Wielders,

    'old Marshall' profile was uploaded to the exchange.

    I put up one profile. Yep, just one. Of all the profiles I've made, I keep coming back to this one. I've played it ALOT in the past few months, so I figured I'd share with ya'll. Now maybe it ain't everyone's cup o' tea, and I'm certainly not saying it is for all styles. It just is what it is. What it is to me is a few things -

    -It doesn't seem to have a phase thing going on

    -It isn't too dark ( for me at least )

    -it has a fun attack, it doesn't seem hard to palm mute higher notes, although it may not be the best solo sound, dunno.

    -It is NOT a metal sound, it doesn't not do it for me on my 8 string, but it is designed for a 6 string rock tone.

    -I dialled it in and played it alot on headphones. I have not played it alot on actual studio speakers so YMMV.

    I just dimed the amp silly, but this time I pulled back a tiny bit and tried to get a 'good tone', by ear- this meant the eq settings got pulled back quite a bit, although the presence was up high.

    I mic'ed up two 4x12 vintage marshalls, which is not something I've seen done alot around here ( I think ). The mic's were close in and pointed direct on cone edge. An sm57 and royer 122 on the 70's cab. An EV (dynamic) and a 414 on the 1968 cab. Each cab alone sounded 'ok', but together, they just filled each other out. I was surprised, so I abandoned profiling each cab separately. Together was better. I profiled like 20 times. This was the best capture of all of them.

    I hope it brings some happiness to someone.