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    This is exactly the problem for Kemper; everyone wants something different.

    I'd settle for no screen with just a volume control and Kemper logo on the front, which would bring down production costs. It could still have all the ins and outs on the back. That way we could get it into a 1u rack and control from a phone or computer.

    If i can have all the other things, then I would be fine with this as well lol

    Not quite sure I understand....purpose of AiB pedals is to get your amp to sound in a way it's not designed for. I.E: getting Marshall sound from a Fender Deluxe. this sense the KPA is the master of all need for pedals

    I know thats the intended idea but I've found numerous times that AiB paired with different amps or profiles can bring different results other than just the original intention. In the case of profiles, i like to blend in the direct mix so part is hitting the amp block and the other is going directly to the cab.

    Would like to see some Friedman BEOD/ Horizon devices Apex pre amp style dist stomps with a noise gate and tight switch/knob. I can't be the only one who likes to slam a clean amp or edge of break up or light crunch amps with pedals like these.

    I hope someone follows the fractal grid with a touch screen personally. Surely it won't be too long before tonex is a multi effects as well. Mooer and others below or around that quality and price range are sure to follow along eventually. For sure though, if line6 puts out a capture and modeling multi device the size of the stomp and xl it will slay. Would be great if Kemper follows headrush in the sense of the mx5 to some degree all the same power but with less buttons and ins and outs. People have been screaming for a Kemper mini and a Kemper 2 for sometime now.

    In isolation, I think I'm starting to like the tonex amps and cabs just a tiny bit more than the cortex. Sometime soon I'm gonna run the,

    Kemper into the tonex captured cabs


    Tonex captured amps into the kemper cab sims and speaker imprints.

    The few user captures I just tried do sound better than the factory ones I'm pretty sure.

    So has anyone put the ToneX pedal into the Kemper effects loop?, will this give us some sort of dual amp capabilities? Or just mess things up?

    Most likely going to run into phasing issues unless you can figure out how to do some hard panning or happen to pick a combination of tones that don't fight each other at different or similar levels. I've tried putting all the current digital platforms in each other's fx loops and ran into this often.

    I thought the factory stuff sounded ok. I haven't dug into the user uploads yet tho. For sure in the headphones I don't feel like it sounds worse than the Helix but I also don't think the Helix sounds bad and in a pinch, with the new cab algorithm I'd be ok with it. I feel like the tone x sounds and feels very similar to the cortex in the headphones which I'm not surprised. Through a real cab with a solid state amp it was fine, clear and thick bass and punchy low mids but maybe missing a little sizzle up top with the factory stuff but a little volume boost and a little extra treble and presence and it seemed very reasonable. My Kempers still sound good and there's a thing I like a little more at times more than the cortex or fractal. About a week before, I played the fm9, cortex, and a soldano slo 30. They all sounded pretty much the same with no big surprises other than my fm9 presets I made using headphones with no band mix context sounded not so great, go figure. We're getting to the point where the differences are slight but as guitarists, that slight difference is the very thing that we get to enjoy to ourselves. The band doesn't care, the audience doesn't know. It's just for us, it's our last little piece we got to keep and be happy for ourselves and each other, sometimes. The cab and mic part matter more anyways and that should be the next upgraded focus I think. Not even sure how it could get much better but if it can then that's where I think the best is yet to come

    Just got mine, sounds pretty good in the headphones and has a good feel to it. I went to guitar center and played the tone x pedal through a carvin mach 100 power amp pedal into a bogner 2x12 and then I switch to a Friedman 2x12. I then played a Mesa Badlander el34 50 watt and a Friedman JJ100. Tone x sounded good, the low end and low mids was thick and clear with no sign of mud. The high mids and treble and presence didn't have AS much sizzle as the amps that I usually like so I reached for the presence and treble knob on the pedal often but after I played the real amps I realized I didn't really miss it as much as I thought. Cool pedal to have for mini rigs or to compliment a pedal board. At this point between the tone x , quad cortex and Kemper I see the only space left to pursue and perceived better experience is the cab and mic section. Just my thoughts

    Can't hear much difference at all with amp block off - not sure what this tells me though, other than at least it's not some ghost signal ever-present in my Kemper or pickups. The question remains whether this frequency range is more harsh with the Kemper than if you were to record a real amp. If it's normal tho (i.e. not a particular fault in my Kemper) then it's sort of a moot point anyway I suppose - is what it is. Usually doesn't take much EQ to tame it - after all this only came to my attention because of a profile where it was particularly bad. Most profiles it's still there. but bearable/tameable. At this point I guess it's just a matter of technical curiosity as to whether the Kemper accentuates this harshness due to it's profiling tech or digital nature.

    Try turning the amp block off and then stacking some dist blocks together like a Kemper drive and a mouse or muffin and add a 3rd if you need to.

    Just bought a Quad Cortex. And yes… it would be great to have a Kemper which performs like the Quad Cortex.

    Kemper does many things better, but so does QC.

    If there would be a Kemper 2 with “best of both worlds” I wold be very happy !!

    Imagine a Kemper with the processing power and accuracy of the QC but with all the advantages of the Kemper Universe…. Great !!

    Just got back from showing my friend how the cortex can sound when running into the front of a kemper and using the profiles of tube power amps and then switching to different amp parameters and cabs. Used a gate and soft shaper in the stomp slots and delay and reverb in the effects section. He used his axe iii and we got to share some tones. Pretty awesome, we must say.

    wonder if they could do something really interesting like an ability to take 2 profiles and algorithmically merge them together to create a unique dynamic and sound structure that doesn't and can't exist in the real world. Like merging a revv and a marshall with characistics of both but doesn't really sound like either type of thing? I dunno, just got back from the gym, good morning from Nashville lol

    ok I got one that if done in their style would be a knockout I think

    Pickup and dirt box profiling that can satisfy fuzz nerds

    Integrate their Virus synth, maybe not full scale and maybe with the addition of unconvential emulated instruments sounds and in a way that doesn't need a special midi pickup or develop an optical midi pickup (I dunno Something like that)

    More effects, dual cabs and or amps blah blah

    Something Something touch screen, wireless Bluetooth built in stereo poweramp etc. Etc.

    Sure it could be pricey but if it can crush everything else then surely people would buy it or figure out how to save up for one even if it was only a couple hundred more than lets say an axe 3 turbo plus footswitch