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    A few hundred users have already installed OS 8.7.6 via USB memory stick successfully. And many had installed 8.7.4 before.

    Make sure, there is just one file "kaos.bin" on your USB flash drive and not one in the root directory and another in folder "OS Update".

    Before anything else I would take another USB flash drive, plug it into the PROFILER once, then download the OS once again (perhaps the file got corrupted during download), unzip once again and store in root directory of flash drive or OS Update folder.

    At the risk of repeating myself, the instructions that are provided in the actual download with the bin file are incorrect.

    If you put in a USB drive with the bin file on the root of the correctly formatted USB drive and power up the profiler, there is no message as clearly stated in the instructions. And no, the bin file is not corrupted because I used the procedure of holding down the two page buttons on power to successfully install 8.7.6 so the bin file is obviously good and was NOT the same as the previous installed version.

    Fast foward. 8.7.6 install with a complete factory reset and everything is wonderful.

    End of story.

    Nope, not the cable... just tried a brand new cat 5 cable, same issue.. How do I know it's not the cable?...

    With the same cable plugged in.. not physically moving anything, sometimes it will start correctly, other times not.. same with both cables, with many power-ups.

    again, this never happened with the previous firmware. I will try installing the current beta, if the same issue, then it's back to a previous version...

    Edit... Did a complete factory reset, wiped clean (lost all my rigs) Now I have reliable a connection at start up with the Profiler remote. I'm chalking this up to corrupted memory. .... but there's a bigger problem....

    Attempted to install the beta version and discovered the profiler is no longer auto recognizing the 8.7.6 beta kaos.bin file on start up ....or ANY kaos.bin file for that matter. Tried older version, no good... this is not a USB problem because the Profiler sees the "USB STICK" but the update message does not appear. The kaos.bin file is definately there in the root directory.

    So now I'm stuck on Did anyone actually try a USB flash drive update beyond this version? to load the new beta?

    Profiler power head with Profiler remote connected.

    I never had an issue with the previous firmware installed. Now, after start-up, the remote says "connected" but the display is not illuminating or moving to the next screen. Again, this happens intermittently. Also, Just one time as it was starting up, I got an error message on the Profiler asking to report it to support.. I didn't take a photo of it....

    Possible bug? ...... Intermittent problems like this don't help my confidence with regards to live performance!

    Any suggestions?... I may have to re-load the previous firmware version if this continues.... ugh!

    Glenn Fin

    Did you try turning off the noise gate on the GT-10?. It may be cutting off the profiling signals treating them as noise.

    I love my KPA. I've profiled several of my amps with great success. Here's the thing: Previously, I've used a Boss GT10 pedal for home recording. The stock sounds aren't that great but I've tweaked up several hard rock sounds that I really like. I've tried profiling the GT10 and I get the "noise gate detected" error and the resulting profile doesn't sound very good. Does any one know if this can be done? I successfully profiled an Ethos 30W solid state amp with great success, but is there something about the COSM type effects that don't agree with the Kemper? Thanks in advance. - James

    I'd like to add......I'm into writing, recording and playing what could best be described as avant-garde, experimental, improvisation, old school progressive rock, etc... so I require some "unusual" effects for the type of music I play. I never expected the profiler to have the level of bizzare effects the Eventides have but I was kind of expecting a bit more in the way of delay type effects like reverse, some limited looping, ping-pong multi tap, etc... I really don't think that's an unreasonable request considering there are other guitar processors that have these effects and more. If I was just playing top 40, pop music, or straight ahead rock, I'd probably be just fine with the built in effects in the profiler.

    My main attraction to the profiler is it's ability to do tube distortion tones (digitally) better than anyone else. I think what I may end up doing to have the best of both worlds in my live rig as I mentioned, is to add an effect unit to my live rack to use with the profiler. Either in the profiler loop, or externally in series between the profiler and the power amp.

    After all, it's just money!  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  8|

    Haaaaaaaaaaa!!! this just happened to me! I discovered that if I have a plug inserted the 1/4" return jack, the mike input won't work. Once I figured it out I continued profiling an amp that was in the same room and I yelled "yup, that's it" . When the profile was finished, there it was, playing in a continous loop.. "yup yup yup yup..."

    :P  :P  :P Scared the crap out of me until I figured out what it was!!!  ;(

    Hi Guitar tone.... I don't use pedals, I've always used a rack setup with an FCB1010, but I do sometimes use a Boss GT-8 in the FX loop of my Mesa Lonestar Special head for grab it - quick in a hurry situations. The live rack setup before I got the kemper was, Digitech GSP1101 with a mesa Triaxis in the pre-loop, an Eventide Eclipse, and a Marshall 9100 tube poweramp with two marshall 4x10 cabinets (stereo setup). That was just way too much stuff to carry around ;( so I decided to downsize the rig and use the kemper instead with a smaller lighter power amp (Mesa 20/20) and a pair of small 10" guitar cabs. The GSP1101 is a very flexible unit but I never used/liked the modeling distortions, I only used the triaxis tones. ;)


    How do you have your current pedalboard/amp setup...what delay pedals do you have on the pedalboard for live use?

    First of all, I'm not getting rid of anything ;) . but having additional delay algorithms in the stomp section (where they're supposed to be according to the manual) might save me from having to place an additional FX unit in my rack to make up for the lack of delay in the present FX section. As I said in my original post, I think the delay section is lacking based on my needs, you don't... simple as that. We don't need to get into a tit-for-tat about it. I am in no way expecting the kemper FX to compete with the eventide FX and I'm just using that as an example, I also have a small Lexicon single rack space unit (MX400) that could be added to my live rack (with the kemper fx loop option) to add a multitude of FX not availble currently in the kemper.... but again, maybe I wouldn't have to if there was an additional delay in the stomp section where it is supposed to be.

    ........and just to set the record straight, I absolutely LOVE the kemper.... in fact, I own two of them.  ;)

    one last thing: did you really think that a simple delay in the stomp section could make you get rid of the H3000? :)