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    Had my KPA for about 4 months now and will never look back ( never thought I wouldn't miss my Triaxis rig). Took a few weeks to get my head around it and get some tones I liked. I found some Masotti profiles free here on the rig exchange that I absolutely love, I also use a TAF Big Twin, some Mesa Boogie profiles and even a Paisley patch that came stock. We play everything from rock, blues, metal, jazz and even country, whatever we think the crowd won't expect. To get started without a lot of time to tweaking (which was my case, audition for my band was 2 days after I received mine) do what I did: download as many profiles as you can and try them all till one or two catch your ear rather than spending hours tweaking something that wasn't great to begin with. Most patches sound like junk to me but keep looking and you'll find some great tones with the amps you want. Also make sure Space is at zero, you aren't clipping anywhere and try adding some Clarity from inside the amplifier section for high gain patches if it's mushy.

    good luck with your new toy!