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    Mariosoldano, thanks for that tip.

    I have one Kemper Kone in a Palmer 1x12 cabinet and like that sound, but one Kone only sure is not enough to handle the output of the powered Kemper.

    So I bought two more Kones and replaced the speakers in a 2x12 box I built myself years ago. I hoped that would even sound better but was completely disappointed.

    Then I saw your post and thought: Why not try it? Unfortunately Thomann still seems not to have the unloaded cab in stock for the next months, so I decided to follow your example, buy the cheapest cab option with V30 and sell the speakers separately. Sadly I couldn't sell them V30s for really good money, but still ok. And the cab alone is really worth it. This Harley Benton vertical with two Kemper Kones gives me exactly the sound I was looking for and I hope the two speakers are enough to handle the power amp of the lunchbox on live gigs where we have to play without FOH.

    Thanks again

    Hi Bert,

    maybe many folks have missed your new released "F-Man Smallbox" because your headline only states something about the Black Friday discount. Thanks to your Email notification I realized it in time and bought it at once.

    I don`t want to sound like a (paid) fanboy but: Really great profiles again :P Believe it or not, I bought profiles for severeal hundred bucks over the years but my Profiler is really nearly empty now with about 85% filled with your liquid profiles - really uncredible work you do.

    From day one of your liquid profiles I fell in love with your 1960 versions, so I don't even test the 2x12, Mesa and Bogner ones (I hope I don't miss a real gem because of this). I just spent this evening with the 1960 F-Man profiles. Again, I'm blown away by the sound but also by the dynamics - one profile would even be enough for many situations. Roll down the guitar volume pot and get a clean and crispy sound - roll it up and hell breaks lose, and all that with the same profile. Really great job you do in my opinion.

    A great challenge this time was the fact that there is unfortunately no originate Kemper tone stack for the Smallbox, but I think you managed the options very well. I like to have the option to adjust the mids, too, so I used the profiles with this tone stack and hope that the missing high cap for this option is not a too great loss. The best option would be of course if Kemper added a tonestack for the smallbox and you could give us updated profiles then.

    For Friedmans, I would really love if you profiled the F-Man JJ and maybe the BE-100 again in liquid versions.

    For me personally that would be enough for Marshall and "the better Marshall" sounds, although I'm sure that all your planned Marshalls will be great. Even now I already get into conflict of conscience which profiles to chose - they all sound (too) good ;)

    What is still missing for me are my personal wishes concerning different sounds which I hope you can fullfill in the near future: Vox AC 30, MB Dual Rectifier and the 5150 - the tone stacks are already there and waiting ;)

    Cheers and thanks again for your unbelievable and inspiring work on liquid profiles


    Sorry if that was asked already but the search function brought no results.

    Would it be possible to have separate volume controls for the Monitor Out and the Power Amp Out on the powered version of the toaster or is this limited by the hardware routing?

    My problem is: We often play in small venues without FOH (PA), so I have to use the Power Amp Out of my toaster with a (self built) 2x12 Kemper Kone cab to sound the audience. At the same time I have the Monitor Out connected to my active CLR wedge to have my monitor sound on stage. When I change the volume on the power amp for the audience, the signal to the CLR also changes. This leads to the input of the CLR either clipping or being too quiet. Really uncomfortable to have to adjust the CLR input (and output volume afterwards) each time we play a different venue, especially when you have to do volume adjustments during the gig.

    I would love to have the option to set the Monitor Out level to a constant signal (just like I can do with the Main Out) , depart from changing the FOH level on the Power Amp Out.

    Hi Bert,

    It's a pitty that I'm still in the situation not not have enough time to test all your rigs extensively ;(

    Just noodled a bit through your Bassman Jensen performance and have a big grin on my face again. I don't know how you do - but you do it . Really great profiles again, like all your other liquid profiles which I already commented on (despite the great JMP 50 which I also bought but didn't find the time to praise them) :P

    For my taste all your liquid profiles are exactly what I hoped the Kemper to do from day one. Thanks so much and please keep these profiles coming. Looking forward to the amps you announced in the Email, especially the Friedman.

    And please: Try to get your hands on a Rectifier, a 5150 and an AC30 - with the Friedman that would complete my personal collection of the best amps ever, profiled in a perfect way :love:



    Why is it so quiet here? Am I really the first one to comment on the JCM800 Kerry King liquid profiles?

    So then be it: Bert, thanks a lot man, you did it again :love:

    I only know from mouth that the KK exists, never heard one in real life (as far as I know), so I can't judge how close your profiles are to the "Beast-Modes" (sure not easy to catch these different settings), but I don't care. Your profiles again sound absolutely great. Whereas I have to confess that I only tested the 1960 ones, I already fell in love with them with your SLO LPs and feel no need for me to test the other cabs. I play them through an Atomic CLR as monitor as well as self-built 1x12 and 2x12 cabs with Kemper Kones in full-range mode (maybe imprints would even make it better but haven't found the time to test it) - and wow, the sound really blows me away like your SLO already did.

    I have already invested hundreds of bucks into professional profiles searching for the holy grail but only very few came near to my personal taste. My latest investment today was into liquid profiles that promised "the" brown sound in an updated version. Buying them, loading into the Kemper, testing the (for my taste) fizzling sounds and deleting all of them again took me about 15 minutes - and 20 USD down the drain. Dialed in your profiles again and immediately the big grin came back to my face. :D

    So please Bert, keep on doing these great liquid profiles in this quality. As I already commented : My next personal favorites would be the Friedman, the 5150, a MB Rectifier (single, dual, whatever Kemper tone stacks support), more Marshalls (e.g. JTM,1987, 1959), an AC30 and some classic Fenders (Bassman, Twin and whatever). With these liquid profiles in the same quality as your SLO and JCM KK I would at last be in tonal Kemper heaven after more than 10 years of playing the toaster.

    Only one complaint regarding your JCM profiles: Please let the names begin with "BM", not with "1" to "7". You could have added the modes after the "KK" in the names, e.g. "KK1" for straight mode. That would make it easier to find your rigs in browse mode .

    Cheers Tom

    Hi Bert,

    thank you for this pack. Unfortunately I don't have too much time at the moment to check everything out extensively but I played around a little bit with the performances and really love the 1960 performance, these five sounds alone are inspiring. Great sounding and nice dynamic interaction with the guitar volume pot.

    And for me you have found the perfect way for liquid profile packs with your four folders. Most important are the real RAW rigs with cabs. One profile per channel with gain on 100% (maybe like you did one additional at 50% when it makes sense) and all other knobs on 50%, and this raw setting with different cabs - perfect. From here we should be able to dial in our perfect personal sound to our liking. Nevertheless it is nice to have some "ready to go" sounds like you did in the tweaked folder and in your performances. So for me the amount of profiles is absolutely ok. I personally will probably not use the DI profiles but I guess if you want to use a real guitar cab or an IR of your choice it is a great idea to have one real RAW DI rig per channel.

    So again: The perfect way to do liquid profile packs - I wish all the other profile vendors would follow your example.

    And please: Do not only burn some liquid into the existing Friedmann profiles but redo it from scratch the way you did the SLO, and then the JCM800, 5150 and the Bogner. And maybe you can get your hands on a Mesa Dual Recti!? ;)



    A big "+1" for this.

    I also understand it, that a "real" LP should be profiled with full gain , all other settings at noon and no overdrive/boost pedals or the like. So even an existing profile where you noted all the settings (if you really did) wouldn't be a "real real" LP unless you randomly profiled with those full/noon settings. I'm with you: It would be more than fair by the vendors to clearly state which method was used when they offer LP.

    I would really appreciate if the vendors catched new LP from the scratch with those recommended settings, one per channel/setting of switches etc and clearly flag them as the "scratch-position". Ideally we would then have one "original" profile per amp-channel from where we could dial in our personal tone like using a real amp.

    If the vendors like, they can add 50 more profiles from their sweet spots or effects creations if they still think that one profile isn't enough to sell. But I always hated to switch through 80+ different profiles of one amp only to find that there are only small differences, some are absolutely useless with one or the other guitar or many have the same base sound only with different effect settings -> one good base LP profile would be enough for me to start from and dial in my tones.

    Sure this would bring a new challenge to the commercial vendors: Of course one real Fnda Baseman from 65 doesn't sound like the other, but they should sound really equal at the same settings - and so should the profiles from vendor A and vendor B. If I'm not wrong, the biggest difference should be the question which speakers/boxes and mics were used and how they were positioned. So you would probably not buy the same amp model from different vendors (hoping there might be that 1 sweet rig in 80 that sounds even better than the ones you already have), but instead you would probably find your favorite seller even easier (whereas I'm sure, most of us have one or two already).

    I understand the copyright problem in naming the profiles the right way, but sometimes it is really hard to find out, which amp is hidden in a profile.

    My suggestion: Wouldn‘t it be possible to include a pdf with an additional „information“, that this amp was built?

    That means: Do not say „ this tries to copy a XXX YYY amp“, but instead name your profile e.g. MB_Street_Queen_2_C2_xyx“ and add an information in the pdf: „For those who are interested: Mesa Boogie once built a great amp called Road King II“.

    This information would just be an information which should not implement any copyright violation, should it?

    That's funny. By chance I looked up his Rokpak yesterday and also found, that his link to the RokPak doesn't seem to work any longer, got some strange error messages. Nevertheless I lost interest when I browsed the net for info and found prices from at least 140 bucks for the small pack. Reading your post I just browsed some more and found the following link. BritshAudio seems to sell it and even the price looks good: 95,00 USD for the big ÜberPak…rokpak-uber-pak

    Same here, saving the rig doesn‘t help. „Save as“ under the same name lets the „E“ disappear, but then the original isn‘t replaced though, instead you now have two rigs with the same name and can only identify them by the save date.

    Hi all,
    I've got an issue with assigning the switches on the remote after upgrading to the latest FW.

    Example: I have a (new) rig with delay and reverb, where delay is switched off and reverb is switched on. I want to assign delay to footswitch III and reverb to footswitch IV. Before updating to the latest firmware everything went as supposed to be: Press FS III and delay button on the Kemper -> delay is assigned to FS III with STATUS OFF. The same with FS IV and reverb button, reverb is assigned to FS IV with STATUS ON.

    After the update I experience the following: Press FS III and the delay button -> delay is assigned to FS III but the STATUS changes to ON. The same with reverb, assignment works but at the same moment the STATUS is REVERSED to OFF.

    Never noticed that before. Am I missing something? New feature or a bug?

    Has Nobody else experienced this?

    Hi all,
    I've got an issue with assigning the switches on the remote after upgrading to the latest FW.

    Example: I have a (new) rig with delay and reverb, where delay is switched off and reverb is switched on. I want to assign delay to footswitch III and reverb to footswitch IV. Before updating to the latest firmware everything went as supposed to be: Press FS III and delay button on the Kemper -> delay is assigned to FS III with STATUS OFF. The same with FS IV and reverb button, reverb is assigned to FS IV with STATUS ON.

    After the update I experience the following: Press FS III and the delay button -> delay is assigned to FS III but the STATUS changes to ON. The same with reverb, assignment works but at the same moment the STATUS is REVERSED to OFF.

    Never noticed that before. Am I missing something? New feature or a bug?

    Hi Nikos,

    ich habe heute zum ersten Mal in den Rig-Manager geschaut und mal versucht, dein Problem nachzuvollziehen.
    Allerdings habe ich den Kemper aktuell nicht angeschlossen, aber das mit den Performances scheint bei mir zu gehen.

    Du scheinst ja schon zwei Fenster geöffnet zu haben, Nummer eins mit den Rigs, Nummer zwei für die Performances (wenn nicht, dann mach das mal).
    In dem zweiten Fenster habe ich bei mir links unten im Menübaum den Punkt "All performances" und darunter den Unterpunkt "Local Library".
    Klick mal den Unterpunkt an, dann müsstest du die "New Performance" sehen, die du über "Files" erstellt hattest (die wird auch vorher schon angezeigt, wenn du auf "All performances" stehst, ist aber dann wohl nicht editierbar).
    Klick die an, dann sollten im rechten Fensterbereich im Inspector die Performance Settings sichtbar werden und darunter die 5 Slots.
    In die kann ich problemlos einzelne Rigs aus dem ersten Fenster ziehen.

    Wie man die Performance dann allerdings auf den Kemper kriegt, weiß ich auch (noch) nicht, weil -wie gesagt- heute zum ersten Mal damit beschäftigt und der KPA steht im Proberaum.

    Hoffe das hilt dir weiter

    Thanks for your quick replies, deadpan and lightbox.

    Yeah, of course I I would have to tame myself and keep the volume down. Well, if I forgot, my neighbours would remind me for sure :S

    But it seems it might give decent results, so maybe I´ll try.

    My aim is not to have fun at home and noodle for hours, I just want to get a close as possible impression of the "real" sound of a rig (close to the sound it would deliver if I dragged my CLR home after each rehearsal).

    Maybe some other guys, who have tried this solution, can chime in and Report their experience/Impression.

    You could try skipping the remote connection on the Pre-Effect Pedal and connect it Guitar>Volume Pedal>Kemper. Set the other pedal Post Effects and you're in business.

    This is exactly what I do. I have the volume pedal of my FCB1010 set to control the overall volume of the Kemper (post effects).
    In addition I use a Boss FV-500-H volume pedal between the guitar and the Kemper input to control the gain of the guitar.

    What I like especially about that Boss is:

    • it is built rock solid
    • it doesn´t change the sound of the guitar (especially no treble cut, like even most guitar volume pots do)
    • it has a separate volume poti to set the lowest level when the pedal is heel down.

    If you want, you can set this poti to zero, so the guitar volume can go from 0 to 100 and you can do that swell effects. I personally have set the lowest volume to a level that the amp (rig) sounds clean. So I can use a Marshall rig at "11" for example when the pedal is full up. When it is at heal down position, I get a clean sound with that same rig (like turning the guitar volume knob down), but always at the same defined level - and of course any crunch/distortion inbetween is possible by smartly moving the foot, without having my right hand stop to play and search that knob position, that gave me that nice clean sound last time.

    Hi all,

    my problem is: I´m looking for a solution to use my KPA powerhead at home with a most authentic sound, especially to try out new bought rigs and filter the ones that I might like.
    In the rehearsal room I have my CLR wedge, but I have no time to go there and try e.g. the 250 rigs from SSP`s Artist packs. It would be great to use some spare time inbetween at home to test them one by one.
    Up to now I´m using the speaker of a self built combo amp I have at home, but this of course changes the sound drastically, be it with cab-sim on or off. Rigs that sound good with this speaker very often give a completely different Impression with the CLR in the rehearsal room.

    So I came to this -maybe odd- idea: Shouldn´t it be possible to use a (good) old HiFi-Box at the power output of the KPA at "bedroom" level? Of course, each HiFi box sounds different and there is a great range in quality and hence in sound. But, basically any HiFi box should sound more "original", straight and linear (hope you get what I mean) than a guitar speaker, shouldn´t it?

    So, my question is: Has anybody tried this before and can share his experience before I go and try to shoot a good used box at the bay or somewhere else?