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    From what I hear on the live video, Satch is not as trebly. I wonder how yours would compare in a proper mix. Nice playing though!

    Might have overdone it, hehe ;)
    The studio version is surprisingly trebly, though, compared to most high gain solo profiles I played with. It's been a while since I had a Kemper now, but I might dive back in very soon, and will be tweaking to get all those sounds I always loved. I've learned a heck of a lot since I last owned a Kemper. It's amazing how much tweaking other platforms require, to get them where I want them.

    It’s actually fairly easy to tweak a Satch-esque sound out of a high gain profile. I recorded this with an MBritt profile that I turned up the treble on :

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    I'm between Kempers these days, but I've been experimenting with body resonance IRs for use with my Lowden acoustic with piezo. There's no preamp controls in the guitar, so it sounds awfully vanilla DI'ed, but I found a free IR of a Gibson L1 that I've been using with an IR loader in my Mod Dwarf. It works great! Gets rid of that awful plastic transient sound, so I'm sure a Kemper Profile with something similar will be even better.

    Sounds like the Stomp has more mids and the Kemper more presence in the first patch and the Vox grit.

    Lone star patch is much closer, however. Marshall is too. The chorus Rig sounds more lush than the Stomp equivalent.

    Edit : I didn’t hear them all, but they’d be close enough for me as a back up. Well done

    Really nice have a few Charvel's don't you?

    That would’ve been my third. Still waiting on UPS to come pick it up, then it has to be assessed as to whether it was their fault as the shipping company, or Thomann’s fault as the supplier :wacko:

    I can unfortunately see this dragging on a while;(

    The thing is, the Amp1 just sounds great with minimal tweaking. The AmpX is the same tech, just with a programmable preamp section instead of the standard 4 you get with the Amp1, and with popular stomp box type effects built in. For me, it’s perfect for small or fly gigs (though I can attest to the Amp1 being super loud and sounding huge through a 4x12, too).

    Amp X isn’t a modeller.

    I had the original Amp1 and really liked it, but the gap in the switching was a deal breaker. Thomas Blug fixed it for the Mercury Edition, whilst improving the tone and the reverb. I bought one. It’s great. I also got the Blubox, with Thomas’ IR tech, so I can go from the powered output into the Blubox and direct into my DAW or FOH.

    People who only play modellers will get a shock when playing through truly analogue gear; the instantaneous response and attack is visceral. That’s what I love about the Amp1.

    It has a nano tube in the poweramp, so no need for poweramp modelling. All it was missing was FX, which is why I have it paired on a board with a Fractal FM3, an HX Stomp or a collection of my ever-expanding pedal collection.

    Modellers are convenient and lots of fun, but sometimes I get bored of them without knowing why, and when I come back to playing through a real amp (yes, Amp1 is a real amp) I realise why.

    I’m really looking forward to the Amp X and have done ever since it was announced as a proof-of-concept. Good times.

    ps I still love my Kemper Stage and Powered Kabinet, so no worries there

    No, I think it literally alters the IR/CAB and locks in the tone (Freq Resp of the pickups). You will also see the AMP DEF being different. Same guitar same profile will sound different if different pickups are used.

    What you play during the REFINE also tweaks the CAB. I am still trying to figure out what works best for me.

    So if I were to make a clean Fender profile I would use the neck pickup. Doing high gain stuff, the bridge and a humbucker. Super high gain I would use a metal pickup like an EMG 85.

    But I agree with your statement, that the profiler may adjust the sound to the guitar afterwards. M.Britt always has some small tweaks like a compressor or echo.

    Kemper have consistently and persistently stated that the guitar used for profiling does not affect the resulting profile whatsoever. It only affects how you dial in the amp for that specific guitar and sound before the profiling process starts.

    I think a big part of them not offering the plugins is also licensing. I’m sure that each individual Archetype plug-in has its own licensing deal with the artist in question, most likely exclusive to the plug-in format and not hardware. That would be a huge can of worms to work out individually with each artist after the fact, especially considering that they probably all have other exclusive deals with hardware producers that would cause conflicts.

    The OP said that profiles generically had too much high and low EQ. I have also read about EQing profiles at volume.

    I am curious if people here have had issue with EQing at volume. When a speaker is getting pushed to its limit the highs and lows will fall away. Probably due to the non linear region of the magnetic fields at the ends of travel. Where a professional PA will be designed to be handle the power and stay linear throughout that power curve.

    So I wonder if it is better to EQ at a much lower volume where things sound best and trust that the PA used will be flat and linear?

    The Fletcher/Munson phenomenon will rear its head before you start to push speakers to their limits.

    I bought the UA pedal too, for when I use my amp and pedalboard. It's a great unit. I've been searching for a decent spring in pedal format for years, and I've been through Catalinbread Topanga (returned it, though it was nice), Strymon Flint (nice, but not enough boing/drip, kept it mainly for the tremolo), Anasounds Element with a spring tank used in the Fender reverbs screwed to the bottom of the board (noise floor way too high) plus demoed many others in my local pedal pusher's store that weren't worth me taking home (Carl Martin Headroom, Source Audio True Spring, Wampler Faux Spring, J Rockett Boing, Subdecay Spring Theory, Mad Professor Silver Spring). The UA has something that definitely feels more authentic than any of the other digital offerings, though I can dial the Kemper Spring in to be totally happy with it at a gig :)