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    My belief on the editor is that it’s imminent.

    The editor will need the new OS that gives browsing enhancements on the unit / easier editing on the unit. I don’t think Kemper would release the new Stage hardware with old OS on there that makes editing on the unit no better than we have now - no one knew the Stage was coming out so no reason to release it until it’s 100% ready. So logic says it’s got the new OS on there so therefore the new OS must be ready. If the new OS is ready, the editor is possible. If it’s basically a Toaster and floorboard combined with extra I/O then it makes sense to have a common OS level between it and our existing products.

    So I recon the new OS for existing products plus editor is going to be out very soon. Hopefully coinciding with the floorboard but we’ll see. If true, that’s excellent as the folks wanting new hardware for stage use are happy, the people who twiddle knobs on the unit and don’t need an editor will be happy as it’ll be easier and the guys who want an editor will be happy.

    Forums will be empty :)

    It’s exciting news for the company and community. Personally, I’ve got a floorboard and toaster so, once the editor is out ‘I’m good’, provided they continue their excellent support and tweaking for the future...... for instance, I’d love it if the rest of the fx get a similar overhaul as we’ve had with the excellent update of delays and reverbs. This ‘I’m ok with the old one’ is astonishing considering it’s digital hardware I’ve had for over 6 years. It’s still a killer product that continues to improve therefore me saying I am unlikely to invest in the new one is not a negative comment about any new product - it’s a positive comment to how right they’ve got the original :)

    Of course, if the new floor unit adds functionality that does not come to the toaster then my decision may change but otherwise I’ll watch with positive interest for others on here who will surely jump on one of these...... I can see why this is a big deal and for sure will attract new users to the brand too. I’d go that way were I new to the brand for sure. I’m looking forward to further news and hopefully editor news too :)

    I know everyone is going to jump to Kemper's defense, but, It's been 7 months. The editor is much needed and the current editor is kind of a joke in 2019. Setting up performances is very clunky and time consuming. Why show a working editor if it is nowhere near ready.

    I'm keen to get it as well but they pride themselves on stability.... people gig with the Kemper which is a lot of confidence to have in a digital device. It doesn't take much to dent that confidence. They were getting a lot of comments that an editor is needed (and I am a long term user who is really looking forward to a better version of rig manager for sure) so I am glad they showed 'something'. In that way, I've been able to sit with patient excitement, knowing that I'll be getting something awesome. The alternative is sitting and watching people on the forums make up stories that the Kemper is finished as it's at its limits etc.

    Waiting can certainly be frustrating - for me personally, it's easier to wait if I know something good is on its way so I welcome the company showing what is coming as opposed to sitting in the dark :)

    Thank you Per and Nicky - I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and feedback :)

    Per - I have got a version of Melodyne but never really use it - I'll take a look / critical listen - thank you :) She wasn't 100% happy with her performance...... it was partly a bit of hayfever right now and partly my choice of wording...... Apparently the phrase 'will you stay' is murderous to sing in that register whilst making the words legible so she was beating herself up about the difficulty of hearing the word 'will' come through with clarity. I told her not to worry so much. She also commented that it was probably the most difficult thing she'd had to try and sing which surprised me. She has lessons with an opera singer and regularly does grade 8 classical pieces so I figured I could throw just about anything at her and therefore did :) That's the thing... in my quest to learn, I am still miles away from fully understanding music theory and consequently I probably trample through the field of no-nos like a heard of elephants (such as sticking in a difficult word that fits the lyrical message I'm wanting without thinking about the poor singer!)

    Nicky - Thank you :) I am amazed how many daft little things that I still discover. Confession time. Until now, I've been recording everything set to stereo. My guitar, voices, you name it. Whether it's a stereo instrument or not. That's how much of the basics I haven't yet got!! So on this one, the guitar in the chorus bits is a mono guitar a fair way left and I've panned a delayed instance of it elsewhere after hearing a tip on this. It worked for me far better than just panning a stereo guitar which is what I was doing before. I know this is probably a face palm moment for lots of people but there we have it. Confession over.

    Anyway, thanks again. I had great fun doing this one. I've got a few more on the go but I'm not the fastest worker so it may be a while before I go again....

    Hi folks,

    My latest song - it’s a vocal led piece (my daughter is singing again on this one) so the guitar is doing a job, not the main event. Profile was from Selah Sounds. Other instruments are various virtual things from NI Komplete and Toontrack Superior Drummer 3.

    Most people who have heard it seem to think it’s an unrequited love song but, for me, it’s about getting older and reflecting on the past with honesty. I’m getting better at mixing (I think!) but would welcome constructive feedback :)

    Geez Alan, you're not very kind to your friends, eh?

    Chiming in here - when I put a performance together, I'm looking for AMP TONES. Not effects. I add the effects after to taste. I honestly don't want to have the effects in the profile at all- because I'm just gonna change them anyway.

    Now, if we're talking about being able to save effect settings to the cloud, that's different. I'd be intrigued by that - but not if it's attached to a profile. Nosiree.

    I am hoping that we’ll be able to save fx chains within the new software which we can then load onto profiles. In my case, there as some fx I use regularly and it’s a pain to buy a commercial profile pack and go through all 90, changing from their preference to mine. I don’t want these fx on all the time, just loaded in the appropriate slots ready. That I would then save as a new profile / performance or whatever. I’ve also mentioned before a feature request to be able to ‘batch do this’ offline so you can take 100 profiles and swap out the reverb in all of them at once (for instance).

    No worries and glad it helped. I'm afraid I don't know the answer regarding the CPU spec - there's already a growing Massive X thread over on the NI forum that might help you.

    I also saw someone complain that their beloved Massive patches don't work in Massive X so I think your library there will be in the same boat of needing the original. I've no idea if they'll ever be able to add backwards compatibility but the ethos seems to be 'it is a completely new instrument..... the old one is still brilliant and therefore it's sticking around too'. I get that they wanted to generate excitement by using the Massive name but perhaps a different title would have been a good idea if they're sticking with the story of it being entirely different ?

    Sorry for the slow reply Nicky - timezones plus work :)

    I'll give you my understanding and it is just my understanding so please forgive if I'm getting the wrong end of the stick:-

    The original Massive is included if you buy *any* Komplete 12 version from the 'select' version upwards (so regular, ultimate and ultimate collectors all get it). You do not get it if you download the freebie I linked to.

    The standard Komplete 12 is discounted heavily in a current promo and allows upgrades from Komplete 2 to 11 for £79 UK which is pretty good if you're on an old version! I'd imagine it'd be Christmas for someone going from version 2 to 12. £159 gets you from your current version of Komplete Ultimate to the latest one. It's a crazy amount of stuff..... I haven't installed everything as there is, for example, a cinematic instrument for making atmospheric jumpy noises for movies. It looks very cool and fun but I don't spend much time making atmospheric weird stuff for movies (read that as 'absolutely no time at all and don't think I'll be starting). So whilst I'm sure it's awesome it's another 30 gig of hard drive space so, for what I do, I'll leave it in the library for now :)

    Regarding Massive X, you get it as a free upgrade from the regular Komplete 12 and upwards. It is *not* given as a freebie to folks who own K12 Select.…ete-12/compare/

    On my PC, both still show up as separate plugins and they are very different beasts. I'm pretty ignorant with fully understanding all the nuances of different synths so I can't really give a decent comparison other than to say that I like both :) I've had a quick play through the presets and X sounds very impressive but then I'm still impressed by pretty much every other soft synth I have so I'm probably not the target audience :)

    I know there are folks whinging that Massive X is CPU heavy and it is! My PC is maybe 5 years old and for a typical arrangement I do where I've got plugins on every channel I might hit 50% at mixdown. Massive X has some patches that hit 30% CPU on my system with nothing else running! Obviously it's version one so they might well do a 1.x release at some point soon to cheer that up.

    Hope this helps - I'll be happy to answer anything else I'm able to but if you ask me to explain how to use Reaktor then 'I'm out of here' as it loses me completely!

    I upgraded to K12 Ultimate earlier in the month and qualified for a free download of Massive X which was released yesterday hence me hanging around their site. Their upgrade policy is pretty good as software companies go..... I hadn’t actually upgraded since version 9 and the price was great value for what it added. It makes these things a lot more cost effective when you can afford to skip 3 or even 4 generations without being hit with a horrific upgrade path.

    Consequently the song I’m working on now has me trying my best to score an orchestra. It sounds good to anyone that doesn’t actually know how to score an orchestra - it’s good to stretch yourself but I’m probably doing the equivalent of some midi files whereby you hear two notes on a virtual guitar that wold require the person to have 3 hands :)


    I like the concept of fx chain (as in I want a comp then a boost and post stack I want trem, delay and reverb. I only want the reverb on but the others are loaded ready so I can hit the remote and they are there).

    Then the ability to just select 30 profiles in Rig Manager and ‘apply’. Then save as.

    That’s one ‘for instance’ :)

    Hi Satoshi-san,

    Sorry, I missed you had the Presonus and thanks Nakedzen for pointing this out :)

    Whilst SPDIF is nice, there’s no reason why you should be getting issues with bad sound with Analogue...... it should be fine so I suspect you’re overloading one of the inputs on the interface.

    First thing on the interface - select a line level input. If you’re going from the Kemper to ‘instrument level’ that won’t be good..... instrument level is for plugging a guitar directly in and using an amp sim on the computer. So ensure you’re using the correct input.

    Then make sure you’re not turning the input gain too high on the mixed. Try it half way to start.

    In Studio One 4.5, there is a new feature where you can see audio levels pre-faded and then trim if needed. Hit F3 to bring the mixer up then right click on the meter next to the fader. Change it to ‘pre fader’. Now play your Guitar. If you keep the peak levels down to -12 then you should get no distortion. You can adjust either the output of the Kemper or you can adjust the trim controls (look at the new docs for 4.5 if you’re not sure how / there are videos....)

    Another possibility causing distortion is your buffer settings..... if these are too high you get lag but if they are too low, all kinds of strange noises are possible.

    Hope this helps?

    Before you buy anything, go into the Output menu on the Kemper and see how it is set. Master stereo should give you close to what the headphones are doing but not exactly as the headphone socket on the Kemper does headphone space too (a setting to make phones sound cool).

    Next in that menu ensure the output isn't too high as you might be clipping your interface.

    If you still can't get good results, tell us what interface you're actually using now? For sure there are quality differences but the Kemper should sound pretty good through any line input or spdif..... If you decide to buy one there are lots out there from low to high budget...... Difficult for folks to recommend until they know what you have now.

    No flaw IMHO, Gaz. I thought the same thing, but there's a tiny catch:

    The only reason I can think of for Kemper to programme "offline" functionality into the editor would be for the purpose we're discussing. I'm guessing that the team may not see or have even considered the utility of being able to edit Rigs without hearing what one's actually doing.

    I hadn’t looked at it that way - your logic is, unfortunately, good :) I hope they’ve thought beyond the ‘now’ but we’ll have to see. For example, the natural verb is lovely compared to the old reverb and, for most of my ‘everyday playing’ profiles I’d just swap them all out in one go. And imagine if they come up with a killer stomp box that is a ‘must have’ in a particular slot...... They must know that this wonderful box of tricks encourages folks to crave and hoard profiles and I think the ability to take a bunch from you’ve bought from your favourite profile maker and ‘make them yours’ with your individual tweaks in one operation that takes seconds would be great :)

    Whatever they do I’m excited - sonically the Kemper was always killer. In the 6+ years I’ve had it, many of the little things that haven’t been up to scratch have been sorted and it continues in its journey to get even better :)

    Hi Nicky,

    I get that, for real time editing, the editor program will be sending data on the fly to the profiler so show every knob turned.

    However.......All of rigs currently stored on my PC contain all the info needed to make the profiler behave in a particular way..... the current Rig Manager squirts this data across and that config instantly loads. So, in theory, this could be done offline / En masses as you’re not asking it to change what is on the profiler ‘right now’ - you’re just asking that the little kipr files be edited on the PC. You could then transfer them to the profiler for live use.

    Probably a flaw in my logic but makes sense to me based on my incomplete understanding :)

    A feature request that might be useful to consider.... I mentioned this in another thread related to another matter....

    It’d be good if the new Rig Manager / Editor had the ability to batch edit. In other words select 10 of your profiles and *the one thing you edit* then changes on all of them.

    Very useful if you always want a particular boost in slot 2 or a common cab or to turn off the reverb on everything for performances, set the delay/reverb mix to 0% so the Ionosphhere works beautifully on certain presets or....... lots of uses.

    I know some people want the editor because they absolutely love to play around with tiny subtle settings for hours and I salute them. That is not me - for me, this concept is, and always was, to enable a lazy person to easily change things that are necessary in an easy way. Batch editing feeds into this thought process. I get that we are near the initial release so a feature request at this stage is not going to happen unless it’s there already but, if possible for the future, I think it would be good :)

    Try learning another instrument alongside guitar.

    I’m attempting to learn drums and trying to get better at bass. I’m again having a go at keys but I am so far finding that challenge to be on the wrong side of frustrating so it’s pain as opposed to pleasure right now.

    An unexpected benefit of focusing on music from other perspectives is that I’m seeing the guitar from a different direction in a good way. I think that the act of looking at a song’s parts and how it’s built can be helpful and a better understanding of the other components might help me to understand why the guitar is actually there and when it shouldn’t be.

    I’ve never owned an actual Gibson guitar, let alone one of the holy grail ones associated this this tone so please take the following with a pinch of salt; if you decide to google these, others seem impressed by the pickups I’m about to mention and maybe some of them have actually experienced the originals :)

    With that in mind, I have a PRS Stripped ‘58 which has the PRS 57/08 pickups in it. If you read up on them, there’s lots of mojo speak for why they capture the spirit of back then. Apparently made on an ancient machine from wire that is actually wood from earth’s first tree as opposed to metal, magnets made from Jack Sparrow’s compass and wound by a blind milkmaid who (legend has it) has actually met Robert Johnson.

    I have no idea of the accuracy or truth of the matter but I can say that I wouldn’t dream of swapping these out - whatever they did to make them they are glorious and, for me, that’s what matters. I believe they sell these pickups for a small fortune but you occasionally see them come up on eBay; they’re very low output (which they should be) and some folks just don’t want that.