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    FYI: I have RM installed.

    After two errors during the transfer process (and my retrying) the third attempt completed the download and transfer process and reached the "Applying Software Update. This might take a few minutes."

    Nothing was happening for at least eight minutes, and the Cancel option was greyed out.

    Patience. I was about to try to terminate what appeared to be a permanent update stall (the update process never starting) when the profiler screen did finally indicate "Updating PROFILER".

    The Update completed and KPA restarted. All is A-OK it seems.

    I installed 7.5.1 12528 when it was released the other day and checked one of my created rigs and it sounded fine. I later saw on the forum some had problems with the tone of their rigs so when todays beta was released I immediately tried to install it via RM, not USB stick. I got an error after the download and early on during the install process with the error popup offering RETRY or Contact Support. I retried and the error reoccurred.

    I rebooted the hardware (KPA) and software (RM, tried the "Check for software updates" again and it updated to 7.5.2 18327. My created rigs sound correct, as they did with the previous OS.

    I posted elsewhere-


    Updated rig manager and a minute or two later the automatic update/download for the Profiler popup appeared but after download was complete and the install began I got an error popup. "Try again" was an option. I cancelled. Closed RM. Rebooted Profiler. Restarted the already updated RM and after a minute or two the Profiler update popup appeared. It updated the Profiler without issue.

    Thanks for your quick response Paults.

    Your guidance solved my missing Rig Packs.

    I knew that to download from the Rig Exchange the connection was required but I didn't know that Rig Packs required it.

    I turned the "Exchange" on and there were the Rig Packs in my list.

    I then turned Exchange off and Rig Packs appear to still be there and I assume functioning (ie. loadable...not near KPA).

    Thanks again. Paul.

    PS. 3.0 RM is such a blast to use that I ordered a Remote for myself since I noticed they are back in stock in the USA.

    Thank you KEMPER for an amazing product system.

    After making a backup of my data on RM I updated RM from 2.3.14 to 3.0.78 on my main DAW. All went perfect as I've stated elsewhere. Everything was there: Local Library, All Rigs, Rig Packs (1281 Rigs). All Performances etc. I then made a new backup from RM 3.0.78 of my data.

    I then installed RM 3.0.78 on a computer that never had RM installed and Imported my backup from the first computer (ie. from 3.0.78). Everything was there except Rig Packs.

    I then tried importing the original 2,3,14 backup and still no Rig Packs.

    Maybe it has been addressed but I could not find it.

    Anybody? Anybody?

    Edit: On another computer that never had RM on it I installed RM 2.3.14 and Imported my original 2.3.14 backup. No Rig Packs.

    Edit 2: In the past when I wanted the data on another computer I just copied (I think it was called) the Kemper Data Folder and it always worked fine. This is the first time I tried the Backup Tool.

    YES & Yes & No & Yes
    Adding to the sound = Altering the sound.
    Altering the sound = Distorting the sound.
    ***Distortion reference is NOT referring to IM type distortion.
    Euphonic colorations can be beneficial ie. Neumann U47, Neve ..... Etc.

    Once in the digital domain many Professionals try to stay there and not do a double conversion unless for euphonic coloration purposes.

    Mickrich said:

    "But I have tested spdif on the Kemper and prefer the sound of the Kemper analog out to line in on my Focusrite ISA828.
    It adds some nice smoothness and a "larger than life" sound to the Kemper."

    Your statement proves my point - the analog out dual conversion (D to A and the A to D) "distorts" the sound.

    1. Digital Out-KPA is a digital device therefore the Digital Out is the unaltered REFERENCE sound of the rig loaded into the KPA. Any deviation from this is a "distortion".
    2.Your statement, "It adds some..." Adding anything is a DISTORTION. You like/prefer the "distorted" (ie. altered from the reference) sound from the analog output better.

    Again, the original posters snapshots prove nothing at all....and therefore his/her "conclusion" is irrelevent.

    "Um, what?"

    Further Clarification, if needed:
    People realized that if it is good on the test bench it does not necessarily translate to good sound in the system.
    Example: Transistor amps. Whether for guitar amplification or in audio playback systems-They measure good therefore they must sound good. Would you rather have a Fender Twin tube amp or the Fender solid state equivalent introduced as "better" in the1970s.
    Think Vox, Marantz, McIntosh etc.
    In the context of this thread the original poster had some "measurement" of waveform and frequency spectrum snapshots, as is that proved something.

    Back in the mid 1970s humankind found out that measuring audio circuits doesn't reveal or explain the audible sonic differences perceived by the human ears.

    I am amazed that some can't hear the difference between the digital out (pure therefore the reference) and the analog (two additional conversions, unpure?) no matter what convertors are used. I can only conclude the listener is using very distorted "amplifier/speaker rigs".

    As I've stated here previously and still my experiece:
    With a clean amplifier/speaker rig - the digital out to the DAW recording software being the reference:

    When comparing this reference digital out recording to the analog out recording there is audible degradation applied to the analog output recording that is blaringly obvious.
    The analog out (dual converted) track has an addition of raspy hash or harshness (distortion) added to the upper mid/high end or put another way, lacking of clarity or purity that is there in the reference digital recording.

    I also completely understand that many people using the KPA don't hear, don't care, use it in a different type of application or have to use the analog outputs.

    I had to use the analog outs up until the 48k was added.

    In my colleague and my quest back then to capture acoustic instruments in a room and it's acoustics - from my original spew, one bit of information I meant to include was the actual storage medium we used and it certainly pertains to bandwidth.

    The analog(ue) device we used begins to roll off in high frequencies probably in the range of 18k, maybe a little higher. Wide bandwidth is relative.

    A tape recorder to magnetic tape, of course.

    An Ampex ATR-100 transport and the card electronics in it fed by a transformless solid-state preamp.
    Transport running the tape past the (ferrite?) record head at thirty inches per second.