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    These profiles are must buy. I have permament tinnitus due to using JMP 50 for many years and Bert's profile sounds and feels incredibly close, minus bleeding from my ears.

    I am not that familiar with Bassman, but the profiles sound good, very clean, full tones, my Silver Sky loves these profiles.

    Soldano is spot on as well. Super musical. It's uncanny how all these profiles react to pick attack and volume/tone controls.

    I truly don't need tube amps anymore. I have them in storage, they smell nice, but the tones I am getting from Kemper with good OS10 profiles are 99.99% there. Just don't play too quiet as we can't re-model the physics, if you hear gutar strings ringing that's too quiet.


    I've upgraded my audio IO and selling my old Saffire Pro 14. I've included a firewire PCI card and cable. It has SPDIF in and out.

    Price is £50 + postage.

    The interface works fine with Windows 10 and 11. I've been using it with my Kemper for almost 6 years.

    Will ship to the UK only.

    If all Christoph has to do is slap a nice big touchscreen, a small case with USB recording and some extra horsepower to offer dual amps, he's going to comfortably sit atop the modelling world in an Iron Throne for another decade ?

    He already owns the "Iron Throne", it's not there to take. Even if a better sounding/slicker unit comes out, he invented profiling, all the others can do is copy/iterate. His name will be there along with Marshall and Soldano.

    I still prefer BE-100 over a Marshall though. Even more knowing that Dave Friedman is "scared" of Kemper :) What a time to be alive.

    Short term (no need for Kemper 2) I'd like to see easily accessible list of presets for FX in the editor. Right now my workflow is opening two instances of the editor and dragging/dropping - not ideal.

    There is even an icon for it already in editor ;) (but it shows effects list instead of preset list for that effect)

    A "double" Kemper with more routing options could be nice.

    What I really want is some sort of profiling of amp's EQ stack, so it reacts close to profiled amp.

    Last but not least, a red version of the lunchbox :)

    I might be wrong, but bear in mind the kemper still seems to have a different approach, which is using a basis to adjust parameters and get the model. Neural networks on the other hand do not use that, they create the networks trough learning, and after that, you are pretty much set on the behavior of the capture. This might restrict the flexibility required to adjust dynamics or transient responses. But yeah, might be wrong, lets wait.

    Neural networks just figure out a bunch of parameter sets to feed a model. These parameters can be very sophisticated. They don't create the model. it should be possible to expose some of the model parameters to the user.

    And this also cast a bad light onto NDSP.
    If I were CEO there I'd have forbidden any comparative advertisement pre-sale when done so badly, because it is so uncool and un-classy. I'd have insisted to let the unit speak for itself. Instead we see all half-assed downplaying of the contender.

    How embarrassing! In NDSP's shoes I'd already feel a certain degree of external shame right now.

    I don't know. To me it seems like a very carefully orchestrated marketing campaign with a script, pretty much all of them try to compare. They are all paid to do it. They definitely (inc. Rabea, who admitted he wants to be a professional gear reviewer and that's what he is) are biased. Whether the unit is "better" or not, it's irrelevant. The way they promote it is not for me, way too obvious.

    I'll check the thing myself and form my own opinion as soon as I can. Kemper is not going anywhere, nonetheless, I work with a heavy drummer and this thing wouldn't survive him stomping on it, remote does :)

    I may take an opinion of someone like Michael Nielsen who has incredible gear and sound knowledge and can make great profiles (he won't BS and practice grimacing before shooting the video) - if he ever gets to it.

    I'd not like to live without definition and amp compressor.

    @CK is relaxed because he knows "normal people want what the superstars have".

    For neural to break into this world (of really big names using the qc for touring) will be not easy.

    I'd not say that. The product is aimed at 15-30 market range (I've made it up). It's generic design is very similar to an iphone. Their VST plugins are kind of legendary (I personally think no VST sounds better than these plugins).

    I guess, depends on what you define as "big names". For QC target market, big names are Pilni, Abasi, Nolly and Gojira. If I were AxeFX, I'd be very concerned :)

    I doubt Mark Knopfler will be using it tho.

    Me personally, after seeing latest Rabea video, I'll go an try it (it's very easy for me). Usually I'd not even bother trying things like Helix etc.

    I am not sure how long current gen QC will be relevant. If they come up with v2 in 2 years... I've been spoiled by CK strategy and having the same unit for 7+ years now.

    CK created a classic, like Marshall, it took 10 years for something comparable to come out. Nobody is going to be able to top it, improve yes, but top, no.

    Let's see if we have another guitar product from CK.

    btw. many of those videos seems to have the same script, ending up with comparison to Kemper. I wonder if it came in QC box. ;)

    Very interesting gear and I've been following it for a while (due to the quality of the plugins they make). Most of the "reviews" are just infomercial, hence not usable for making a decision about purchase. Clearly hype makreting.

    Rhet's video is the best, I've listened to wave files and the samples sound different, but not different enough to make on better than the other. In this case, I'd trust Kemper more, as there is many years of knowledge behind profiling process (and definition knob)

    I don't need fancy UI on the unit (still can't understand why anyone would, but that's personal preference) and wifi functionality is kind of ridiculous. I think I am getting proper old, as I don't really need or want an amp with the same features as iphone. It feels like those features were added under influence of some silly focus group just because they appeal to certain market. For me they just add to the price/make the unit less reliable.

    It doesn't have all good stuff Kemper has (1000s of profiles/Kone/powered head/rack)

    Having said that, I am definitely going to try it asap and if I like it, I'll buy it. I haven't bought an amp/modeler for a long time.

    If CK would somehow figure out profiling of amp controls response, that would be deal done for profiling tech.