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    A funny thing happened on my way to finding another awesome profile...
    Most would agree that the mag pickups in a Moog guitar are not ideal, shall we put it mildly, for real amps, like the KPA, yeah, I said it! Suddenly, I used the piezos only into a profile I liked, and it was pure heaven to my ears! So, I tried to compare with some Seymour Duncan's, on another guitar, and the piezos were still very impressive, and not radically different!!! In fact, before this, I was upset that I might have to forego the Moog sustain, I have been spoiled by, in order to enjoy the KPA fully.
    I was routing my Moog through my VG99, sending channel A into the KPA, with the modeled guitar going in, which worked well, but now I feel is unnecessary. I will play them parallel, into a mixer, which has so many benefits when using separate expression pedals.
    An accidental surprise that solved many problems for me. A reminder to 'keep my mind open', and experiment!!!
    I would invite you to try some piezos into your favorite profiles, and listen for a pleasant surprise...

    I used to write a lot on an old Framus 12 string acoustic, and I remember how comfortable it was to play, and a lovely sound. I miss it!
    Look at it this way....could the neck be beyond repair? $650 for what looks to be a sweet instrument, is not bad.
    It needs a new home...go for it! ;)

    Thanks for the welcome, and for the info.
    @Don....I will definitely give that a try, and I hope that it works, as you say,
    because I am spoiled rotten, with these sound recipes!!!
    @guitarmania....I could be really happy with the KPA Rack, sans 99, but as I said, I am already spoiled by the incredible combination of the two, which is sonic nirvana. The effects on the KPA are outstanding, and very practical. What you speak of for travel, which is what I do, is of prime concern for me. Presently, I use a VG88, which has been rack mounted by Keith Mc Millen (awesome), and a Roland GR30 synth, and it is really lightweight, and covers any sound I use in my sets, really well. But, when I get home, and plug in to this combo, well, I wonder how I can gig without it. That said, with the advent of a Fishman Triple Play coming April 1, I am strongly considering using my Mac Book for everything, because my main gig is doing covers, as a one man band. So, this is the dilemma we all face, in life without roadies! My ears will never be satisfied, as new possibilities with sound evolve, so, the question is do I keep status quo, and possibly go even more minimalist on stage? Or do I pull out all stops and carry the load for the sake of maintaining sonic excitement, even if it is only for me? If I was doing all originals, as in the past, it is a no brainer!!
    Sound always wins! If I ignore the D Beam, and the ribbon control on the 99, I can rack it on a tray, tucked away, just above the KPA. But I would still drag out the FC300 , with my FCB 1010, (soon) the Kemper foot controller, and "tap dance" on every song.
    More is better, until I tear it down and haul it! At least I am not dragging multiple amps, guitars, and effect racks around!!
    Like I said...spoiled rotten!!!

    Well, what an interesting subject! Maybe I will turn on full sustain on my Moog E1-M, without an amp, and just let it vibrate for a whole day, and see if I can tell any differences. It seems there is no real way to measure any of this, except via personal opinion. It seems like it would at least be a great way to "warm up" a guitar before a gig. I know that when I do an "OM" type sound, I can feel my body resonate long after I have stopped the sound. It's worth a try for sure.

    Hello everyone,
    I've had the Rack for a couple of weeks now, and it is really a smile maker! Can't get enough! Happy, happy, happy!!!
    I am using my VG 99 through the spdif of the KPA, which is too cool, but it seems I have to check the spdif box on input
    everytime I turn it on, even though I have stored the rig. I am missing something here, perhaps. Is there a way to store the spdif in, per patch, globally, or anyway at all? I am running channel A from the 99, with no COSM amp, into the KPA spdif in, and then the main outs of the 99, into the effect returns of the KPA in stereo. When I have them together like that, it is such an amazing sound, so I store the rig, but the next day, I must choose the spdif input again, and the mix level of the stereo effects(99), is not where I left it on that patch, but rather where I left it when I shut it down for the evening. Any help would be really appreciated.
    When I first got the rack, I just played straight in, with nothing else, and was blown away! But when I used these two together, I must say it is the most satisfied I have ever been, in my 48 years of playing!
    Thank you Mr. Kemper!!