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    It's commercial suicide for a company to rest on its laurels. You can bet your bottom dollar that Kemper are up to something. What do you think their employees are doing every day? Popping down to the warehouse to ship out some Stages? Nah mate. There is blatantly some heavy research and design going on; that is what makes the most sense.

    Whatchu talking about? There's been like 800 (not literally) iterations since the Plexi, just from Marshall alone. A literal million if you count all the other modded Marshall style boutique amps, and amps with plexi DNA. People wanted more gain, reverb, 2 channels, 3 channels, less power, more power, etc.

    Yeah... but...

    iTs NoT A rEAl MaRsHalL !!!


    Another improvement would be to be able to combine many different gain stages of the same amp into one single profile and to be able to simply "morph" one after another while turning the gain knob. Why? Decreasing the gain of a higher gain profile is fine but not the same as if you take a dedicated profiled amp state with lesser gain. Another advantage of this would be clarity: one profile for one profiled amp and not 10-20, as is is now.

    To the "no" fraction: Is this a huge improvement? Yes, for me it is.

    100% this !!

    This would be a bit of a gamechanger quite honestly. And I bloody hate that word!

    Improved is entirely subjective. Besides - I took the comment to mean *Marshall* hasn't tried to mess with it's Plexi.

    Everything else - good or bad - is a derivative of Marshall's venerable circuit.

    You say venerable... I say poor. Marshall didn't sound good until they made the JCM800 and then people started hot-rodding them.

    Heh. Opinions huh?

    I'd like to see making a direct profile of an amp and a studio profile and a merged profile all at once.

    DI box in between the amp and cab. Tap that signal for the DI. Thru to the cab for the load. Mic on the cab. Then do the merge work automatically, and *THEN* within the same profile you could select between the three types for each output separately; instead of having a global disable cab on the monitor output preference.

    Ultimately, I think the Kemper feels like a 12 year old device at this point. It really isn't beyond the pale to expect a new unit after 12 years.

    Yes, the grass is always greener on the other side. Kemper ended this wish for the other side, amp tone wise. That's why my two Srages are painted green in order to always remember that.

    Now it is time to also go green fx and routing wise, because in this respect the other side is really a bit greener, I'm afraid X/.

    Not for me.

    I find palm mutes unpleasant on the Kemper.

    I am not against KPA2, I think current hardware is fine. I am not kidding myself, I don't think KPA needs hardware and UI updates. Maybe they also don't need to stay competitive in the market by releasing new ULTRA FINAL MK2 version of their gear. Kemper is good as it is from day 1 with software update through the years. I remember AXE FX 2 and their Quantum (or similar) firmware which supposed to be groundbreaking. But it became legacy and meh just after the release of next firmware and later next hardware. And this will be the same when AXE4 comes out. All the boys playing powerchords will have to get AXE4, because it will make them play better and this will be the best gear in the world (until AXE5).

    This chase never ends.

    Why are you being snooty about power chords?

    I’m always amazed how many people get stuck in a tone obsession. It drives the amp and pedal industry. To anyone on the outside it looks like insanity. I’m as guilty as any. I had a friend come over a while back and look at the 25 guitars I have in my music room and ask what the difference was. I said they sound different and I played a bit on two of them for him. He said yeah they did sound a little different but who cares. This is how everyone else sees our insane behaviors. Anyway I’m glad he said it because I think it was what got me putting lots of guitars in different tunings which has had me picking up more of them more often. I feel the same way about the quad cortex, kemper, axe fx 3, and helix. All of them are excellent tools and any one person is probably better off sticking to one and learning it in and out rather than chasing the latest thing. Gear obsession is mostly just a waste of time.

    The moment I start caring about what other people think over what I think, is the day the entire artifice of my artistry falls apart.

    So every Tuesday then.

    Another smooth move would be to release a new model that uses the old footswitch controller, then do the floor model. I'm more than okay if that was done in reverse tho too.

    That raises the question, who here would need/want the new unit to have a new foot controller? More buttons? For sure more customisable assignablility. New functions?


    I like the old remote. Enough switches to shake a stick at, and it's very portable. But I wouldn't say no to a new one with a more high-def screen.

    Also, your assumption that an H9 Max is just an H9 with all existing algorithms preloaded is likely incorrect. If that were the case, they could have offered a paid firmware update and achieved a higher profit margin on the sale. Show me an image of the two inside and I can tell for sure.

    If you own a Max and a Core, you can use all of the algorithms from the Max on the Core, without any issue or compromise. The likelihood is that a Core is a Max, and a Max is a Core - just with different printing on the case and a different SKU for the retail channel.

    I'm interested in profiling a ton of signals all at once, with zero refining required, and higher accuracy.

    Being able to do the output at the poweramp at the same time as the microphone signal would speed up making libraries of profiles a lot.

    Also being able to take an impulse response or a cab directly on the unit as it's own separate thing, and have a library of those.

    Full midi CC assignability for all controls across the unit too.

    Disagreement is fine.

    An escalating lack of (or deteriorating amount of) respect for each other?


    I wasn't disrespectful. I just find it hilarious that he'd move the goalposts in order to win an imaginary argument he's having in his head! And you don't earn respect by making sardonic comments about Apple mice and then deliberately misrepresent the other person.

    I have the Axe III as well as the Kemper.

    I'm interested in the FM9 for a effects-only platform, as the Axe effects are vastly superior to every single effect on the Kemper. So pairing the two would be a pretty interesting match.

    The world of Axe III/FM3/FM9 is a lot different to the Axe II days. Axe II was a pain to use, with too many limitatons on controls and things. The new stuff doesn't have that problem, and with the introduction of the ideal/authentic panel options, it's really a doddle to get an amazing sound. I simply don't understand how people can claim the Axe III is horrible to use. It really isn't.

    The Kemper still doesn't have a decent effects browsing system - the two column with one button to change the filtering category is .... well... let's just say I don't like it. It's confusing and I constantly change effect type when I meant to change the preset, and vice-versa.

    Considering Christoph Kemper has said as much, we do know they’ve done something different.

    Going so far to say the Profiling process has gone as far as he can take it…..I’d say “Yes…we do know that..”

    I'd love to see what he said. I've not seen him say anything like that, and he's never said it to me in email conversations either.

    In any case, machine learning techniques have come pretty far in the last decade or so. He might have said that before advancements were made. I'd be extremely surprised if the Kemper couldn't leverage variational auto-encoders in order to close the gap a little bit more.