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    Just to point out - your initial post says this refers to the Profiler Head or Rack, but your screen shot indicates the Player. Hard to tell which version of Rig Manager your screen shot is from, but have you tried just enlarging the folder area of the window, stretching it to the right?

    And you might want to open a support ticket and let the Kemper folks help you figure it out.

    May have something to do with the way Kemper converts the IR to cab. A while back I had put in a feature request for an IR loader effect, to use any IR but not in the Cab module. But it didn't get a lot of traction.

    I can suggest one thing that I find using 3Sigma acoustic IR's with a few piezo guitars - on the cab module set the Pure Cabinet to 10 and the Character to +5. For me, they seem to lose the phasey quality and bring back some brightness that seemed missing.

    I just tried it to make sure it works. I first saved a preset (a compressor in this case) directly on the Kemper giving it no name as I saved it. I could see it in the My Profiler section of RM. I copied that to the Local Library and it is there with no name as in your screen shots. Then I can click the right area beside "Name' and edit the name. Nothing to save, it just keeps the new name. From there I can edit the name however I want, except I can't make it blank again in RM. So, it seems to be working normally here.

    Looking closer, RM won't let you clear the name to begin with It needs to be at least 1 character or it just reverts to whatever it was. I'm guessing that however you managed to create the EQ's with no name, that is probably the problem.

    Maybe try editing the name of a preset in Local Library that already has a name to see if it's really working. If that works, you may need to recreate your EQ's saving them properly with a name as you create them.

    Maybe something to do with yours having no name to begin with. When you go to click on the blank name, you need to make sure to click far enough over to the right, where the name would show if it existed. If you just click the "Name" header, it doesn't select the editable name. When selected for editing ot should look like this. Then you should be able to edit and save.


    Yes, I'd agree.

    It's a little less ambitious than what I was describing, but still with a lot of benefit. It still has the potential to free some slots for real effects while upgrading the amp and output EQ tuning. Many of the Tone Junkie profiles have a Pre and Post EQ (but taking up two slots) and they really help in polishing the amp tone, which is the real strength of the Kemper to begin with.

    Hopefully the Kemper folks see the value as well.

    Thanks for keeping the conversation going.

    Keep in mind, I'm not trying to solve any current problem, or find a way to do something with the current capability. I was just trying to suggest what might be done with the existing hardware, keeping within the available slots. 4 pre slots, Amp, Cab and 4 post slots. Fewer on the Player. Not really a problem, but as I described in the Dual overdrives and a few EQ scenario, it's not that hard to just sometimes run out of room.

    Maybe another way to think of it is like a Buss in a DAW. you can assign multiple effects in a Buss and enable/disable by turn the buss on or off. So, in the Kemper, I thought of it as assigning an EQ and Distortion to the A slot(buss). All effects on A would either be on or off by the state of the A button. In that scenario I'd effectively have an EQ and Distortion on A, and still the B, C, D available.

    If DSP or latency was a significant issue, then no, certainly it wouldn't be a good idea. And I can see the possible issue of going too far if every Kemper slot allowed stacks in that way. Like someone trying two complex delays or harmonizers on every slot, just because they could. That led to my alternate suggestion of maybe optionally adding extending parameters instead. Maybe a bit more limited, but if there were for instance a way you could add EQ type parameters in the various drives, that would accomplish the same thing I just described. Or Tremolo/Compressor, Chorus/Delay. and so on, for any pairs that might logically be used together as if on one buss. Actually, the Kemper has already done this with High and Low cut. Don't really remember where it started out, but now it's just parameters in some EQ's, the CAB module and in Output. Really just parameters in those 3 places.

    I can't see any way that would require hardware changes or particularly complex learning curves. Doesn't seem like it would break anything already there. It just seems like some possible ideas to extend things a bit more. Only Kemper can know if it within the capability of the hardware or anywhere in sync with their long-term plans.

    Hey Grooguit, I realize describing it as "extra" effects may not have been the best way. And yes, I already use Performances and morphing all the time. Some of what I describe could also be handled with a Kemper remote, assigning multiple effects to one button. Or a midi controller with some programming, etc.

    But say you want to use a few different distortions. So you put a Kemper drive in Slot B and a Kemper Fuzz in Slot D. But neither quite fits without some EQ, so you add an EQ in Slot A to help tune the Kemper drive, and another EQ in Slot C to fine tune the Kemper Fuzz. Since the EQ's are really just to fine tune each of the two distortions, you still need a way to toggle the pairs on/off together. And you've used all available Pre slots A through D to accomplish this. What I was trying to describe could help in scenarios like this.

    Other ways to get there might be to have a way to add extra parameters to a preset. The AMP module has like 15 adjustable parameters. A Kemper drive has 6, with only a single Tone control. If there were a way to "Add EQ parameters" to add bands like one of the EQ's, that could be a way to have the EQ's without taking up slots (but still technically a stack of 2 effects). All controlled by 1 button. Nothing special to set up on a Remote or controller and so on.

    Obviously, this is just one scenario and only talking about adding EQ. Could just as well be "Add Echo parameters" or "Add <some other>" parameters. II just hadn't originally thought of it as adding some parameters, although that probably is a simplified way to get the same result.

    Maybe possible and maybe not. But it seems like a way to possibly extend what's already there without hardware changes or complicated controller programming. A side effect is that it seems like having more effects available within one rig which couldn't be a bad thing, especially with something like the new Player with even fewer slots.

    Probably won't go anywhere, but I thought maybe it would spark some ideas.

    Over the years I've noticed many requests to somehow increase the number of stomps and effects available. It seems limited to the physical 4 stomp buttons and 4 Effects buttons. Even fewer on the Player and clearly something Player users would hope for.

    As a possible way to get there, I'm wondering if there might be a way to make the existing slots stackable - allowing either one or two presets to be stacked on each. This could be pretty easily managed on both Rig Manager and the hardware buttons. If a given slot has only one preset then this is as things currently are. Instead of showing "COMP" or "DIST", If a slot had a second added preset, it could display as "MULT" or similar. When editing, the system could allow you to choose which of the two stacked presets to edit. This would require no major changes to the current editing screens in Rig Manager or hardware buttons. As far as toggling On/Off nothing would need to change. Turning on A would just turn on the stack, whether single or dual. Editing would look no different other than selecting between stacked presets. Order of processing would still be the same - A before B Before C. First stack of A before second stack on A, etc. Morph should still work as always. Just more morphable parameters available to play with.

    If possible, this could greatly extend our lifetime with the Kempers, effectively doubling the currently available effects. Also, it would add a really useful feature. Since both parts of a stack are controlled by a single button click, you could now do things like setting up an overdrive with an EQ or compressor to help tune it more specifically. An Echo and Reverb together freeing up slots for other things.

    Thinking further maybe the same logic could apply to the Cab button. Might be nice to be able to select either one or two cabs for a rig. I can understand where stacked Amps would probably be a step too far and maybe beyond current processing power. I have no way of knowing if the existing system can handle the extra effect load either, but I'd imagine there must be some headroom. This seems like it could be a big way to expand all the Kempers and seems possible without hardware changes, so I'd throw it out there and hope it might go somewhere.

    What do you all think?

    As others have said, you need to strip down to the Kemper and the speakers only. Everything else turned off.

    Totally agree. Just to expand a little on what RosboneMako described-

    Plug your HS8 monitors directly to the Kemper outputs. Turn off everything else - computer, monitor, interface, etc. Just test it with your guitar into the Kemper with the Kemper out to the HS8's directly connected. If the noise is gone you at least know it's related to the computer/interface. You might also try the same with just headphones, bypassing even the HS8's.

    Also, you mentioned no noise with just the guitar amp. Have you tried the Kemper into the guitar amp with nothing else on? That might also help you isolate the noise.

    In RM I can unlock all padlocks, but the lock button on the profiler keeps on being lit! Can we talk here about a malfunction in the profiler?

    Hi Player,

    If anything at all is locked, then the Lock button should be on. Are you sure you have nothing at all locked? Maybe Input? Maybe the Stomps or Effects buttons (beneath ABCD and X Mod, etc.) Those Stomp and Effects main buttons wouldn't show in Rig Manager since Kemper decided to drop them on the later Stage.

    If you're sure nothing is locked but LOCK still lights, you could submit a bug report to Kemper and see what they say.