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    First, let me say this, I have had my kemper less than 2 weeks, and EVERYTHING I own is gone besides a matrix poweramp, power conditioner, 2 VHT 4x12's, and my wireless, THAT IS IT. My whole entire world has been completely turned upside down with the little satanic toaster...The thing is just mind blowing.

    So anyways, I have seen all the talk about FRFR, something I thought I would NEVER (I know, no one has ever said that! :D) do. Just didn't seem like it was for me. But I saw all the Hype (for lack of a better term) about the RCF NX12SMA, and it really got me thinking about it!

    Questions: How loud is this thing? I am a metal head, and love a loud big huge thunderous sound, could this thing even compare to my 2 VHT delvierance 4x12s (my favorite cabs of all time by the way)???

    How big sounding is it? Is it worth the price? I was planning on running a signal to the FOH anyways, so if I have the setup I have now (my 2 4x12s and power amp are my "monitor" :D) Is there really a need to sell all of that, and get the NX12SMA? This is a HUGE step for me, I have very hesitant to do this, but it seems quite intriguing. I mean, I can't imagine me bringing this little freakin wedge, and my satanic toaster to band practice, this is just crazy! Would this really be loud and big enough sounding to fulfill my tone needs? The problem is, I really have no way of testing this system out, as no one around here in central florida carries it, (atleast that I know of, Guitar center does not)

    One of the biggest reasons it is crossing my mind is, Getting away from the idea of basicall having 2 patches for every "single" tone, aka one for my monitor on stage, and one for the FOH. Thanks for the help guys!


    Your observations are interesting, you obviously have a smart pair of ears. :)

    Prior to firmware 1.1.0 there was always some 'cab sim' involved in the Monitor Out to poweramp/cab.
    After many requests CK re-worked the Monitor Out to remove that added 'cab sim' colouring, and many men here were extremely happy. :)

    Now you have the choice, whatever your ears prefer.

    I guess what I am running into is, there are so many options, I can't decide what I like better! This always seems to happen when I try something like the KPA. By no means am I complaining, I can already tell I am going to have the best tones at band practice and live that I have EVER had, I am incredibly happy. Actually the biggest thing I need to be worried about is getting my Ground Control Pro setup with this thing. So many options, so many awesome rigs/sounds, I may have a stroke!!! :D This thing is just beyond amazing, it is everything I could ever wish for in a preamp, I literally have absolutely no desire to buy another amp again, absolutely incredible.

    Thanks for the help man. Ok, so I downloaded version, and yes the new effects are cool as well! I found that when playing with the monitor out into a 4x12/power amp, there is a HUGE and DRASTIC change in sound when changing cabs on and off, cool! That is exaclty what I was hoping for! The next thing I am doing is this. I downloaded the " Cab Bypass" from the rig exchange, locked it, and played all of my favorite profiles with it. Just for reference, I am using the power amp Of my VHT/Fryette Ultralead head, into my Deliverance 4x12 cabinet, so I am definitely playing with the highest quality power amp (as far as tube is concerned, we all probalby know that VHT/Fryette is the standard) and 4x12 for sure. The biggest issue I am having is (if you can even call it that), I can't decide weither I like having the cabs part of the profile, or the cab bypass profile built in as the cab! Sounds strange I know! To me, when I have the cab bypass built in as the cab, I always have that "VHT poweramp/4x12 cab" sound coming through, no matter what I do, because it IS what I am playing through. However, when using a cab, even though it doesn't drastically alter the sound (although it can if I want), I feel that it gives me that much more versitility than I would ever have using my current rig with the cab bypass, is that making any sense? Also, I feel that if I am using a cab profile, I am relying on the skills used by the engineer, or whoever, who miced the cab in the first place. Maybe I am splitting hairs here. And then comes the issue of, when I am playing live. Of course, then I won't have the cab bypass built in as the cab, as I need that for the direct out sound/ FOH, so I NEED a cab built in, because i plan on using the main outs to FOH, and my poweramp/4x12 on stage. Okay I am rambling, any help is appreciated! :D

    It is supposed to do that. Welcome to the party!

    Thanks for the help man. So what is the point of using the monitor out vs the main out when using a power amp/4x12 then? For those of you that are using a poweramp/4x12 through the monitor out, when dialing in your sound through your 4x12 (and not the main out to the FOH) Do you guys still mess with the cabs and see what works best, or do you leave what it comes with in the profile?

    Hey guys, just got my Kemper. Best purchase I've ever made playing guitar! Absolutely mindblowingly incredible to say the least. I have a few newbie questions. At first, even after uploading the latest firmware, my monitor out didn't work. No big deal, I reset it as directed by a few other threads :) Works great now. However, I was under the impression that the cabs are not supposed to be apart of the monitor out? Heres what I am running into.....

    When I go to the ouput menu, and turn off the cabs for the monitor out, I hear no difference in the sound quality when playing througn my 4x12. Also, when I click on the CAB stack to adjust cabs (just to see if it would work even when playing with a power amp and 4x12) The cabs drastically afffect the sound, just as if I was playing with headphones, or using the main outs. Is there something wrong here, or is this how it works with everyone when using the monitor out? Also, when I turn off the cab block, again, no difference in the sound with them off or on...Any help is appreciated. The cabs do drastically color the sound in my opinion when playing with a power amp and 4x12 cab. It still sounds absolutely fantastic, and I must say the monitor out seems to sound much much better than the main out when playing with a power amp/4x12. Thanks guys!


    PS: Also, if I use the main outs, and turn off the cabs, there is of course, a drastic change (for the worse! LOL) when using a poewr amp and 4x12. I know this isnt how you are supposed do that if you plan to use a 4x12, but I just wanted to make a point that there is definitely a difference with the main outs, vs nothing with the monitor out. Thanks for all the help guys I really appreciate it!