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    I want to say good-bye to you guys, at least for a while.
    I don't feel myself at ease any more with the sheriff-like attitude of some moderators here, nor I feel that Kemper are willing to develop a good relationship with their customers.
    I've just received a warning where I am accused of "stirring the pot". I will not comment on this, but will stop posting.

    Those of you who want to keep in touch will find me at gdimare at libero dot it, or on FB.

    Thanks to Burkhard and C. Kemper for their personal support and for giving me the possibility to play a Profiler.

    A warm hug to the friends I have made here. Go on making music and enjoying it!

    I used my headphones through both Kempers HP output, and my 2i2's HP out. To me there is a big difference in the tonal qualities right there.

    Yep, different HPs sockets will drive a pair of HPs in different ways. it depends on their characteristics.
    You might want to read this article, where the ideal coupling between headphones and a device driving them is described.
    The specs for the Profiler's HPs out and your 2i2's HP out may be quite different. I'd try the monitors straight from both units, which are much less sensitive to th4e output's characteristics. If you perceive a much lesser difference, then it's the audio card's HPs output.

    I need to drive my headphones at a certain level to bring out all the goodness.

    Most probably, nothing changes in the rig's response at different levels (unless you clip something). It's rather ear's sensitivity that changes at different sound levels.


    both our support and our programmer would appreciate if a reset wouldn't be one of things recommended first.

    Yep, makes sense.

    On a general note, many users (my experience is limited to Italy, but I'm sure this happens all over the world) are unable to contact Support because of a language barrier.
    On the Italian Kemper FB group many members experiencing issues contact me asking for help. After having thought about the most obvious things, often there's not much left to advise about. This is true for me as well as other long-term users (of course those who ask for help are aware that they are just asking other users).

    We should IMO realize that once an entity becomes "popular" (whatever this means) it ceases to belong to a restricted group of people, and becomes "of everyone". As such, it gets elaborated and somehow "manipulated" in ways that can be quite far from what the "original owner".
    Imagine a world where people do not speak English nor German nor Japanese... and imagine them inventing an ecosystem on their own... this is what there's out there, and it's much bigger than what's perceivable among the reassuring, orderly and neat boundaries of this forum.

    the "just play and shut up" crowd

    As for me, feel free to make music with whatever rocks your boat!

    Certainly better than going on complaining ;)

    Tweaking and paging around on the Kemper front panel

    Mhhh... I have used an Axe-Fx... it certainly needed an editor. As for the KPA, I don't find editing its parameters from the unit itself sucks at all: most of its settings are two clicks away. But I'd certainly love a robust and consistent preset manager (cabs included).

    significant feature updates and tone upgrades

    8o Luckily, the Profiler has undergone no significant tone upgrade since it came out... I'd hate that.
    I would not ascribe the need for a device for a tone upgrade as a merit ... let alone three X/


    Because of what I said G String: it has solved a lot of issues on my system, specially when Support was unable to replicate them (as it seems to be the case here).
    Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying that the SR does more than initializing global parameters to their default values: I'm saying that the effects this action determines are wide and can fix several issues.
    Not sure what you mean with "a restart has nothing to do with a reset", I of course know this. What I was trying to convey (and maybe failed to given a poor English) is that, since a Profiler seems to keep more parameters in memory than a traditional computer when switched off, a restart is not enough to achieve the same results as a reset.

    Also wondering about the statement that "there is no magic to it": where did you get the impression I'm invoking some magic? What I wrote is that a SR has been solving a lot of issues in the years. I (of course!) accept the fact that its effectiveness relies on what it does to global parameters. I just note that this seems to fix more issues than what it is supposed to fix.
    I can just suppose that many little things Support can't reproduce (and that have been fixed by a SR) are related to global parameters.

    Anyway, I'm just trying to be of help. It seems that a SR solved the issue in this case :)

    Hello cheekyboy, welcome :)

    If you want to achieve this setting on a per-rig basis there's no way AFAIK. You could easily setup the output so that for example the Direct Output carries a signal tapped before the fx section (hence with no modulations and reverbs if you place them in such section) while the Main or the Monitor output carry a whole signal.

    Feel free to explore the options in the Output menu in order to discover all the possibilities.

    If the output LED goes frequently into red lower the rig (or the Amp) volume and resave the rig(s).
    But are you seeing any activity at all by the Input LED? It should react to your playing. From what you wrote I had the impression it doesn't work at all?
    OTOH, if it's not working and your Clean Sens is too high there would be no need to lower rigs volume on an individual basis.