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    you can find pretty much any statement about literally anything on the web these days, that doesn't surprise me at all.

    I did however wonder about the point of bringing this up in this discussion.

    anyway, back to topic please :)

    In your opinion, is there a less expensive DI box that yields the same results as the Kemper box? I’d rather not spend $130 if I don’t have too. But if that’s what I have to do I will.

    I read through all 12 pages of that old thread and there are so many random opinions that it’s making me just lean towards the Kemper box

    the point is, that the DI box has to be able to withstand speaker(!) level signals.

    please refer to the manual 'PROFILING an Amp', subsection 'How to PROFILE an Amp without a Cabinet (Direct Amp PROFILEs)'


    March 20, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    Is there any DI box that will allow me to either not use the cabinet or bypass the cabinet so I can profile without the cabinet being cranked at full volume? I like the quiet process with the reactive load but I want to get the best profile possible ?

    the point is, that the DI box has to be able to withstand speaker(!) level signals.

    please refer to the manual 'PROFILING an Amp', subsection 'How to PROFILE an Amp without a Cabinet (Direct Amp PROFILEs)'


    March 20, 2015 at 10:43 AM

    I saw this. But im still confused on whether the DI box is simply in addition to the cabinet or are we using a DI that can withstand the load and that will protect the amp. Or do we still need to use a cabinet in this case. If were using a DI with no cabinet then isnt that essentially a load box? Like the suhr RL

    Im not that experienced when it comes to creating profiles but i ran a little test and am curious as to what other think may be the best practice when it comes to my two comparisons ive made.

    I made two Direct profiles of my AC30 head Top Bost High channel. Running the out into my Suhr reactive load and sending the unfiltered direct tone out to the kemper for the profile.

    One i set the gain/volume at 5 and the other profile i set it full out, all other knobs at noon. I then took both profilesn I had made and set up two presets with the same IR and same amp settings. They sound very similar but i definitely notice some small variations. I think i actually prefer the profile i made with the gain set on 5.

    I usually run this amp with the gain around the halfway mark. Would it be more accurate to create a profile with the gain set closer to where i usually run the amp live? I did notice that the default definition settings of the full gain profile was a little lower. 1.8 definition on the full gain profile vs 3.8 on the halfway gain profile.

    Which do you think would be the more accurate profile between these two?

    The only flaw in the process which drives me crazy is the fact the Kemper allows multiple Rigs to have the same name. Therefore, you now have two DIFFERENT profiles with the name of the original Rig unless you manually renamed the new profile when saving. You can tell them apart by looking at the date/time stamp on each but it would be much better if Kemper used the standard computer methodology of not allowing identical names and simply added a unique identifier to the new rig ( e.g. Reference Rig_1)

    This is the part that is causing issues. Sometimes my new profile with the same name (or even if i change the name) is overwriting the sound on the previous preset. Both have the same name with the newly profiled sound. Thats why im being forced to copy and paste a dummy profile to use as the browser profile before the profile process is started. UNless i do this, the previous profile "sometimes" gets overwritten. Not only the name and tags but the entire sound that was profiled. Im now thinking this may have been a bug at one point. Ive updated the firmware and have been using this workaround for a while now to maybe the bug was fixed and im just not aware of it since im not risking overwriting the preset.

    I've only profiled 5 of my amps and never had this problem except on my first profile where I did not edit the name first and saved a profile with the same name as the profile I had loaded but I could tell the difference between the new and old profiles profiles by the date. I ended up with 2 profiles with the same name but different dates. The original profile was never overwritten. I'm not sure from what you have written what it is you are doing. Maybe you could video your process and we might see where the error, if any, is.

    its weird. if i dont change the name i get two profiles with the same name but sometimes the second overwrites the first and both are the same sound and sometimes they are the two different profiles

    The problem im having is that im trying to make multiple profiiles of the same amp with 99% similar tags and just change for example the gain level on each. therefore initially i was trying to choose the previously made profile and then create a new profile from that to save the hassle of having to re enter all the tag info. But eventually i figured out that the profiles were randomly getting overwritten. I dont know if this is a bug or not. Thats why im looking for clarification. I guess ill just stick with the workaround process for now.

    Edit the name, author and other tags before saving the new profile.

    of course. but my whole point of this thread was to see if there was another way this was supposed to be done. Seems like a huge waste of time this way. I cant see guys like tone junkie going through each of these extra steps when making thousands of profiles. i feel like im missing a step somehwere. I literally have to make a copy of a profiile before each new profile to keep from accidentally overwriting an old profile by mistake.

    Okay, so you plugged in/mic'd up and set the amp you want to profile. You then go into profile mode on the kemper and run the profile process that sends a bunch of weird signals to the amp to capture that sound. The toggle you are talking about is between your new profile and the physical amp so that you can fine tune the profile before you save it. Is this what you are doing?

    Yes but before i start the profile process, there are two different sounds when toggling between kemper amp and reference amp. One of them is the profile i was on before switching to profile mode. It is defaulting to that particular profile, and that is the profile that is being overwritten after i make the new profile. all the Tag information from that profile is showing up in the new profile as well after the whole process.

    How to i profile with everything empty and starting from scratch?

    I remember reading the manual and im pretty sure it stated that you are actually supposed to choose a reference profile that is similar to the new one your making in order to level out the overall output volume. If you dont do this how are you supposed to know how loud to set the Output db knob before starting the profile?

    Profiling is for capturing the sound of a real amp external to the Kemper, not tweaking an already made profile which it sounds like you are trying to do.. I may be wrong, but it sounds like you think the Kemper is a modeler and it isn't. If you want to tweak a profile that is already made and not change the original, just right click and make a copy of it then tweak and save/replace.

    im not tweaking a current profile. when i enter into profiler mode its defaulting to whatever prfile i was curently on in the browser. This is the kemper amp before the profiling process starts. Thats the amp you tweak the volume to before starting the profile. Is this not correct? or is there a way to bypass this part? when you set up a new profile theres always an amp youre comparing it to right? that way you can even out the volume? again maybe im missing something

    Ive always had this problem when attempting to create new profiles. I choose a kemper amp in the browser. I switch to profile mode. I then dial in my reference amp i want to profile. I run the profile mode. I save the profile and change the name. The name i choose and the sound i profiled keeps reverting to the new profile. Both the name and the sound are the same for both the original amp i chose and the one i created. This has caused me to having to keep making a copy of a profile before choosing it for my next profile so i dont accidentally overwrite one i want to keep.

    What am i doing wrong? there must be an easier way than this.