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    I'm sure I'm doing something super obviously wrong, but I cant seem to get this to work.

    I'm trying to send tempo changes out of a Kemper head to sync a F****l FX8 which is plugged into the stereo FX loop of the head.

    I have a MIDI cable going from the Kemper head , (MIDI OUT) to the fx8 (MIDI IN).

    On SYSTEM TAB > Page 14/18 PERFORM MODE MIDI, I have Channel 1 set to MIDI OUT.

    On SYSTEM TAB > Page 15/18 MIDI SETTINGS, I have Pedals to Midi CHECKED and Send MIDI clock CHECKED.

    In RIG TAB> Page 2/6, I have Tempo Enable CHECKED and Use Per. Tempo CHECKED

    But it wont sync.

    I tried deciphering the answer from the manual but I can't seem to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

    What I'm hoping for is to be able to change patches and have the kemper tell the Fx8 to sync to the tempo and then also, when I tap tempo on the Kemper remote, it tells the FX8 to chase it so that I can have fx8 and kemper delays always in perfect sync.

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance

    What kind of EXTREME noise? Hiss/Hum/etc?

    When you say it is so extreme that it overpowers you tone it makes me think you have a ground loop happening rather than a level issue.

    You mentioned that the -12db button is engaged but what is the actual Master Volume set to? If you turn the volume up to max (still with the -12db engaged) it should be plenty loud enough for a line level.

    Using a mic pre will mean you need to turn the KPA output volume down to nearly off which will result in poor signal to noise performance. Always try to use Lone Level input on the desk.

    Its the strangest sound I've ever heard, but i suspect it was just that I was pluggin into mic pre's.

    When I plug into Line level as BayouTexan advised, I do not get the sound. However, if I use line input, I am not nearly loud enough. The sound guy told me, "I've got you up all the way".

    My apologies, I didnt mean that I have the (-12 pad) button, I was saying that I have the Main Output (in the output button) set to -12 as I've read that anything higher than that and I will clip or overload the output. In fact, BayouTexan above says he keeps his at -18.

    So my question is, how do I keep it at -18 but still get it loud enough for FOH?


    Hi there,

    I have been practicing with my Kemper going SPDIF into my interface to save inputs for other instruments, but when I brought it to rehearsal, I tried going out both 1/4 and XLR (stereo on both) and both times there was EXTREME noise. It overpowered my tones with noise.

    I have read many different answers on the subject, but:

    1. Is it ok to plug the 1/4 or XLR (stereo) into a mic pre on the live console?

    If not, then my tone is MUCH too quiet with the the default output at -12 (in the output button).

    2. I read that you don't want to adjust this default (-12) too much as it might overload the signal, is this true? If I plug into a line input, the sound is so quiet that I have to turn this up to unity (zero).

    3. I've also heard that you want to keep it at a constant volume, why is this? Some of the time I will need to make micro adjustments throughout a live show, and being able to turn up and down seems really vital.


    I'm for hire! I will build you custom profiles. Depending on what you want it can get very expensive. Example: If you want a 59 Plexi profile then that will cost you several thousand dollars for me to get the amp unless I can rent one a little cheaper And then I charge a $100 mic setup fee and $200/hr to profile, but you don't have to pay for delivery of the profile since I give you a free download. :P

    Ok, very cool to know. The tones are not very complex. I'm not sure what the original amps were, but I dont believe they were boutique or anything. The band are friends of mine that I was hired to play for and just trying to re-create a few tones from their album. Great to know you offer this !

    Are you wanting to do this for an album of yours? Or one that was released by another artist that may have had hit songs on it?

    If it is the first one, if you have the amp that was used, you can profile it then work with the effects from there. If it is the second one, a good place to start is to look for profiles created by the big name profilers that use the same amp that was used on the album. I have seen quite a few people creating tones for famous songs. The best place to start is researching the equipment that was actually used for the recording.

    One thing to consider though...depending on what you are playing through or into the tone will sound different in different playback scenarios. Playing live at a higher volume will sound much different than playing into an interface for a recording. It may also sound different depending on the monitors you have vs the ones someone else has.

    Thanks for the response! I was hired to play with an act and I m trying to recreate 3 specific tones with FX from their album. I am playing a powered Kemper through a guitar cab and Going out stereo to front of house.

    I dont believe I have access to the guitarists amp used on the record. '

    Thanks that was really helpful.

    Hi there,

    Not sure if this is in the right category, but are there people out there who one could hire to build profiles with FX (or tweek ones that are close) to try to match the tones to lets say an album? Someone who is a kemper expert for hire so to speak to recreate them?

    Not sure if I will truly need this, but I figure I would see if there is a resource like this out there.

    I just bought my first KEMPER and I'm having a little trouble being able to authentically re-create the tones from my last modeler/the album with the kemper. I can get great tones from here on out, but re-creating has been difficult.