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    I am now understanding about Perf and Browse. I'm not sure why it's like that (when I change the 'core sound' I would want it to change everywhere it's in use, and I assume others would too), but c'est la vie.

    That said, if I go into my first Perf slot now and lock the effects, will they stick around for whatever else I have already put in that Performance?

    Thanks peeps. I do really like the sound quality and slick formfactor of the KPA, but always seem to have trouble with computerized/digital multi-function 'stuff' - I am much more a software guy in every other way besides musical instruments; I always know I can get what I want out of WYSIWYG knobs on huge old stomps, and I just love the sound of my 4-knob Orange head.

    Recently I caved and got the Remote. I set up a Performance set for the remote with one Rig in the first slot, and another in the second slot. When I am in Browser mode, my effects are all locked so I can bounce around rigs and have the same fx everywhere. BUT, when I was playing around with the remote, I decided to change some of the effects' parameters and order. Now, when I flip to the rig in the second slot, the effects are back to what they were before I edited them. Why didn't the changes propagate?


    Hi again all, bass player working out his new Kemper here again. Wanna Morph the gain and master volume with a button, eventually a footswitch on a midi controller but I found that I have an old amp channel switch if that might work... (don't have a Remote because I don't like the footswitch placement - I only generally need footswitches for the effects, not for changing rigs).

    Can I do this 1. with a button on the front panel, and/or 2. with a regular latching footswitch plugged in the back?

    "storing it again by dragging and dropping" is not possible. Drag & drop just moves items. Copy & paste just creates copies of the original. Store creates a new original. It's like you know it from any PC operating system. With drag & drop and copy & paste you move around and copy e.g. Word files. To create a new Word file, you need to open Word and use its store function. Drag& drop and store are two fundamentally different functions.

    I think we're only a few feet apart by semantics here, though.

    If I want to save a file from within Word, it'll ask me what folder to put it in. Saved to that folder = file now stored there.

    If I have another file elsewhere, I can drag and drop it into that folder. Dragged/dropped into folder also = file now stored there.

    If I have another instance of the first file with the same name and drop it into the folder, it will overwrite the one I saved from within Word. This not happening is what surprised me.

    For anyone who has used this pedal, do you know if the footswitches can basically be set up where A-D and 1-4 are *all* assigned to the KPA's effects blocks, with Up and Down just stepping through Rigs in browser mode? Actually since at least one effect (wah) will be auto on/off by moving the exp pedal, I guess one of the switches should go to Tuner.

    Is the above possible and has anyone done it? Much like at least one or two other users, my use case has VERY little (mostly zero) amp/rig switching and is mostly individual effects on/off to build my sounds in each given moment. So, the official Remote is all kinds of wrong for me and I'm looking for a compact alternative.


    Hmm, I didn't touch anything besides storing it once by click and then storing it again by dragging and dropping a short while later. I guess that's why it's so odd to me that it didn't merge the two (I would have expected them to merge even with different timestamps if literally nothing else was different between them, just based on how other digital storage tends to work.)

    Batch operations are not available in the editor including its store functions. You can only choose selections of objects in the upper list area. Here you can copy & paste or drag & drop batches, but never store. Copy & paste and drag & drop never create duplicates with new time stamps. You can only drop or paste the originals. If an original (same name and time stamp) already exists in the destination location, the drop or paste operation is simply ignored.

    So the scenario I described, then, how do you suppose it happened? I'll simplify with a single example just so that I can be sure I'm not taking crazy pills.

    1. I opened a local folder of Rigs that my producer sent me

    2. One of those patches/Rigs, I opened in the editor/RM and clicked Store In Profiler from that window. That patch, Orange Terror Grind, then showed up in my Profiler head.

    3. Later, I grabbed the whole folder's worth of Rigs from my friend and drag-dropped it onto the Profiler in the RM window.

    4. Thus resulted in Orange Terror Grind now appearing twice in the list, once at the top above the dropped batch, and once at its normal place within the batch, without my doing anything to it.

    Now if you're saying dropping the batch into the Profiler branch of the list does not "store" them in the head, maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. But that's how I got all those rigs into the head, using RM, and was surprised that that one (and two others, actually) were repeated instead of just merged with the batch I dropped in. That's contradictory to how you just said it should work, and indeed it confused me.

    Sorry, I'm a bit lost and don't understand what you exactly did.

    If you press store at the PROFILER you have multiple options "Replace", "Store As", "Rename". "Store As" creates a new Rig in the PROFILER browse pool. But first you have the chance to edit the Rig Name. If you don't, the new Rig has the same name as the original Rig, but another creation date and time. I don't understand, which store you performed at the front panel, and if you created another Rig or just replaced or renamed the original.

    I didn't do any of the above at the front panel itself.

    In Rig Manager, first I went to a few individual Rigs and pressed the button in Rig Mgr at bottom right that says "Store In Profiler".

    Then after finding I could do whole batches instead with a drag and drop, I grabbed a whole batch of them, including the same ones I had already individually 'Stored In Profiler' and dropped the whole batch into the Profiler on the menu. As a result, two copies of each that I had previously individually added (and had not touched since) were then present.

    As mentioned, transpose won't solve the drop D challenge.

    For non trem, I use a PitchKey....absolutely brilliant, operates like a D-Tuna.

    DaveOnBass interesting you said HXFX did it better...our guitarist uses a Helix and has a Drop pedal because he says the Helix is not good at transpose. You defo need to have enough songs to make a dedicated guitar worthwhile. Im in an 80's hair metal band and we do some Motley crue which is all detuned a tone to D. So I have about 4 or 5 songs in the set with a lower tuning ( we are normally in Eb). Motely Crue to me doesn't sound the same in any other key so I have a dedicated guitar that also serves as a backup ( with transpose) if my other guitar fails.

    It could perform differently between guitar and bass. Interestingly enough, I think I was using their "normal" pitch shifter for transposing, as well, instead of their new fancy PolyCapo algorithm, because I think I had run out of dsp blocks.

    In the KPA, I think transpose does sound a little tighter at the Rig/Amp level versus as an effect block, but it also feels odd to me to have two separate rigs just for E and Eb. But hey, it's not like I'm playing gigs lately so it's not like I have to have everything perfect *today* - so I keep on keepin on.

    It sounds like you had tweaked something in the first set of rigs and resaved them on the KPA which would give the rig a new time stamp and be identified as a unique rig. The other possibility is that you had something locked. The KPA sees locked items as an edited rig.

    Just to complement ... the PROFILER treats Rigs as edited if locked elements are involved. Consequently, it stores the Rig including the locked elements.

    If you load for example a Rig A with originally a Wah in effect module C, while you have a Distortion locked in module C, you see and hear the Rig without Wah and with Distortion instead, the Rig appears as editied, and it gets stored including the Distortion, if you press STORE. It therefor differs from the original Rig.

    Oh, at the time I hadn't touched, edited, or locked a single thing - I was in Rig Mgr, then simply clicked Store In Profiler on two or three individual rigs, then thought "I should ask if I can move these in batches somehow", then read the reply saying I could drag and drop them, went back and drag/dropped the whole batch I wanted. Never left my desk or fiddled around in the patch/rig. That's why I thought it was odd.

    I understand about the transpose thing - I'll do Drop D when needed, sure, as on the fly it's just easy to do, even by ear. But with all the half step down stuff from the 90s, or the ever present "oh we didn't hire a good enough singer so we have to play everything tuned down"... LOL. And if I were to leave one bass tuned to Eb, then that's a whole bass that I have then relegated to a specific "special duty" and that feels weird to me.

    I will say that I think my HXFX did the transpose thing a tad cleaner and with no discernible latency. Plus the parallel pathing option was better. But some of the effects on the KPA are absolutely better than the HX: autowahs, flangers and phasers in particular.

    It does filter out duplicates. You cannot have two identical Rigs in the same location. However, if you load a Rig, increase Gain and store it via Store As without changing its name, this results in two Rigs with same name but different creation date (and settings). These are no duplicates.

    Not sure about your terminology. "doubleclick to preview an amp" "stay on same profile"

    I'm assuming you are referring to Rigs.

    I don't know, how to double click on Rig A, the headphone icon appears at Rig A, but the PROFILER loads Rig B.

    Please open a support ticket and attach a video demonstrating what you exactly do and what the result is in Rig Manager and on the PROFILER display.

    Well, I loaded a couple individual Rigs before seeing the advice to grab and drag/drop a whole bunch at a time, and when I dropped the whole bunch in there, the ones I had already put in there were still there, AND the second copy of each from the batch drop were as well.

    Since then I've just deleted EVERYthing and only loaded in the Rigs I was after. If I see the Rig Mgr unsync issue again I will definitely video it for support. Yes, when I said Amp and Profile I suppose I did mean Rig.

    DaveOnBass You can select the batch, then drag and drop to the lochation My Profiler. 'Store in Profiler' only stores the previewed Rig.

    Ah, okay, thanks! Does it automatically filter out duplicates, e.g. if I picked an entire Bass Pack but some of them are already in there? EDIT found out, it does NOT filter out duplicates. Additionally, sometimes when I doubleclick to preview an amp, the Profiler doesn't pick up the change properly; it'll stay on the same profile, or will jump to one above or below the one in the list that shows the preview 'headphones' icon - e.g. the selected profile on the amp is not the one selected in the RM window. Could be a bug!

    yes, I understand what you are saying. You are correct about the routing but it may not be as big a problem in reality as you imagine it would be. The only way to know for sure is try it.

    Thanks - currently running my KPA through a couple software updates, and my buddy has sent me a boatload of profiles he's created in our studio from things like SVTs and Darkglass amps and more, so I have a LOT to try out in the immediate. whooboy