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    Depends on what you expext them to be able to do. :) And obviously how much space you have for bigger ones.

    Just by guessing, I would say 5" speakers might be good. Yamaha HS 5 are great value for money.

    With 4" speakers you can always add a subwoofer if you're missing the low end too much.

    Personally, I can't imagine 3" speakers to sound anywhere close to acceptable and enjoyable.

    Thanks ! I am really not sure which monitors should i buy, i know Adam audio have good reputation and A4V model looks good for my need, but maybe should i consider the budget Monitors (Yamaha HS 5)? because my room has no acoustic treatment

    The smaller you go with the woofer size and the enclosure size, the less bass response you get. While this might not be a huge issue when you play electric guitar only ... you'll likely notice it quite a bit when you e.g. play over a backing track with bass and kick drum/floor toms.

    Regarding "guitar only", I don#t know what genre you typically play. But don't expect such small speakers to "chug" properly (this plam muted ooomp in high gain). :)

    So, if I understand right, you advice me to go bigger? even for my small room?

    4 inch should be enough?

    Hi there,

    I user my Kemper only in my work bed/room(small one, 3X2 meter, with no acoustic treatment at all ) which is also the place where I play guitar currently via my Kemper and Headphones.

    I wanna buy speakers so I can listen to music while I am working and also connect to my Kemper and play with.

    My budget is around the 1K$.

    Should I buy bookshelf speaker or studio monitor (4 inch I guess)?

    Most of the time I listen to music in low volume and I am afraid that the studio monitors will not serve one of my purpose. On the other hand i am not sure is bookshelf speakers suits to ny Kemper.



    I own a Kemper stage for a month now and I am really happy with it! using it exclusively with my AKG K550 Headphones (32 Ohms).

    In some of the low gain / early breakup profiles (but not all of them ), if I am strum a little bit harder the sound of the drive sound really digital/fuzzy through my headphones.. although the Kemper doesn't indicate there is a clipping problem.

    I have to mention I didn't try the profile with another headphones or through studio monitors already.

    Some of the profiles I tried :ToneJunkie JTM 45/100 , Mbritt Morgan JMI/JS..

    Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? The only thing I can think of is maybe the Impedance of the headphones

    EDIT: could external sound card help? instead connect the headphones directly to the Kemper

    Thanks in advance!