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    My biggest issue with Rig Manager on the iPad is changing performances using UP & DOWN only, unless I'm missing something, which I hope I am.

    Would be awesome to see all of the performances my name and jump to any of them directly.

    We use performances to store lots of groupings of guitar & bass sounds for studio usage. So if we need a Marshall we jump to 10, or a Vox we jump to 20, Bass jump to 80, etc - then dial in effects as needed.

    Very clever Nicolas! I have a few Raspberry PIs here for video tasks, but not willing to go that route to bridge USB functionality on the Kemper. My old iPad will work for now.

    Just wish I could see a list of all Performances on the Kemper from the iPad, and let me quickly switch to any of them. Going up or down one at a time is very time consuming. Much easier switching performances on RigManager on the computer.

    on this topic, I'm sure I've seen on the web a video with CK explaining his choice on that. And I think, roughly, what he said was that in theory (sampling theory, Nyquist etc...) you don't loose any information at 44.1kHz, or it's negligible for the task we're interested in : guitar. He claimed that poeple thinking they hear a difference at higher sampling rate make a mistake...

    anybody remember this ?

    And I think internally, everything is at 44,1kHz, even the IR's for the kemper are at 44k, right?

    I won't argue sound quality, it's a more practical concern for me.

    At least half of what I do is record live bands with audio and video, and in the video world, 48khz is the standard.

    If the Kemper only supports 44.1khz in USB Audio, that means more post-production work for me and for my use case, that isn't worth it. I'll continue to use Kemper XLR outs to my interface and work in 48khz.

    My only other USB audio device is my Roland TD-27 drum kit, and having the full audio come in one USB cable with 7 (stereo) tracks, and at 48khz, is a real game changer (especially since the TD-27 only have 4 mono audio outs - kick, snare, rest of kit in stereo pair, no other way to get the individual drum tracks). For my video work I'd love to use both of my Stages in USB and save 4 XLR inputs.

    Obviously lots of unique ways to use the Kemper in productions, and I'm sure the majority is fine with 44.1. Just hoping Kemper reads this and possibly considers supporting 48khz via USB Audio :D

    I read the new manual and saw this... so I'll just use my own interface for now. I record at 48k.


    USB audio works at a fixed sampling rate of 44.1 kHz.

    What?!? Yikes that's a non-starter for me :(

    The only other USB audio device I use is my Roland TD-27 drum set using USB audio to get all the individual tracks, and even with their drivers I get 44.1, 48, and 96khz options.

    Here's hoping that changes before official release.

    It truly is killer! I've had so many ultimately disappointing monitors over the decades, and spent more than that probably buying/selling different ones. I bought the Genelec's after I had a project that I lost days to mix translation issues, beyond frustrating for everyone involved, embarresed and finally had enough, and put them on my credit card (which I never do). The sub I got a few months later, which in my case I wouldn't consider totally necessary but I am glad to have it. My non-musician friends love to come over just to listen to music through them.

    I've had the Genelec's over a year now, and I just don't spend ANY time with mix translation concerns anymore. I just mix, listen, adjust and I can trust what I'm doing, and mostly importantly I stay creative. These speakers are just invisible now.

    If I had spent this kind of money on proper monitors 30 years ago, I tell folks I would have had an entirely different career. Truly "penny wise, and pound foolish" in my case :P Ah such is life haha

    All that said these 8330a's are their ENTRY level speakers ($950 each).

    I can only freaking imagine what the 8331's (next step up modestly called "The Ones") sound like ($2445 EACH!!!) 8| One day I hope to hear those.

    Anyway my apologies for the ramble. As you can tell, I'm quite the fan of these!

    I agree with Ruefus and Ingolf - guitars can sound REALLY good through IEM. Better than outloud I dare say, and safer for your ears long term.

    I bought a Sennheiser IEM EW 300 G3 about a decade ago to hook up to my mixer, and it's been a reliable workhorse. My kid bought a $300 IEM system off Amazon recently, and it's really hard here to tell the difference in sound quality between the two. We all use $50 earbuds from Amazon that exceptional sounding for the price, and I sell them in my studio for musicians who come without their own earbuds.

    Of course an IEM is only a set of speakers ultimately, so how the sound is mixed going into the IEM is probably the most important thing ;) Mixing Kempers is not much different than mixing a mic'd isolated cab.

    I ordered a pair of Genelec 8320A's early last year and they are SMALL, shockingly so lol. They sounded unbelievable for their size though. I ultimately decided they were better if I was having to relocate them to work from anywhere, which I do not do.

    I ended up sending them back and getting 8330A's with the 7350A sub. Beyond happy with them! Not inexpensive, and it really hurt at the time, but I do not regret it. Best sound I have ever had in my studio. The GLM room analysis/correction is excellent too.

    I keep a USB stick for backups for each Kemper in each bag, and backup each before a gig/show. (we have three Kempers - for two guitarists and one bassist)

    My only wish was the backup names included the name of the Kemper that was being backed up (each Kemper being given a unique name).

    But sometimes in the chaos that precedes a gig, I delegate someone to take the backups, and they run around with a single USB stick. I then have to decipher from the date/time which Kemper backup is which.

    Definitely would be a nice to have :D

    FYI... I purchased both the Apache 9800 and Plano cases yesterday. Very disappointed in both in terms of quality and sturdiness. So both are going back today.

    Decided on using a Pelican 1720 & Pelican iM3200 for my two Stages. The 1720 I found used locally, and the iM3200 I ordered new from Pelican on sale ($271). While the Pelican's aren't cheap, they offer superior protection and these Kempers are just too valuable to not be properly protected.