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    Meaning you needed it set one way for low gain, another way for mid gain, another way for high gain or you'd have major issues with losing sustain trying to leave it on all the time. This always made it extremely hard to have just one noise gate, quite aside from the tap dancing issues needed to turn the gate on and off with the distortion.

    Completely been there and totally agree.

    What I did for years at rehearsals & live, was to use two noise gates - the classic Boss NS-2...

    One pedal in the loop of the amp. Set pretty high. Cuts out all of that high gain hiss and also helps quiet the guitar during silent passages. Then another gate in front of the amp, set fairly low, to keep the guitar whisper-quiet in silent passages, and without having to worry about the guitar's volume knob. This method allowed me to use any kind of tone - pristine clean, overdriven, to death chunk high gain. The guitar HAS to be silent when nothing is being played. My god, noise gates are such a brilliant invention.

    As a high gain Metal player, using the noise gate knob on the front in conjunction with a gate in slot #1 works the best for me. The knob noise gate, at really high settings, can really choke off the notes & make the tone sound almost robotic.

    I always put a 4:1 gate at about 40% level in slot #1 for anything super-saturated high gain Metal. The knob noise gate varies from barely on, up to about 50%.

    Three years later, this method continues to be perfect for my style & needs.

    Guys, I'm looking for some advice about cabinets. I'm pretty new to IR's and cabs & those sorts of things.

    I've had an unpowered Toaster for about 2.5 years now, but I struggle and go back & forth with different cabinets. Some are too bright, others too dark, some too muddy, others too mid-scooped.

    I'm a Metal/Hard Rock guy, who uses anything from Plexi's, to Friedmans, JCM800's, Suhr PT100, etc. The tone needs to be thick, saturated, not fatiguing to the ears & defined. I play exclusively through in-ears via the Kemper's headphone out.

    Here is my favorite rhythm guitar sound ever as a reference -

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    The riff @ 0:29 is where you can really hear what I mean.

    I'm getting closer, but was hoping for some advice about free ones on the RE to get things rolling. Many thanks to you all...this Forum rules. 🙏

    This is great example of why there is no right or wrong answer to the “which profiles are best for………’ questions.

    I like HW and Sooze and really want to like their profiles. I have the everything pack and haven’t managed to find a single rig that I would use in place of my personal favourites.

    I am not suggesting that Tone Junkie profiles are bad or that you are in anyway wrong in your choice. Merely pointing out just how personal and subjective tone is. Its a good thing that we all like different things anyway or music would sound really dull.

    Absolutely, man. Agreed. When I first got a Kemper 2.5 years ago, many of the members of this very forum (full of great dudes!) suggested the MBritt Profiles, so I used them for quite a while. But, the more I searched the Rig Exchange & bought packs, the less the MBritt Profiles worked for me. Top Jimi does really nice stuff too.

    Tone is sooo subjective, could not agree more.

    That is exactely what a Marshall tonestack does.

    I've found that the JCM800 Liquid Profile works really well with a lot of my other, older Profiles. Smooths them out, introduces a midrange that is pleasing to these old ears. But some sound better with just the Generic EQ.

    Pretty darn blown away by LP'ing so far. 👌

    After playing around for a bit with LP, gotta say it lives up to the hype. Some amps sound better with the Generic setting, some come alive with the actual LP for that amp...and many sound cool with another amp's LP. It'll be fun to sit with it for a while & tweak.

    As usual, I liked Britt's Liquid Profiles the best. He really knows how to dial in a JCM800!

    Glad you returned! What a great story, thank you for posting that. 🙏 This has been my experience with the unpowered Toaster after two years now..

    It has completely changed not only how much I play guitar, it's also caused me to fall in love with the instrument all over again. There's maybe 40 Profiles on my Kemper, but those 40 are truly incredible. The thing blows my mind! Through in-ears? This thing is GOD. It's mercilessly addictive. It's cleaned my playing up because great Profiles don't cover up sloppy playing!

    Some guys like to always tweak their sound, day-to-day, mess with it - and I'm one of 'em. The controls are so easy, they're right on the face of the amp. Easy. Love adding an effect pedal in there on a whim: Fuzz, octaver, transpose, etc...turn a few knobs, VOILÀ.

    Glad to have you back!