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    First things first: I was really happy to see that Kemper tried to be as open about the problem as possible in situations like these. As someone who works in IT I know how many companies are not sharing any information at all with their clients and I was really surprised (in a positive way) that Kemper used all their (remaining) channels to get the message out.

    Now my question:

    As Kemper stated in their statement on the website "We’ll keep you updated according to GDPR as soon as we get new insights from the forensic investigation team.": Are there any updates that can be shared with the public at the moment?

    I'm usually using one or two IR's to keep my base sound the same. It would be very nice to have the lock-feature in the rig manager for the player.

    I understand, that its hard to see if it's active on the device itself, but I'm really annoyed when I'm comparing profiles and have to change the cab everytime I'm clicking through profiles... Maybe, as a comprise, we could add something like a "master cab" that overwrites the cabs in the profiles?

    P.S.: welcome back forum!

    You've got several options!

    1. take a power amp, disable the cabinet and go into a guitar cab.

    2. try playing with some parameters. Pure Cabinet and the space parameters will be your friend.

    What's Pure Cabinet?…or_the_PROFILER

    What's Space?

    The “Space” parameter adds a small room simulation to the master signal. This makes listening through headphones

    far more enjoyable.

    Just play around, get a look at the manual and have fun ;)

    Can somebody please explain the new function "clean compensation"?


    Have a look at the addendum:

    Where are slicer and auto pan? It's really disappointing...

    Maybe they were busy to unify the operating systems for the player and the profiler?

    And don't take this personally, but comments like yours show me why it's easier for developers to not show a preview for upcoming features or publish a roadmap.

    To put it in the words of the Duke Nukem-developers: "It's done when it's done."

    Thanks mate, much appreciated (and sorry for the late reply)!

    What IR are you using it with, just out of curiosity?

    Regarding plans, we have two other cabs to use for profiles, if people are interested (one GREAT Diezel cab and another, more exotic option, that both sounded the best out of many cabs we have tried, alongside the Mesa Cab from our previous packs). I also have a new, even nicer sounding Dual Recto, different overdrives, and am working on one or two other killer amps.

    Anything in particular you are looking for?

    just curious. I'm always leaning on the Marshall-style of sound, like Friedman or Blackstar.

    For playing around at home I'm using the Ownhammer Rockbox-stuff, at our latest recording session I used a v30 IR from York Audio. I'm still waiting for the first rough mix so I don't know if they sound like we wanted it to, but I#m pretty optimistic :)

    Ich finde, dass viele Leute den Player falsch wahrnehmen.

    In meiner Wahrnehmung soll der gar nicht eine Variante des Stage sein, sondern im Endeffekt ein Pedalboard-Amp, der netterweise schon ein paar Effekte mit an Board hat. Mit einem anderen Namen wie "Kemper Pedal Player" o.Ä. wäre das mMn auch eindeutiger gewesen.

    Ich find ihn super. Ich nutze so gut wie keine Effekte (bisschen Hall hier, bisschen Boost da) und daher kann der Player alles was ich brauche. Mir fehlt nur manchmal die Lock-Funktion.

    Ich spiele momentan mit dem Gedanken, meinen Powerhead abzustoßen, und dann nur noch eine Röhren-Lunchbox zu nutzen. (Da muss ich dann aber erst noch ein paar Profile erstellen...)

    Auf dem Pedalboard geht dann das Eingangssignal einmal zum Player und von da aus zum Mixer, das andere Signal geht zur Lunchbox (zum Spaß haben) und gut ist.

    Then they should not announce when they want to ship it! I ordered it because of that and because i had some holiday time now to fiddle around with it. Holiday is over now and i still have nothing to fiddle with....................................... When it will finally arrive i don't have much spare time to try out. Kind of dissapointment. And yes, it's got paid upfront.

    Icknow, and I know it’s a little disappointing.

    Was there any delivery time communicated?

    When I talked to the shop-support on the phone, they said that the release was delayed and they wanted to announce it earlier. Just bad timing in the end.

    well, it's Christmas time... Lot's of people are not working between christmas and new year.

    You need to connect the head to a wifi router.

    June 14, 2021 at 2:14 PM

    I had a quick call with the Sales team today, because i changed my order from Pick up to shipping and also didn't get an answer.

    There were multiple issues (new shop that is integrated in the web site, a lot of interest in the Player, this is the last week before the christmas holidays etc). But the very nice support-human helped me out right away and I got my shipping mail. An hour later, UPS was on my doorstep and delivered my package (I'm located an hour away from the HQ).

    So maybe contact them (address or phone number are in your confirmation mail) or wait 1-2 more days ;)

    Transpose and morph are features I really need :(

    I could live with the lack of all fx blocks ... I get it as addition to excisting boards, but pure standalone small version it's lmited

    Oh and I don't like power adaptors, normal IEC 220/110 V plugs is so nice :(


    you can transpose via the rig menu. morph is not available.

    I think the 9v power connector is perfect for a pedal board!

    Side Note:

    I just recieved my Kemper Player. Had to do some updates on Rig Manager and the Player.

    While I found the first bug, Kemper released already a new Rig Manager Update (which didn't fix my problem, but that's ok) :) So they are currently working on it.

    Available now: 697,99€ in Germany.

    Loading | Kemper Amps


    The KEMPER PROFILER has changed the world of guitar tone significantly. The acclaimed KEMPER PROFILING technology and the brand-new Liquid Profiles provide the best amp tones anytime and anywhere possible - offering consistent accuracy and also a convenient package for touring, traveling, and studio use.

    The KEMPER PROFILER Player is the latest and the most complete serving of professional amp tones and studio-grade FX per footprint. Requiring only the floorboard space of two standard distortion pedals the PROFILER Player turns any pedal board into an arena-grade touring rig. And, what’s more, the Player indeed itself is already the arena-grade touring rig that fits in every guitar bag. It offers the full arsenal of KEMPER amp tones (yes, the Amp section of the Player sounds identical to the amp section of its famous Big Brothers - it loads any amp PROFILE from the vast library of existing free and commercial PROFILEs), selected FX settings, IR loading, and switching capabilities - at home, in the studio, in the rehearsal room, and on stage.


    At first glance, the PROFILER Player is an easy-access guitar amp with familiar classic controls, where you can store your precious amp channel settings.

    The amp section of the Player sounds identical to the amp section of its famous Big Brothers. It loads any amp PROFILE from the vast library of existing free and commercial PROFILEs out there.

    Rigs from the big PROFILERs are fully compatible within the limits of the Player’s 4 FX slots.

    If you want to dig deeper and access every single effect setting, the Rig Manager remote app connects to the Player through USB or WLAN on a platform of your choice.

    Connect your phone to the Player by Bluetooth to play along your guitar licks to Spotify.

    At home the Player is the perfect rehearsal amp, on stage, it is a self-contained KEMPER PROFILER.

    Turn the PROFILER Player into a combo amp by connecting one or two KEMPER Power Kabinets.

    The Player is reduced to the max and therefore also a match for bass players and acoustic guitarists. Also, keyboard players will enjoy the leading tube amp PROFILEs and studio-grade effects to spice up their sounds.

    Expand the live control capabilities simply by adding expression pedals or additional foot-switches. MIDI via USB - Supports typical USB2MIDI cables

    Four effect blocks elevate the Player to a professional stand-alone live solution.

    The PROFILER Player offers a selection of some the finest effects in the world. As a company, KEMPER is also responsible for creating the ACCESS™ VIRUS™, one of the most successful synthesizers of all time. Nearly 25 years of experience.

    Along with the standard effects, you will find algorithms rarely seen in a guitar processor - these include an authentic rotary speaker and studio-grade reverbs, offering amazing rooms, large halls, even lush, pad-like ambiences and many more.

    The Player’s signal chain comprises 4 effect modules in addition to the amplifier stack. Up to two effects can be placed "pre" the amp stack, and another two "post" the amp. The post-amp modules of the effect chain are ideal for delay and reverb effects. Both delay and reverb offer "spillover"at any time, meaning the sonic tail is not cut off when you change to another Rig.

    The Player offers a massive, well-curated selection of 136 different FX settings taken from the legendary KEMPER PROFILER FX arsenal that features over 444 FX presets in total.

    By the way: this video is from the future.

    Today is the 19th. ;)

    Just had a YouTube-notification. Next video is out:

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    - 10 banks with 5 rigs each.

    - Bluetooth audio streaming.

    - XLR out and more.

    - running on 9-12v, 24w

    - backside:

    6,3mm (jack cable): input, stereo unbalanced output (monitor out), headphone out, expression-pedal, XLR out, usb stick input, usb b to connect to a pc/mac.

    We won't know when this was on the drawing board, but I suppose Tonex kickstarted design/production into overdrive.

    I already have the rack and Remote, but this would be a great gig bag solution...especially for travel.

    Uuuuh you gave me an idea. If you could use it as a remote for the Head, I could replace my two way switch on my pedal board. That would be a great feature!


    Had a closer look at the video:

    - Bluetooth and WiFi

    - No Display

    - knobs: EQ , Gain, Volume, Master Volume, FX1 and 2

    - Buttons: Kone, WiFi/Bluetooth, Noise Gate, 1-5 (maybe for the channels in Performance made)

    - LEDs: Tuner, Noise Gate, Input, Tap/Tuner

    - 3 switches

    Did i miss something?

    Backside was not shown.

    Will the begging now stop? No :) now everyone wants to know when the release date is and how much it will cost…

    Hey Kemper, I volunteer to come over to test the unit. And maybe take it with me as Christmas present for myself. It’s just a one hour drive for me ;)

    Versuch mal die verschiedenen Ground Lifts im Output-Menü. Die müssten beim Stage irgendwo im Output-Menü sein. Wo genau, kann ich leider nicht sagen, da ich den Head spiele. Steht aber vermtl. irgendwo im Handbuch :)

    Alternativ andere Kabel testen, Anderen Stromkreislauf nehmen wären auch noch mögliche Optionen.

    Weitere Möglichkeit wäre:

    Alle Geräte im Stromkreislauf aus, außer dem Profiler.

    Dann nach und nach die Verbraucher anschalten und gucken wann es fiept.