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    If you use the power amp in linear mode, it's not needed to include it in the Direct PROFILE. You could create a Direct PROFILE just from the output of the preamp (line level signal into RETURN), which does all the sound shaping. That's what I would do and then do further equalization within the PROFILER as needed.

    I you want to include the power amp, you need a DI box. I see, that the KEMPER DI box is available in the European online store. If you cannot find it in the US store, please open a support ticket. You can also find a thread here in the forum suggesting other DI boxes, which could do this job. The DI box needs to be designed for power amp levels and shoould be sound neutral (no speaker simulation). No attenuator should be used.

    Okay, I see. Thank you! Where would I open a support ticket through?

    I have a Marshall JMP-1 connected to a Marshall Valvestate Pro 120/120 power amp, which is a solid state power amplifier. If I wanted to create a direct profile, would I still need a DI box even though the power amp is digital/solid state? And if so what is the best option since the actual Kemper DI is never in stock anymore?

    Okay, so I was able to profile it but it is not coming out quite as good as I imagined. Is this due to not having a power amp OR a di box? I'm confused as to what a DI box would do in my case of profiling a preamp, and if it's necessary. I'm wondering if it's due to not having a power amp?

    Make sure that you select no cab in the preferences when profiling. I had a few problems with JMP-1 and a Rocktron Prophesy preamp, but got it in the end.

    After a lot of messing around, I found that working with IRs will not take full advantage of the Kemper though. There is something special about the way it captures with cabinet.

    Were you able to have high gain settings work fine? I have my gain between 17-20 and cannot profile it for the life of me. Always gives me the "too noisy" error.

    As the title states, I need someone's help profiling the Marshall JMP-1 preamp. I want to do a profile where I can add an impulse response/cabinet later and NOT use the emulated speaker output. When I go from the master out into the return of the profiler I get the error "reference amp is too noisy" or that no reference amp is connected. Is there something I am doing wrong or a step I missed?

    Like the title says, looking at the Andy James Kemper pack from STL Tones but I've heard some bad stuff about their profiles. Andy is a huge inspiration of mine and I love his sounds, but I don't wanna spend that kind of money on profiles that could potentially be bad and have no way of demoing them. Does anyone who has his pack think it's worth getting?

    Are you talking about the Kemper’s own cabinet or an IR you imported from a different source and RM converted to a cabinet?

    If you imported a 3rd party IR then RM has converted this into a Kemper Cabinet and you will find it in the Presets folder.

    If you are talking about a native Kemper Cabinet then it is stored as part of the rig as paul said. If you want to reuse it with other rigs there are 2 available workflows :

    1 - load a rig with the cabinet you want to use then lock the Cabinet block. With the cabinet locked you can load a new rig and save the result. This works if you only want to use the cabinet with occasional other rigs. Or if you want to use the same cabinet on ALL rigs in which case you don’t even need to save new rigs - just leave it permanently locked. This is the quickest and easiest option but it is risky and limited so I wouldn’t personally use it.

    2 - if you want to be able to grab it quickly at anytime in future then drag the cabinet from the donor rig into the presets area of RM and drop it there. This will make the Cabinet a preset. You might want to rename it for ease of future use. Now you can drag and drop it on any rig you want in future.

    Got it! Thanks so much!