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    Hi everyone!

    Like many here, I've bought A LOT of profiles, and have many recommendations for specific packs and vendors.

    I know starting out there are so many option it's sometimes hard to make good choices, so I wanna help in any way I can :))

    In this thread I want to recommend a no-nonsense pack by Tone Junkie called "Peaty 100".

    It seeks to capture the tones of Pete Thorn's signature amp by Suhr the "Suhr PT100".

    Let me tell ya I'm a tough guy to please when it comes to guitar tone, but this pack is really awesome! (for both single coils and humbuckers)

    It starts with a super straight forward cleans, and on to moded british juicy tones from Jimi Hendrix, to Page, to Slash to huge leads.

    I think it's $10 (sorry if incorrect).

    Not sure if it's allowed to put a link in here, but you can find it easily on Tone Junkies site, search "peaty" in the search bar.


    I just had a crazy thought!

    Basically, with the Kemper's ability to learn and imitate gain and tone structures, we can plug it into an overdrive or distortion pedal and make a profile of the pedal.

    The thing is, it would save it as a rig (amp) preset, and we don't want that... BUT!

    What if we had the option to convert a KIRG file (amp section) into a KPRESET file (an effect preset), and have a preset loader in the Kemper?

    We would be able to profile our favorite overdrive pedal's snapshots and use them in the slots section and have them as effect pedals on our Kemper:!:

    I think this would be absolutely an amazing improvement to the Kemper, and it doesn't sound like a very difficult thing to add (not that I have any idea lol)

    would love to hear what you guys think, and if any Kemper decision maker reads this please consider to add this it would be great!;)

    It’s a beautiful day here in Kemper land as we have so many great options of sounds to choose from :)

    I’m considering which pack to purchase,

    Top Jimi’s 68 or 74 Marshall super lead…

    both are widely popular and have great reviews

    Would love to hear which one you liked best!

    or maybe should I get both🤭

    (I’m also getting the 87 jub, jcm800, and JT45)

    Countless hours tweaking and finding profiles that can fit my needs but it’s really hard to get the right mids. All the profiles (and I mean a lot) I’ve tested we’re lacking mids or body.

    A friend gave me his usb stick with a lot of paid profiles and it was the same. Sounded lifeless or too tiny etc etc.

    I managed to find one Marshall profile that seems to sound great to me and I tweaked it a lot and I mean a lot.

    I thought it could be great to have reviews of others kemper users, because I’m thinking maybe it’s just me that is too much used to real amp and trying to recreate an impossible thing with the Kemper (or other digital products)

    Hey dude!

    From my experience, the Kemper sounds as good as the monitors/headphones/cab you are playing it through...

    If it sounds small, this might just be because you play it through a small pair of monitors etc...

    Also, try to crank up the volume, you might be surprised by how fuller it sounds in comparison

    Hope I helped

    For me, the issue is usually one of two things - not enough volume, or the acoustics (speaker placement also) is accentuating the bass. However, there have been times when a rig that was dialed in for a tele was just too dark for humbuckers. In those cases, I found that the treble booster in the Stomps section made a positive change.

    Cool tip about the treble booster Zapplendan:thumbup:

    My studio monitors are sitting on the desk, which I know is not ideal,

    but does it really takes so much high frequencies out?

    I agree with paults,, if its across the board, its a system problem,jus my 3 cents

    I might have not been clear enough...

    Not all profiles are like that... for example, I got some Live Ready Sound packs and they are not at all like that

    What bothers me is the fact that so many as it were "great profile packs" like Tone Junkie's and M Britt's are unusable for me...
    I feel like I miss so much;(

    When an issue is shared by almost all profiles, the issue is likely to be related to what you use to listen to your Profiler, or Output Settings.

    headphones, studio monitors, full range cabinet, guitar cabinet? Let us know the specific brands/models.

    what are your Output Settings? It may be helpful to post pictures of each Output Menu screen.

    Also, what guitars are you using? Fresh strings? Are the tone controls turned up?

    Hi paults!

    So as I said, I am using a pair of Rokit6 KRK studio monitors,

    I am using a Fender american 1989 strat with HSS

    and a Gibson 2011 Les Paul

    (The volume and Tone knobs are obviously open all the way)

    Good idea! here are my output settings:

    Standard question #1 : Does it sound good in headphones direct out from KPA ?

    Follow up questions :

    How do you monitor your KPA ? , FRFR , other "guitar" cabinet or studio monitors ?

    How are your room acoustics ?

    Cheers !

    Hi bro,

    I actually don't have decent headphones to plug to the KPA so I don't know...

    I am using a pair of Rokit6 KRK studio monitors,

    My room doesn't have very well acoustics, I have thought about that, BUT I've played with it in different & better rooms and it's pretty much the same... (plus how much of a difference does it actually make)

    Hi yall!

    I've had the Kemper for over 18 months now, and there is something that drives me absolutely crazy and I just can't figure this out...

    Almost every profiles or packs I buy and try are too dark, muddy, lack character, and just disappointing... Every single time!

    It drives me nuts cause I hear people absolutely love these, and have so much fun playing & creating music with them...

    But for me, they're just disappointing !

    I'm talking about pack from well known and well loved profile makers that supposed to sound amazing!:/

    I really try to love them, but I don't...

    Feels like there are no good profiles for me & since I own the Kemper I try to figure out

    is it something in my setup, in the settings, or maybe it's me? Maybe that's just what good tone is and I can't hear it?

    I would love to hear your thoughts about this! Maybe someone experience the same thing?

    What's your setup/settings?

    I'm very thankful for whoever reads this and replies!^^

    Recently I've been going back to the basics...

    To the factory content profiles the brand new Kemper is loaded with

    And honestly, some are not very good... But some are surprisingly good!!

    Better than most if not all commercial profiles I have tried!

    So I wanted to share which ones I found to be the absolute diamonds for me...

    and I'll start with a profile of a Marshall Silver Jubilee -

    It's called TH - Mars Silvie Jubi A5 by Lars Luettge

    I also recommend turning the gain down to 4.5, and morphing it to the original 5.5 gain

    It's a wonderful profile,

    Thank you Lars!!


    Hi yall

    I recently noticed this really weird thing with my Kemper (stage)...

    When I play it hard with palm mute it drops in volume and character, like, a lot

    Never noticed this before... doesn't have any compression going on... Maybe it's a beta bug?

    Have you experienced this too?

    Got any idea what is that?

    I am considering buying a pack from MB, and many people here love his work..

    But i'm really not sure, cause his free stuff (and some commercial morgan profiles i tried) is basically unplayably dark and lifeless for my ears and fingers

    I really wish I'd love MB's profiles like everyone, but I just can't understand you guys...

    Why do you think that is?

    (BTW, my setup is guitar --> KRK Rokit 6)