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    Thanks for sharing in this thread.

    I'm torn. I have bass guitar pedals already - but I don't have any guitar pedals right now and I don't have a remote for my Toaster.

    I am tempted by the Line 6 HX Effects to act as a board instead of the remote. I typically don't switch amp tones live all the time. I am looking for overdrives and comps, leslie, tremolos, - primarily for rhythm guitar playing.

    I don't want to deal with a remote and pedals - seems like a lot to configure. Admittedly, I really like and enjoy the Line 6 way for effects - but I'm blown away by the profiles I have purchased or found for the tones.

    Giovanni - I can't help with the updates - I haven't done one yet (I'm a new user as well), but if you are looking for some all purpose bass tones - check out the Michael Britt made It's Just Bass pack.

    The Preamps that were profiled are:

    Noble Bass Pre – Nimble

    2 Notes Le Bass – Deux Notes

    Seymour Duncan Paranormal DI – Dunkin Spooky

    Eden Terra Nova – Garden Earth

    Warwick Hellborg – German SSL

    Aguilar Tone Hammer – NYC Sledge

    Ampeg Scrambler – Peggy Eggy

    Ampeg Tube Pre – Peggy TP1

    Ampeg Mic Tube Pre – Peggy MTP1

    Mesa Subway – Subway

    EBS Valvedrive – Swedish Drive

    And the profiles from the BoC Pack are:

    Ampeg SVT Classic – Amp Peg

    Tyler Portaflex clone – TKO PFlex

    I think that can work for a lot of bass players.