Can one export a profile from a saved backup .rmbackup file?

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    Hey All,

    I am back in Kemper land. Purchased a Profiler Player and the good times have a been a rollin' so far. At one point I had a powered toaster but sold the device. I also have my last rig manager backup .rmbackup file from 2022.

    Installed rig manager last week which is fully functional with the new player unit (nice and clean as well from a clutter perspective). I realized some amp profiles I created (not very good ones at that) are included in my final overall back up but I do have individually .kipr files stored in my archives.

    Is there any way to see inside and export some of the rigs from the old backup .rmbackup fil? I did open the file in Notepad but do not see any easy to obtain this information. Hopefully the question was clear.


  • I figured but that back up file is full of clutter. Tons of profiles etc. Was trying to avoid it but that might be the only option to obtain those files. In addition I believe it would also modify global settings which at this time would prefer not to do.

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