Call My Name (hard rock)

  • I've been getting a wee bit better mixing up my tunes since the forum break. I'm relaxing much more when playing and breathing easier.

    Shout out to MuddySludge for hitting me up on some tips during the break.

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    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • Congrats and welcome back BayouTexan !

    Definitely sounding most relaxed, breathing is a critical thing that everyone should learn to control while playing, not just for wind instruments! I go through the whole tensing up your shoulders thing then letting it go before starting then really focus on my breath. Makes a huge difference.

  • Very nice Larry! Good example for the claim "less is more" :) It is good that you leave more room for the instruments, leave space by creating breaks and more or less silence here and there... and less distortion is what we guitar players can not be reminded often enough 8o