Quick and dirty « how to » : stack and delay hard panned solution

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    I try to create a rig to reproduce an old 80’s trick use with Roland SDE3000 delay.

    My profiler is a head version, connected with Spdif Output to my soundcard RME.

    Output configuration is « Master Stereo ».

    Idea is to have a hard pan for « stack » (mono) on one side and delay on the other side (mono) on the « Master Stereo Output » Spidf.

    It can be use to create a chorus simulation for ex (with a delay of 14ms) or a more present « ping/pong » effect with a delay of 350ms etc.

    I didn’t found the way to pan the stack on only one side and the delay on the other directly one the différents delay modules, so I study the possibilities and found a way by using the « Melody Harmonic » (using only 2 delay (one at 350ms for ex, and second at 0%), at unisson, with 0 %feedback, 100% wet, with panorama to 100% left for one and 100% right for the second).

    it works great, but…strangely, I can not go under 40ms for the timing of delay

    (EDIT : fine ajustment is possible directly with knobs on profiler head/rack/stage, issue only concerns Rig Manager…event using « SHIFT » command)

    Maybe, is there another way to do it (using the same Output configuration : Spdif « Master Stereo »)?

    Sure, I know i can do it with my DAW etc but idea was to do it directly with the Kemper to create a complete dedicated rig.


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  • what would be great, and i've suggested this before, is tap-based delay where the second delay is a percentage of the tapped-tempo.

    Currently if you want big spread delay with a few mS difference L+R you have to have a preset-time delay (ie a fixed mS delay) as its not possible (that i know of) to have a percentage of the tap-tempo delay (other than eighth/quarter/sixteenth/etc)

  • You can do the same thing with the Dual Delay (no need for harmony delay etc). Set one delay to ) and the other to Xms. It is a long time since I tried it but think the dual delay was able to go much lower than 40ms..

    Thanks, you’re right, « Dual Delay » can do the job ! :thumbup:

    After reading your answer, I gave another try to modify the « Delay Time », but this time, not with Rig Manager.

    I tried directly to the Kemper Head and I can go below 40ms… on all « Delay Time » modules.

    I think the fine tuning issue (including using « shift key » to fine tuning), is with Rig Manager… :/

    Most important is that it works now! Great news !! :)

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  • Oh! Sure, I didn't mean to suggest using a delay was wrong! I was thinking it even opens up new tonal possibilities for such a widening effect (you could apply things like modulation and filters to the delayed signal which are not found in the Delay Widener). I hadn't thought about the Player though, I keep forgetting about its limitations.