Separate Rig for tuning & muting Kemper Player

  • Hi,

    I am a bass player and just bought the Kemper Player because I want to play lean & mean during gigs. (Bass-> Kemper Player-> Soundcraft -> IEM). I don't have and want extra pedals.

    When I need to tune (and mute) or change the instrument I now have to move over and activate with my finger the tuner button on the Kemper Player.

    Is it possible to active the tuning/mute mode with activating a specific Rig (e.g. 1-1) so I can do that with my foot instead of my hand?

    If yes how?

    Thanks, Rob

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  • Thank you very much! ; I assigned foot switch 2 to tap/tuner mode.

    With a short click on switch 2 it blinks red

    A long click results in tuner/mute mode (and that is what I need so that is great!).

    The only issue is that by switching off tap/tuner mode the tap/tuner light keep blinking red ; but that's a minor issue