Main 1/4” stereo outs. Need direct box?

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    Maybe this is more of a general audio question. But the 1/4” stereo outs on the player, stage, head, rack, are at line level right? And as such aren’t they are low impedance signals?

    The purpose of a direct box is to convert high impedance to low impedance for long cables runs. Which is why bass players often plug into one. Aside from being as a glorified adaptor to connect a mic cable to, would a unit such as the player benefit from plugging into a direct box as opposed to just using a jack or short adapter to get from 1/4” to XLR? That is for live situations if you wanted to use the 1/4” to go stereo to FOH?

  • No need to use a DI box to FOH

    that's what XLR outs are for.

    1/4 are used to send to your monitors.

    I wanted to answer the same but Grooguit wanted to send stereo and the Player has only one XLR output....

    Player has got 2 TRS 1/4" jack outputs, i don't know if you can't use another kind of cable instead of TS to go directly to the mix table !?

  • The TRS sockets of the Player's Monitor Out are balanced. Both Main Out and Monitor Out don't need any DI box.

    Depending on the input sockets of the receiving device you either need a TRS cable, or a cable with TRS on one side and XLR male on the other side or a standard XLR cable and a simple balanced adapter on the Player side.