MIDI Changes IN to DAW FROM Kemper

  • There are plenty of resources for getting MIDI changes FROM a DAW to the Kemper, which I've been able to get working just fine.
    However, getting MIDI changes INTO a DAW from the Kemper seems to be quite difficult.

    The DAW I'm using is Studio One, but it probably doesn't matter much.
    I've noticed that the MIDI changes coming into the DAW look like this (confirming connection is good and Kemper is sending data):

    But I can't find where the controls are happening. For instance, the data shown above is for toggling the A effects button on and off, however mapping that to a CC seems impossible. From what I can tell from the manual, the CC for this change should be #17. However the monitor of CC17 shows no change when toggling this on and off (as shown in the MIDI dump above)

    FWIW, DAW TO Kemper maps CC17 to Effects slot A just fine and toggles it on and off...

    Has anyone else tried FROM Kemper TO DAW, and found a solution that will record changes for you?

  • You seem to be using "UI to MIDI".

    The PROFILER doesn't send normal control change messages, since the less than 128 numbers available wouldn't be sufficient for all its parameters. Therefor it is using NPRN. You find the details in a dedicated document available at the KEMPER download page: MIDI Parameter Documentation

    I don't fully understand the nomenclature of your DAW MIDI monitor, especially the numbers in quotes!? This is how it looks like in MIDI OX, when I activate module B:

    F0 00 20 33 00 00 01 00 33 03 00 01 F7

    33 represents adress page 51 in hex, which includes all parameters within module B.

    03 is on/off

    I have no clue why your DAW monitor shows the 33 as "2". The PROFILER doesn't send quotes.