Effects preset initialisation

  • When I open effects presets for the first time after boot there are two problems:

    1. There is a delay because the list/menu has to be initialised. I would suggest to perform this initialization during boot because it doesn't add significantly to the already tedious boot process.
    2. When initialised the category/type/preset-menus are out of sync. I you for example access the menu from the reverb-button it will on the first turn of the browse-button jump to something completely irrelevant such as distortion. Exit effects and reopen, and everything is ok. The state of the menu (type/category) when initially opened should reflect the current effect in the slot the menu is accessed from, and the preset-pointer should be at the header of the given category-type. Turning the browse-knob may when turned counter-clockwise go to the last preset in the previous category/type, but should when turned clockwise never jump to a completely different location in the category/type/preset-tree.

    These things only happens the first time effects are accessed after boot, but it is still a recurring pain every time I use the KPA. If 1 is fixed then 2 may be fixed too ... I don't know. If I were a KPA-developer I would consider this a bug. It seems to me like an issue with initialisation of pointers to a structure of information and should not be too hard to fix.